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  1. That a same I wonder what happen too it thanks for the replies
  2. As far as I know there is no difference between the two apart from a paper trail one was registered later so was branded with 55 the other was 25 and home built are 19. And there are a few with VH brandings but the aircraft are to my knowledge the same eg GA 55 as mine is & GR 582 -532 areopowed units & 912 s think there is one flying with an rotex radial engine as well !
  3. WeatherAlert , follow other aircraft in your area just too think of a few !
  4. Can’t say I’ve had any problems I’ve found it works a treat this be my 5 iPhone and third iPad. Upgrades
  5. When I did my training they where 544 mtow back then which is plenty for the Lightwing in my view
  6. Most are 480 mtow as RAA have changed this my old two stroke was drop from 544 too 400 kg
  7. Ring if ya like a chat 0417154415 they great
  8. They are well worth mate no problems at all make the 582 so much smoother
  9. I use one of these with no problems no noises got it of eBay. Works a treat
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