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  1. graham brown

    After a Kit

    I saw one of these under construction at Temora and it looks great. Single seater though. https://flywithspa.com
  2. graham brown

    Morgan aeroworks cheetah sierra 100

    Sorry to hear you have given up on the Morgan. As you say it’s a great plane and I have 100 hours on mine now and I enjoy it a lot. The only bit I should add to the above comments is keep the power off on approach. The plane will not land with any power on and will fly the whole length of the strip with anything above idle.
  3. graham brown

    Fuel Pressures

    I have had 2 mechanical fuel pump failures on my Camit 3300 both in the first 2 hours of operation. In both cases the electric was enough to get me back without trouble. Not sure of the failure mechanism but probably stuck diaphragm due to the weaker spring or mis alignment. No troubles since and I now have 100 hours. Occasionally there is some venting when I have both pumps on for landing and no power is used. I usually turn off the electric on landing now to prevent it.
  4. graham brown

    New altitude record for sailplanes

    Morgan Sandercock is an Australian glider pilot and has been involved in the Perlan project for a while. Great achievement!
  5. graham brown

    Morgan aircraft to Lismore?

    Good idea or start a thread. "What are you doing with your Morgan." I'll be taking mine to South Grafton soon to see Kev. I think he is replacing flywheel bolts at the moment.
  6. graham brown

    WOW these are good looking gadjets

    ADSB has been implemented in Australia on 1090 MHz and it has been mandated for all IFR aircraft. UAT, the USA, system will not work in Australia so don't buy it. Some vfr aircraft in Australia have installed adsb but the equipment is very expensive. ADSB for vfr aircraft in Australia will be non mandatory so it has to be priced well so the benefits can be justified. Relaxed standards for the devices, their installation and maintenance is required to achieve this. The greatest benefit for vfr flight is an aid to see and avoid. You need both adsb in and out for this and then you see others and be seen. The manufacturers are gearing up for this now with new products. See uavionix web site for example. Small adsb out devices can be put on drones so they can be seen by Adsb in and TCAS. CASA and industry are working on vfr adsb in Australia now. UK have already come out with their system which is a conspicuity system, be seen and they will avoid you. USA has gone UAT with data uplink for weather etc but is very expensive for the ground system. All of the rest of the world so far has gone 1090mhz for adsb with one ground system. ADSB uses an S mode transponder and to get access to some airspace you need a transponder. You won't need a separate transponder if you have ADSB.
  7. graham brown

    Aeronautical Engineer required part time

    The requirement for indemnity insurance in this instance where you fly at your own risk and cannot get access to the calculations is not right. How can you make a judgement?
  8. graham brown

    Aeronautical Engineer required part time

    There is a placard on 19 registered aircraft that says it hasn't be built to standards so you fly in it at your own risk. This is fine but to deny an engineer to tell you what he/she has calculated, which is what the litigation does, is wrong.
  9. graham brown

    Aeronautical Engineer required part time

    I hope you get someone Ray. I would be interested in the calculated numbers. The Morgan designs have proven to be strong but the numbers would be good to know.
  10. graham brown

    Morgan aeroworks cheetah sierra 100

    Low speed elevator is fine. Plenty of control and its not twitchy. You do need to damp the elevator with bungies as the plans say. Mine has less than recommended but I have a few thousand hours in gliders and am use to sensitive elevators. Garry helped me set the neutral point too as it is an all flying tail plane. I also have limited my wt&b to 30% of chord so not to fly at the extremes. 20% of the weight is on the nose wheel so don't land on it. Its a pussy cat if you take a bit of care and don't operate it near any limits.
  11. graham brown

    Morgan aeroworks cheetah sierra 100

    Camel has the explanation right. I have 40 hours in mine now over the last 12 months. I don't have any trouble with any weight configuration in mine and I put the shock absorber on the nose leg. I also lowered the nose 2 inches. The photo is before I lowered the nose. I cut 2 inches off the vertical bit of the leg. Maybe the mods will help make it better and I'm sure Ray Tolhurst will take all this on board. Great aircraft but probably not a trainer.
  12. graham brown

    Camit closing

    Australian manufacturing has been dying for decades. The only thing we seem to make are rules now. My Camit Motor and the support I received from Ian made me proud that Australian still had some hope in the manufacturing sector. I hope someone jump starts it.
  13. graham brown

    Morgan Builds under way and completed

    Hi Kyle, I have 32 hours on the Camit and it is going very well. After the first service at 25 hours and a new prop it is even running better. The old prop had it over revving a bit and that caused turbulence in the carb inlet and roughness at high revs. All fixed now. At 3000 rpm at sea level I can do 140knts one up. Cylinder heads tightened a slight amount at 5 hours but nothing after that. Tappits only needed adjustment at 5 hours. Only 2 of them think. Nothing after that. Compression is very good now. All six cylinders take a bit of force to get them through. No oil leaks at all. Alternator charges the battery fully before I take off. I did have some trouble with fuel pump springs but Ian sorted that for my tank configuration. My config does not deliver fuel to the pump by gravity unless the tank is greater than half full. A stronger Spring was required, the original jabiru one, and all has been fine since. I have an mgl engine temp monitoring and hottest cylinders are the centre ones at 150 on climb and 130 in cruise. EGT I have 2 rear. Both sit on 670 in the cruise. Very happy with Camit motor indeed. Graham
  14. graham brown

    Sierra 100 Kit Build Underway

    Mine has front suspension and was nose high on the ground so it needed to be shortened to take it back to where it suppose to be. Best to get the mains on first and then a bit of back stick left to keep the nose up. I was finding the nose wheel was touching shortly after the mains with a lot of back stick and I wanted a bit more. Has not been an issue since. Landings have been on both sealed and unsealed runways. I have nearly 30 hours in it now. From my weight and balance my Sierra has 24% on the nose wheel. The passengers weight will reduce this and the fuel weight will increase it. I don't there is a great problem with this distribution. More to do with landing technique I suspect. I''m use to tail draggers so I don't like the nose going down! Kev's problem was a soft wet (muddy) runway I hear.
  15. graham brown

    Sierra 100 Kit Build Underway

    Terrific Kevin sounds really good. I got board with the 25 hours as not much went wrong. Had to 5, 10, 15 hour tightening of cylinder heads and checking of tappits. Undercarriage bolts also needed tightening after a few landings. I also lowered the nose a bit to help with landings on the mains and giving a little clearance for the nose wheel. Since then the the landings are a breeze. Enjoy and we will come up and see you soon. Graham