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  1. Directions and lat/longs https://wego.here.com/directions/mix//Lakeside-Airpark,-4799-Lakeside:e-eyJuYW1lIjoiTGFrZXNpZGUgQWlycGFyayIsImFkZHJlc3MiOiJMYWtlc2lkZSwgUXVlZW5zbGFuZCwgQXVzdHJhbGlhIiwibGF0aXR1ZGUiOi0yMC42Nzk5MzUsImxvbmdpdHVkZSI6MTQ4LjYzMDU1NiwicHJvdmlkZXJOYW1lIjoiZmFjZWJvb2siLCJwcm92aWRlcklkIjoxNDA1MjA3ODM2NDQ3NDIyfQ==?map=-20.66379,148.70085,13,normal&fb_locale=en_US
  2. G,day Suphalak,,trikes are welcome at Lakeside airpark with prior permission , and hangerage does sometimes become available, but presently full with only open sided covered concrete floor hanger space available for dismantled trike might be available,,,,,But you are most welcome ,The facebook page Whitsunday flyers is our little group of flyers in the area , and most times a posting will be put up on there for local flights to beaches and other points of interest. The are trike pilots at lakeside....cheers
  3. Easter flyin at Lakeside two years ago,,, ITS ON AGAIN THIS YEAR,,hope to have a better one this year,,,all welcome with camping and toilets and showers with BBQ breakfast on the saturday at Doug and my hanger side and main meal sat night at Poolys hanger,hope to interest any car/bike clubs that would want to come up for the night as well ,,had over 30 aircraft last time ,hope we can get more this time with a BBQ breakfast at BBQ beach as well on the sunday if you want to s...ample some great beach landings awesome hard beach ..no charge for anything except soft drinks and water bottles at cost, same as last time but a donation tin will be there to help with costs,breakfast ,snags and onions and eggs with bread , dinner variety of roast meat and steak with veges and salad,,,Lakeside two years ago, hope to make it bigger this year. All aircraft are welcome as well as local visitors,Midge point road from Bloomsbury turn right at Whit...sunday estates turn off, then over the first hill and stone walled driveway on left is entrance to field ...Please follow all signs and directions please thanks Easter Weekend starting Saturday morning early with a hanger breakfast of snags and onions and bread, and a good friendly chat session 18/04/19 till 21[ATTACH]29728[/ATTACH][ATTACH]32120[/ATTACH][ATTACH]32121[/ATTACH][ATTACH]32122[/ATTACH][ATTACH]32123[/ATTACH][ATTACH]32124[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33964[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33965[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33970[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33971[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33972[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33977[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33978[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33980[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33981[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33984[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33986[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33989[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33990[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33991[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33992[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33993[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33994[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33995[/ATTACH][ATTACH]33996[/ATTACH]/04/19 aircraft are welcome to come earlier if you want and camp....... local area freq, 126.7
  4. Inflight breakup and the first piece was an engine and prop I think , main wreckage hit a house causing a fire that killed 4 people in the house , pilot was alone and unqualified using fasle identity.
  5. https://video.nest.com/clip/64a943efd2854b6bbabf56d7b337d5ab?fbclid=IwAR3lEl9eFdsxa9RM8vGjbDoh-1h5_1RiZ817z2Drnn3AOjh4K0PWVQqAxbU
  6. But the RAA ops manual specificallystates , quote , for the purposes of educational, RECREATIONAL and research purposes,so raa has a different set of rules then GA as it always has had.
  7. Instructors and schools have an exemption from the charter always have,i,m talking about the high end RAA flyers flying out to meet clients and the jetset boys flying the high speed sleek machines to work and back , ie ,,using the aircraft to achieve a financial gain
  8. Totally agree 88, and that is what GA is for,,,,,,,,NOT RECREATIONAL aviation, it is for RECREATION/FUN ETC not as a means of transport for work purposes.....
  9. Hello all, I have posted this thread after having a discussion with Don Ramsay about pilots using their RAA aircraft as a form of daily transport and to visit clients for work purposes etc,,,,Now after looking through all the cao,s and the RAA operations manual it would seem that anyone doing these activities with an aircraft registered and flown by RAA certificate holders are in breach of the RAA operation manual this is the first paragraph of our current ops manual outlaying the rules with which RAA pilots fly! now what is the definition of recreation ,,,To me , using your aircraft as a form of transport for work purposes is NOT RECREATION and is outside our ops manual, therefore illegal and this argument could also be used by insurance people to deny a claim etc,,,,,What is every bodys thoughts on this subject????This is the wording from our current ops manual,,,,flying for educational, RECREATIONAL,and research purposes only,,,,,flying to work and back can not BY A LONG SHOT BE DEEMED RECREATION CAN IT?? https://www.raa.asn.au/storage/5-om-71-august-2016-single-pages.pdf
  10. A tigermoth from the tigermoth museum in Mackay has had an engine failure whilst doing a joy flight and has managed to land the aircraft on roadworks Central Queensland Plane Spotting: Mackay Tiger Moth Museum De Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth VH-CYA Makes Emergency Landing on the Weekend
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