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  1. gareth lacey

    I kid you not

    I dont think there are too many instructor cowboys out there but personalities can make it difficult for the student, just need to find the right one for you
  2. gareth lacey

    RAA against freedom in medicals

    driving a heavy vehicle has no bearing on flying light aircraft, most flights are 1 to 2 hrs at most, trucks drivers 4 hr stints at night get white line fever, very boring , for me flying keeps me on my toes, always something to do or see especially on the east coast, a blanket approach is not what is needed, other countries do the self medical with out any increase in death or injury, and as most of us older guys/girls fly we tend to be more cautious,
  3. gareth lacey

    RAA against freedom in medicals

    sleep apnea incidents/accidents zero myself diagnosed with mild sleep apnea but show me the stats where this has caused death injury, zero,nada zilch someone in avmed thought it was a good idea what a crock
  4. gareth lacey

    aileron push rod bearing

    A.S.A,P. at Caboolture have them in stock
  5. gareth lacey

    New Federal Cabinet

    this thread should go to the other site
  6. gareth lacey

    hi, I'm Debbie.

    Very sad to hear that Deb has passed ,she never gave up on her passion to fly ,just re-read some of her posts , condolences to her family and friends Gareth
  7. gareth lacey

    RA Aus and landing fees

    the most i have ever paid in landing fees is 10$ it is a user pay system in the real world, and most airports dont charge ie Bunderberg, Hervey bay,Caloundra , caboolture, Ballina cheap for overnite and for the security in some airfields
  8. gareth lacey

    GA Medical Class 2 basic

    However one size dies not fit all i used a cpap for three months and it made me tired average sleep per night was 4.5 hrs and then made me tired through day,diagnosed with mild sleep apnea casa then wants 12 months recording for my class 2abd it is worse for me so no longer can hold class 2 and i won't be oaying for a machine as thier is no data to say that it will impede my flying so back to raa
  9. gareth lacey

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    also looks like a lot of heat affected areas, tig is best for this type of node and dont bend it
  10. gareth lacey

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Marty, who did your welding?, for me as a retired welder/boilermaker that is not a very good weld, looks like they have had a blow through on the wels to the left on screen other welds look well ameterish, dont cut and shut weld it would be an obvious place for cracking, remove and reweld is the best option cheers gareth
  11. gareth lacey

    Pilot licence

    Go for it RoseMarie , i was 63 when i went for mine, you wont look back Cheers gareth
  12. So ,i am on a scaffold floor just under the roof welding a beam connection ,safety rails in place and harness connected to a secure hook point, exclusion zone around area ,fire watch below happily welding away ( xray after completion) safety person tells me to come down, then asks why i dont have a safety helmet on,explain that when welding cannot use it,then proceeds to lecture me (she is all of 22 yrs old) has no practical experience but shuts me down and proceeds to write me up, so the way we got around it was, we did the welding late afternoon when she was not on site ,total useless application of the rules ,thes so called"safety" experts need to do on the job training and realise the practicallities of the real world also this same person told me to wear a harness in a scissor lift when the manufacturer(at that time) stated in its log book on the machine i quote" we recommend you do not use a harness in this machine ( 2001) but insisted so i read out this to her and told her that if i got hurt when wearing harness i would sue her, she then gave me a notice to stop work, after an hr or so i got the ok to proceed (i was 3 mtres up) safety is a priority ,but it has gon
  13. gareth lacey

    Re polycabonate sheet.

    I will be using it for my front screen and gull wing doors on my build
  14. gareth lacey

    Re polycabonate sheet.

    You can hit polycarbonate with a hammer it will not shatter ,the fixings would give up first
  15. gareth lacey

    Medical advance

    So can a dame deem you fit to fly if casa has you down for audit ie for sleep apnea which i have mild form the ecg and blood tests can he say you are fine here is your class 2 medical for an rpl?anyone know