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  1. Denny Fiedler

    How old are you?

    41 but can't vote
  2. Denny Fiedler

    Tell us about your last flight

    Very unlikely, I suck at precise flying and I get confused quickly during aerobatics, trying to string together a sequence is a nightmare
  3. Denny Fiedler

    Tell us about your last flight

    I'm supposed to approach at 85 kts but the instructor doesn't mind if I'm a little fast on late final because the speed bleeds off so fast once you reduce power right over the fence. If we land on the shorter grass runway I'll stick to the numbers as good as I can but I'm still not really confident landing on the shorter runway.
  4. Denny Fiedler

    Tell us about your last flight

    Living the dream in OZ. End of another lesson with Craig. Some comments added for a mate who is a pilot.
  5. Denny Fiedler

    ATC Question Thread

    Hi All I hope someone from Sydney ATC can help me with a little bit of confusion regarding Harbour Scenic One. The track description in the Sydney General Flying Guide goes: orbit east of bridge, north of opera and west of Garden Island but the map actually shows the orbit centered north of Garden Island i.e. half the orbit lies east What's correct? Remaining west of G. Is. is certainly possible in a small aircraft.
  6. Denny Fiedler

    Swan river incident

    Recorded from a different location https://u.nya.is/laczkw.mp4
  7. Denny Fiedler

    Travel Insurance and Flying Training

    I was looking for medical cover, all the plane damage etc. will be covered by a local insurer as long as I'm a student pilot.
  8. Hi All I looked at plenty of Product Disclosure Statements of various companies offering travel insurance but haven't found one that doesn't exclude flying other then RPT or Charter. Has anyone done flying training outside of Australia and found insurance that covers training flights?
  9. Denny Fiedler

    What aircraft is this?

    Thank you for the link Silvercity, I guess my next family visit will coincide with Hahnweide2014 airshow.
  10. Denny Fiedler

    What aircraft is this?

    Great airplane, was a passenger in one of them (at a German Airshow) ages ago, best flight so far, had to sit down for 15 min afterwards. That's the one I flew in http://www.bredow-web.de/DO-3605.JPG two years later and after slicing through a Robin 2160 camera plane while filming a commercial.
  11. I hope you reported the airprox to the ATSB, their procedures are obviously dangerous and someone else might not be as lucky as you were.
  12. Denny Fiedler

    NOTAM Decoding

    All I could find: http://www.airport.ir/AIS/ICAO documents LIB/AIS Manual/Doc 8126 AIS Manual.pdf Chapter6 Notam Info http://dcaa.trafikstyrelsen.dk:8000/icaodocs/Doc 8400/ICAO Abbreviations and Codes - 2007.pdf Abreviations https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/naips/Content/Files/documents/NAIPS-Internet-Service-User-Documentation.pdf Page 76 with Lat/Lon and Bearing/Distance explanation
  13. Denny Fiedler

    Tailwheel Skyfox CA25 too easy?

    Just got an email from Jack (topfun) confirming that the Skyfox is no longer available. I sent out a booking request just before you posted this info. Any idea where else (Perth +300km) I could learn to fly a taildragger without spending 400+$ per hour at Jandakot?
  14. Denny Fiedler

    Tailwheel Skyfox CA25 too easy?

    Thanks guys! I'll give it a try next R&R and see how I handle the challenge.
  15. Hi My plan is to eventually learn basic aerobatics in a Chipmunk and/or Decathlon but considering how expensive the training is at YPJT I think I'll have to first learn how to fly a RAAUS taildragger and then switch to GA later. Could someone with more experience please advise if the CA25 is a challenging enough aircraft to learn the basics. The reason I ask is that I spend some hours flying the nosewheel Gazelle and back then thought I was a good pilot but after switching to a Texan I realised the Gazelle was just so easy to handle (and slow) it gave me a false idea of my skills. PS: RA vs GA is not an issue, I'm flying both and got about 80h as GA PIC and 50h as RA PIC Thanks!