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  1. David Isaac

    Bloody Jetstar

    Sydney is down to one runway (East West) due wind, that will cause chaos. I have just had my 12:20 Q flight out of Mt Isa cancelled and put on a 18:00 flight which gets me into Brisbane too late to get a flight to Sydney and in any case no available flights ATM from Brisbane to Sydney, so stuck in Brisbane overnight. Wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't the fourth day in a row Q have cancelled the midday flight out of Mt Isa; and they don't tell you till the morning of the flight. Doesn't stop them blaming the weather though for all four days. We try to get on line to change the flights from what they have selected and it says cant change on line and to call them. We try and call then and its a one hour + call queue, 30 minutes in, the call drops out. We go to the airport to get assistance ... no Q staff anywhere, because the flight has been cancelled and a bunch of people there who didn't get the message. Bloody great service Q, no one there on one of the most lucrative routes you sell. Cut the costs out of the business so much that it is now hurting your reputation. Real bugga, as I had a family commitment tonight. Commercial aviation, becoming almost as unreliable as private flying.
  2. David Isaac

    Off airport landings legality

    What beach landing ... get my drift.
  3. David Isaac

    Inaccurate aircraft performance

    I agree totally with the caution that Skippy diesel is suggesting. I have been vocal in the past for the same reason when I see some absurd claims for takeoff distance that do NOT use the standard professional aviation convention quoting take off distance to a 50’ obstacle clearance ... after all that is the real distance; or Absurd claims to stall speeds that can never be achieved without any reference as to whether there is any ‘position error’, or whether it is IAS, or CAS; and Absurd claims to STOL performance that state the damn thing can also cruise at ‘120 knots’ with absolutely no reference to the turbulence penetration limitations. References to cruise speed that would have to be at WOT to be anywhere near possible, certainly not any reference to cruise speed at say 75% power with a relevant fuel burn rate; and Then there is the old chestnut ‘G’ structural rating when many of the claims I have seen are NOT a ‘rating’ but more a structural limit ... which is something you don’t want to be anywhere near. It is almost that since LSA aircraft came out, much of the sales hype disregarded professional avaition convention just to BS to uneducated purchasers.
  4. David Isaac


    You think ... that is the problem with this routine, it encourages illegal operations. You can bet it is happening where no one would notice. Hardly likely to be pulled over in cloud 9 by the air patrol and asked to show your license.
  5. David Isaac


    Yep ... can you believe some of the BS that CASA come up with because they think it covers their ass. The only way they would be happy with risk mitigation is to ban flying altogether.
  6. David Isaac


    Kyle, it does matter in cases where the reason for the failure of the class 2 was temporary. e.g. in my case 4 migraines. BUT the problem was that once you lose a class 2, however temporary, you automatically fail the RAMPC, because one of the pre-conditions was that that you had never been refused a class 2 medical. In my case, I had to go back to a class 2 DAME, it was my only option. It looks like that provision is no longer there because they have now said "exactly the same as the commercial driver standard (Austroads)".
  7. David Isaac


    Actually I get the unconditional bit; I was looking that they appear to have removed the extra CASA conditions from the Austroads medical that was in the RAMPC medical. The problem with the old RAMPC was that one of the conditions was that if you had failed a previous class 2 you couldn't get a RAMPC and had to go the DAME class 2 route anyway, and it looks like that provision has been removed. Did I get that bit right???
  8. David Isaac

    Bloody Jetstar

    The old adage ... you get what you pay for. After similar experiences to all of the above that Ian and others have shared, I vowed to NEVER (unless I am forced to) travel with shitstar again. At least if Virgin and Qantas cancel, they do everything they can to look after you.
  9. David Isaac


    Mag, Except this time the Basic Class 2 medical standard is "exactly the same as the commercial driver standard (Austroads)" this is quoted directly from the CASA 'Classes of Medical Certificates' page you provided the link for. So it has changed, before it was the Austroads plus a whole lot of other CASA requirements which meant most of us who had some minor problem that suspended our original class 1s or 2s (in my case 4 migraine headaches) could never get what was the old RAMPC. On this basis if it is what they say "exactly the same as the commercial driver standard (Austroads)", then, most of us could pass at least that. So unless I am reading this incorrectly it has changed for the better. So am I reading this correctly?
  10. I think I have had a relapse and the ADHHHHHHHD has kicked back in ... I am bouncing off the walls and missing you terribly HH. XXXOOO.
  11. David Isaac

    Strut-braced Drifter Wing Details

    Wayne fisher built several strut braced 912uls powered versions. He told me the strut braced was much heavier as the trailing and leading tubes were double tubed (one inside the other). The Drifter is a fantastic fun machine. The early wired braced Maxairs were the lightest and the most agile and my favourite.
  12. David Isaac

    Solo after first solo?

    Hi Riley, During the training phase all solos must be authorised by the instructor under his supervision. Any solo work is a part of your supervised training and yes, there are solo sessions the instructor will send you out to practice. You cant just hire an aircraft and going flying until you have the pilot certificate.
  13. Should have added yourself to the sale list. You are a bit of an ol stud. Ho Ho Ho Ha ha ha ... lover yer week HH.
  14. David Isaac

    The real dangers of Lithium Ion batteries.......

    Just dont burn them otherwise same risks as an ordinary battery