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    Herm. I know the post has a bout of age, but would you still have the info relating to increasing the max weight of an SK. Thanks
  2. I do thank all those that offered advice in my problem. I was wanting some simple advice from those that had had these problems. This is why I don't post very often... they always end up in some sort of mess. I also did post in my original post the following: Looking for information from those with knowledge in this area rather than opinions.! Seems I may have got more than I asked for LOL. Just to add to this matter of adding a cold start kit. Did you know Dafydd that this kit is sold by the Jabiru Factory.. The people that make the aircraft... I will contact them about this option.. Thanks again Over And Out
  3. Thanks Frank. I will look that batt up today. I will also look at the cold start kit. Mick who replied to my post also has had lots of experience in this area and has offered to assist. I will go and have a chat with him also to get his ideas. I have always been aware of this problem with the 2.2 Jab and also my Brother In Laws Morgan. He has had some smaller issues on very cold mornings.... Just saw that site that I have posted a link to on my original post, about these so called super dooper special LiPo style batts that are supposed to be able to charge from normal charging systems.. Have a look at the link... Would be good if they did work with the Jab charging system as they are High Current and very light weight... Its seems that this may not be the case for using them in the Jab, So the other options might be the way I need to go... The tried and tested. Thanks Guys
  4. Having the usual starting troubles with my Jab. Purchased an ave battery for it and it is clear it is not good enough. I have been looking at these lipo style bats that can be charged using the existing charge system. Can even be used in cars. http://www.superstart.com.au/tabid/108/bid/15/Products/SSBPowerSportLithium.aspx These batts seem to be more stable than normal lipo's... I am guessing they are along the lines of LiFe which I have used in other applications with great results and high AMPS . Not sure if others have tried these or what others have used to get better starting results in their Jabs. My current batt is an AusLec... And I find if the aircraft does not start in the first few cranks I will need to jump start it. Once it has been started it fine. Guess not much more could be expected from a low price batt. Looking for information from those with knowledge in this area rather than opinions. I do understand about Lipo's, but not seen them used in this application.
  5. Spoke with one of the local boys today as I fly in that area. Wanted to find out who may have been involved, and was concerned it may have been one of our local club members. This information I have not been able to find out. Very Very sad to think that two people today lost their lives doing what we all love to do, and have left family members in a very sad way.. I can help with information that was passed on to me that indicates that one wing was found a large distance away from the impact site. The weather this morning was very still and calm, but with very low cloud and fog. Being that this location is in the Barossa Valley and have flow around it many many times, I am aware that the fog collects in valley in small pockets and often re-builds as moisture falls from the hills. The airfield as Andy mentioned is Very Very close to the hills and often take-off is directly towards them. Often a tight turn is required as soon as a safe hight is had. Often a challenge with a leeward wind.. This airfield is not close to Truro Airfield at all, and is a private strip call Rowland Flat... Nothing was mentioned to me as to what airfield was used so this information may have no bearing on the flight at all. I just wanted to mention it as it has been ref to in this post and wanted to clear that up. I am just putting my opinion on the fact that these factors (weather) may have played a role in this event... We will in time find out what did happen and hope that some good may come out of such a tragic even.. My thoughts go out to all those effected.. Mardy
  6. Wormhole... Chat to Morgan Freeman, He knows all about them
  7. Thanks for you point of view Turbs.. Be assured if nothing else, I am we'll aware of what I said or at least what I was trying to impart. Not that I am not seeing your point of view, but I still have trouble piling all the problems into one box and then some suggesting that all jab motors are rubber band dead weights. That's where the numbers game come into play really. More jab issues the more it becomes all jabs etc etc.. Could spin this for hours. It seems that some points of my comments are latched onto and others that are descriptive to the comment are ignored? Anyway as a rocket scientist that's the way I see it.
