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  1. Time Left: 19 days and 2 hours

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    I have some brand new Rotax 912 rubber items for sale, see below for details (bought from BertFloods, parts numbers below): 922250 Water hose 73411-17 200cm 922192 Form hose 90 deg 17mm x 1 860985 Connecting hose 35mm x 2 (compensation tube) 267789 Rubber Flange Assy x 2 230300 O ring 47-2 x 2 860826 Rubber Plate (expansion tank) 851645 Self compensating clamp 25 x 16 256035 Carb air vent lines x 2 Price includes postage. All offers considered


    Maryborough, Queensland - AU

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    2 x MicroAvionics Helmets with Visors, Visor lock and neoprene AirDams. Helmet bags included. Both helmets are Medium (57-58cm) Cost over $770 four years ago. Still in excellent condition and undamaged. One has a stain on the side of the helmet, which has been there since new.


    Maryborough, Queensland - AU

  3. Kev


  4. The AirVenture at Oshkosh, WI, USA is having it’s 50th Anniversary this year. We have booked a house which is a 13 minute walk away from the Hilton Garden Inn’s entrance to the venue, where you catch the free ‘internal’ buses. We only need one room, so have two queen bedrooms and a room with two single (bunk beds) available for between 20th – 30th July. AirVenture runs from between Sunday 21st to Sunday 28th July. The cost will be per room and in Australia dollars. Shared kitchen and bathroom but otherwise a private house, near restaurants and shopping. Do your own thing, just need to book your airfares and let us know when you are arriving at the accommodation. The owners can supply up to 3 keys for the property. AirBnB rules apply, i.e. no parties or loud noises to upset neighbours etc. The house has already been paid for, so no refunds. First come, first in. PM me for further details if interested. We have been several times to AirVenture so can help with directions etc. Kev
  5. Larry at Adelaide Airsports has a neat Cygnet for sale
  6. Sorry Mark. The Gympie course is full (subject to confirmations). I have sent you a PM
  7. The courses cover maintenance on Rotax 2-stroke and 4-stroke (including the 912 ULS)
  8. Hi Guys I appreciate the interest in the courses I am running, but please be aware they are Weightshift Microlight/Rotax maintenance courses, although the majority of the material would be of interest to 3-axis owners. I would suggest you contact your RAA Technical Manager to see what is coming up next year with regards to courses run directly by and through the RAA. Darren has attended one of my courses, so he would be able to tell you directly whether he thinks it worthwhile for you to attend one or, as a 3-axis owner whether he has something more relevant coming up. After talking with him, if you are still interested in coming to one of my courses, that is not a problem at all. They are open to all, no matter what you fly. Send me an email and I will put you on our waiting list to be contacted when we run one in your area. We don’t have many venues available at the moment so it depends upon where you reside as to how quickly they come up. Hope this helps. Kev MacNally HGFA WM Technical Officer [email protected]
  9. Kev

    Len, sorry for the delay, have only just spotted your question. I bought my Quik from the UK factory, who arranged the shipping through AFI UK ltd (Manchester Airport). We then used Bollinger Shipping Agency to collect from customs in Sydney. All went well apart from the Airline (Etihad) offloading my trike in the Middle East for three days without telling me. Hope this helps. Kev
  10. LJS

    Hello Kev, A long time ago (March 2008 to be precise) You answered a thread that I started regarding importing weighshift microlights to Australia Would you mind giving me your experience with this and who you used to ship the aircraft over from the UK best regards Len Strydom
  11. FYI, all Rotax engines are cleared for use with fuel containing up to 10% ethanol. However this does not necessarilly apply to the aircraft fuel system. The ethanol will combine with any water in the tank and come out of solution, thereby lowering the octane value of the fuel. If you are using the minimum octane fuel for your aircraft, then this process will reduce the octane value to below min requirements and you would be well advised to drain the fuel tank. Safe flying Kev
  12. No, just the above venue in Victoria. He's over here visiting his Sister and has agreed to give a talk. We're travelling down from QLD and looking forward to meeting him. Kev
  13. Sorry to butt in here, but where do you get the 600hrs/750hrs from. AFAIK, TBO on a 582 is still 300hrs. Plus 50 per cent equals 450hrs. Or am I missing something?
  14. Johnm 912 carb sockets should be replaced at 5 yr/500hr iaw Rotax Time Limits.
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