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  1. They need to grade the regional airports and have affordable standards accordingly. Councils should buck up too. Av data going around selling their skimming equipment to the councils doesn’t help councils or us. The whole regional airport regs is killing them and making them unavailable to us.
  2. graham brown

    My first video - Circuits at YSGR

    Many thanks. I will probably go the Bolly too. I will retrieve my plane from Bathurst this weekend with an old prop I have restored. Same issue, many stone chips! My prop strike was minimal and I did not know it was damaged until I shut down. I did notice going down the ditch though. Motor was at idle and did not make any noise. I will check the flange and the run in/out. I will come up and check yours out before I do it. Also need to check out your undercarriage fairing again.
  3. graham brown

    My first video - Circuits at YSGR

    Hi Kevin. I’m looking for a new prop after destroying mine in a ditch at Bathurst. Mine is close to the ground so something not too long maybe. Wood is good for the motor when this happens so I am reluctant to go glass. How does the bolly perform?
  4. I fly the Bylong and Widden valley on a regular basis. There are strips at Jerry’s Planes, Widden and Bylong as well as paddocks in the valleys. You need to be able to always glide to a safe area to land. Stay high. The last bit near Rylstone is a bit trickey. Have to be conscious of which way to go if in trouble. Forward or back along the route.
  5. Here we go Discussion paper - Voluntary fitment of ADS-B technology in VFR aircraft (DP 1701AS) - Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Citizen Space
  6. Flarm is very low power and has a range of 3km. 10km with very good antennae. VFR traffic could do with a cheap ads-b in and out device so we have an aid for see and avoid.
  7. graham brown

    Morgan Cheetah - engine options?

    The 4 cyl Jab pushes the Cheetah along ok. I just delivered the red and white one with stars from Taree to Cowra. It cruised at 100 to 110knts. New owner has that grin that most get after flying them.
  8. graham brown

    After a Kit

    I saw one of these under construction at Temora and it looks great. Single seater though. https://flywithspa.com
  9. graham brown

    Morgan aeroworks cheetah sierra 100

    Sorry to hear you have given up on the Morgan. As you say it’s a great plane and I have 100 hours on mine now and I enjoy it a lot. The only bit I should add to the above comments is keep the power off on approach. The plane will not land with any power on and will fly the whole length of the strip with anything above idle.
  10. graham brown

    Fuel Pressures

    I have had 2 mechanical fuel pump failures on my Camit 3300 both in the first 2 hours of operation. In both cases the electric was enough to get me back without trouble. Not sure of the failure mechanism but probably stuck diaphragm due to the weaker spring or mis alignment. No troubles since and I now have 100 hours. Occasionally there is some venting when I have both pumps on for landing and no power is used. I usually turn off the electric on landing now to prevent it.
  11. It was a jet powered glider and it was on fire on downwind. Double check any fuel leaks you suspect. A dear friend lost. RIP
  12. graham brown

    Glider collision Bowenville

    GFA ops and airworthiness will do a report for exec officer ops. The investigation will get published by GFA and summarised by the EO ops in the magazine.
  13. graham brown

    Glider collision Bowenville

    All said above about the glider, gliding and the pilot is true. I have instructed in the ask21 for many years and it is very stable with no vices, does not spin easily and stalls normally. The pilot was of the highest calibre and it makes you wonder if it has happened to Jeremy then it could happen to me. Speculation on this one is not helping anyone to deal with it as we know standards of the glider and pilot could not be higher. The speculation is unfortunately offensive. Please let this be for a while until some facts come out.
  14. graham brown

    ADSB for VFR

    Hopefully more freedom. I think the controllers like the rest of us are getting more work load not less so hopefully leave us alone. With adsb it has the integrity levels Nic,nac,sil etc and accordingly atc can ignore various levels. The proposed vfr adsb will be designed to TSO c199 but not certified so this should mean they are cheaper. Also the integrity levels will be set low but not zero so they can be filtered out by atc but not tcas and adsb in. Some of the manufactures have units all in a box with adsb in that Bluetooth to your phone or efis. Air to air is the benefit for us like flarm. We wait for the price!
  15. graham brown

    ADSB for VFR

    Indeed it will be. In fact Airservices check their radars with adsb now. It is proposed that vfr adsb can use commercial gps/gnss and the surveillance integrity level can be set at 1 which means TCAS can use it.