  8. Sorry David.. I did not dissagree with improving saftey on the Jab motors either as this post seems to ref my earlyer comments.. I just get frustrated with the way people seem to go about it.. and these sorts of comments just fire people up: problems surrounding the rubber band powered dead weight AKA Jab engine - and was told by a senior RAAus exec - 'nothing because if we ground them... thanks also Merv for your take on this.. I somtimes think that I must write in another language and the the convertor is messing up my message. I simply agree that some of the Jabiru engines have had issues with reliability as stated in all of my posts. My issue is with the approach that some members seem to take on the issue that others often find offensive. Having concerns is a good thing and being worried about how people go about dealing with these concerns is a concern. Without going back on what I have already posted I find that some of my opinions have been taken or precieved very differntly than my intention. I fully understand that GA has a greater reliability and that argument could have been used even before the introduction of the Jab. I still feel in my opinion that the Jabiru has made a huge impact on our flying as has very well been the tall poppy if you want to put in that perspective. Yes the 912 has also had a massive impact in raising the bar, but the history of Jab and the totality of my comment excludes that. And yes I own one of those Jabs and don't at this stage find myself in that pack. I still have as an owner voiced my concerns at these motors in the past and fly my aircraft like I was flying a 2 stroke... All my posts are really about comments like the one above and the chest bashing approach to solving the problem for all us Jabiru owners. Then others band together an;d do the same (Pack Mentality). Not sure about the numbers thing in respect to RaAus aircraft only, but thier you go..
  9. To some level Maj I agree with your statement. However it's also a numbers game... Lot and Lots of Jabs flying so it's fair to assume that they will be involved in more accidents.. That being said I am not in anyway suggesting that there are no problems as in all my last posts. Impact on others is somewhat difficult to access really. It would be fair to assume that any other brand of aircraft flow in the same numbers may or may not have the same rate of problems. However they would have more problems overall than the lesser numbers of other aircraft flying... If me were to measure impact, it may be fair to say that the introduction of the Jabiru was one of the greatest advances that impacted the class of aviation we operate in. Raised the bar in so many ways that we may not be flying the types of machines that we currently can. As one other member suggested, Jabiru's can have a prang and this forum goes into a pack mentality. We seem to suffer with the tall poppy syndrome when it comes to our local product, and I think overall Australia has made an great impact on light aviation Worldwide. And yes I also would like to see an improvement in reliability and safety in all areas of concern relating to all aircraft and engine types.. The problem is we may just end up with the regulation we asked for, and that may be more than we thought about.
  10. You could all band together (those that want to save our lives) and have all those Jabirus grounded. Won't matter about the Jab owners that are happy with thier choice objecting. After all we will all understand that you are just trying to do what's best for us ( thank you!).. We could donate our aircraft to all the Mac Donald's stores for the kids to play in. Then you could help find a locally built cost effective trainer to help teach all those new young people wanting to learn.. Something like a ... Ah....hmmmm can't think of one. Then we could rename the site wreck reational flyers and all moan about how we destroyed all the greatness we currently have.. I am sure thier are jab owners that may not be happy, and it is for them to make tier voices heard with whomever they need. Not so sure about others banding together to get things done when they may not even own one.. I am not suggesting that thier may not be issues with some jab engines but bashing and suggestions of grounding I find a bit full on.
  11. Why do you and your friend seemed so concerned about what others choose to fly or use as powerplants? Not that I don't have my concerns with some Jab motors, but really! Your going to tell the RaAus? The way I see it is that I fly a recreational aircraft and I started flying in what seems to be what you are currently flying. When I started I understood that I flew in an unreliable 2stroke motor and flew in a manner with that in mind. We were very limited in what we could do. Just keep pushing your opinions in this manner and you might find in time that your open air cloth and tube 2 stroke ultralight might loose it current privileges. Lets face it ,, right or wrong the public will see a Drifter as a death trap and a Jabiru as a plans. I had that problem when I owned a Trike that had better certification than my Jab. I agree we all want safer flying, but this has always been to me as seat of the pants recreational flying. Want better standards and reliability the one will need to spend more money than that of something like a Drifter, go for a twin GA aircraft. I can see that in time that this kind of banter will do everything to destroy the freedoms than many older pilots gained for us, including the builders, developers and risk takers. Anyway a bit off topic (sorry for that)
  12. Well in my case my SK Jabiru was set to its original design weight at 344KG. This is far too light and with two ave passengers and a full tank of fuel puts me over weight. I first reg my aircraft last year and contacted Jabiru about the design limits of the aircraft. As long as your weight does not place the aircrafts stall limits above that allowed and the airframe is designed to take it, you can apply for a weight increase. I had to change the aircraft manual to reflect the changes and submit the weight and balance formulas to Jabiru and the RAUS. I Also had to have my cockpit placards changed to the new approved weight limit. This was also checked by a level 4 LAME and now my aircraft is registered to a higher weight limit that allows me to be legal and carry more items within the aircraft. In fact I would never be able to exceed the weight limit before exceeding CG limits. This change will always remain with the aircraft even if it is sold to a new owner. Bit of messing around, but better to be legal with all the ramp checks etc. You also need to be sure that you are safe loading up your aircraft also.. Mardy
