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  1. David Gillieson

    RA-Aus flying schools in Brisbane

    GoFly at Caboolture have a Tecnam P92 that is nice to fly, very forgiving and similar to a Jabiru - also some very good instructors and great locations to fly to.
  2. David Gillieson


    Hi Stewy, I've been using RGIB (Rural & General Insurance Brokers) for the last two years, found them good to deal with. Aviation policy underwritten by Swiss Re which is one of the biggest. Cheers, Dave
  3. David Gillieson

    RA Aus Maintainers Authority

    I think that some local training would be ideal, and agree that a test alone (although expedient for RAA) is not the best solution. In my experience the level of maintenance training provided by CFIs is very variable. I have learnt more by watching my L2 doing maintenance and asking questions. Maybe this is something that could be coordinated through the regional Board members.
  4. David Gillieson

    RA-Aus flying schools in Brisbane

    I found GoFly to be excellent, strong emphasis on developing flying skills, safety and maintenance. Did my conversion to Savannah there last year, Caboolture is a good location and some good nav exercises possible from there.
  5. David Gillieson

    Centre of gravity

    Thanks everyone for that advice, my latest weight and balance figures are well within limits. I will do the theoretical calculations first as suggested.
  6. David Gillieson

    Centre of gravity

    Greetings! I'm fairly new to all of this, and have fitted a new 3 blade prop to my Savannah recently. Previously it had a 4 blade Brolga prop. I've noticed that the plane now tends to be a little nose heavy and less sensitive to trim adjustment. My battery is mounted inside the small rear door and I wondered about putting some additional weight there to shift the C of G back a bit. Does anyone have any advice? Many thanks, Dave
  7. David Gillieson

    Greetings from Atherton

    Hi, my name is Dave Gillieson and I am new to both flying and this forum. I own a Savannah VG based at Atherton and look forward to many hours flying around the Tablelands and further afield.