  13. GPS hasn't worked for me, I've been lost most of my life. Need a trip to India.
  14. This subject has been covered well before on this forum. It seems the rules are not always as clear as one might expect. How many times have you spoken to one CASA rep about something only to bbe told different by another? Then interpretation steps in. I think thier was a change to the CAO on this matter in 2011 due to interpretation problems that seem to have achieved little. Here is a past post that is somewhat interesting and gives another's interpretation on the subject... The requirements for entry into controlled airspace are clearly defined in CAO 95.55. A copy of which is enclosed in your RA-Aus technical manual that you should have received when you paid your membership. - You don't need a "certified" engine. Only probably 5%? (if that -near impossible to easily find out)of RA-Aus aircraft have certified engines. You need an "approved" engine, meaning a 4 stroke and twin ignition model. Most new RA-Aus aircraft don't have certified engines these days. - A Certified airframe is not a requirement. Once the aircraft has flown off it's initial 25 hours, it meets the requirements for entry into controlled airspace. 95.55 does not differentiate between homebuilt and certified aircraft. The same goes for home-built GA experimental aircraft, such as a Jabiru for example. Don't get 95.55 confused with your aircraft's registration as it applies to 24 rego's as well. The Skyfox Gazelle is also a certified factory built aircraft with a rego starting with 24-. This is because the Gazelle is / was in a higher weight category than the LSA55 Jabiru's as it was 520 kg's. The Skyfox taildragger has a 55- rego because it is some 70kg's lighter than the Gazelle sistership and is in the same weight category as the LSA55 Jabiru. - Any registration or RA-Aus (less obvious exceptions such as 32- weight shift) qualifies as long as the other requirements are met, such as radio, transponder, PPL and approved engine. Remember 55 series are not the only "certified" aircraft, as 24 are too for example. - Transponders are only required for operation in Class "C" airspace. GAAP airports do not require a transponder to be in use so you could fly your Jabiru from Point Cook into Moorabbin without a transponder. For the purposes of this discussion, GAAP is controlled airspace, however a transponder is not a requirement. Don't upset the CT, Sportstar and Tecnam owners out there who fly into CTA in their 24 registered machines! Oh and one almost last thing! If you fly GA and you do your review in a Jab it doesn't necessarily count for an AFR! A GA AFR (aeroplane flight review) must go for a minimum of one hour and include controlled airspace if the reviewee' has an unrestricted PPL(A). You can do your AFR in the aircraft (either rego) in which you have done the most flying in, in the previous 90 day period. (I'm not 100% sure on the 90 days, but that's close enough). If you have an unrestricted PPL(A), you'll need to transit and possibly land in class C to successfully complete your AFR in your RA-Aus registered aircraft. Finally, for the record for anyone that asks, Jabiru / RA-Aus time DOES count towards an ATPL (Air Transport Pilot's Licence) however only to a maximum of 750 hours. The remaining hours must be flown in a recognised "registered" aircraft, such as a GA one or even a glider! I hope this clarifies things. Clarification on this is important as this topic always seems to come up in forums of this type. Take this post back to Kris next time you see him and see what he says! Clem. ClemBrown