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  1. tanaz14

    Soul of drifter

    Posted investigation report Even more pictures http://media.mot.gov.il/PDF/AIAI_HE/aiai-report-66-13.pdf Can be translated Using Google The evidence shows that on 26.5.2013 at 05:00, he went out to the pilot house and drove an eye pad Ward near where he parked his private plane flight studies performed. LZ findings indicate that the pilot, independently and without assistance, prepared the aircraft is parked Closed storage garage, the flight time is 6:00 and for the pilot flew the helicopter pad, was Castle and went over to the south-east to the Dead Sea. Testimony evidence suggests that the end of the journey was a few minutes before 09:00 am, in the community Prairie cliffs, and some three hours after it began. Test procedure focused on the detection and recovery path Flight the pilot performed, based on personal background and evidence. Points in the flight path Around 5:55, the plane scouted over town castle. Around 7:00, it was one of the instructors pad, he noticed an open garage storage of aircraft, The pilot's car and wheelchair - but not attributed to matter. Around 7:05, the plane scouted over the damper side, performs two low passes over the runway When the end of each sortie, the pilot pulled high. Around 7:30 scouted plane over the Dead Sea, at 500 feet or so to the south. Few minutes before 09 o'clock works sources cliffs near the village, who with his friend the gate Of the border, check the water cooler, on the Jordanian border, heard the engine noise of aircraft, And saw a body falling from the sky and heard a loud smack of hitting the ground. Only the next morning, after the employee watched the news and report what he saw, managed security Scouring the area, which indicated employee found the body hundred yards away he seems. Test aircraft incident data, required fuel, flight speed and the possible paths are That segment flight from takeoff to Masada and the Dead Sea at 07:30, compatible with the Data plane performance, and indicates almost direct flight there. Flight segment, the DSW finding pilot point is short and gave the subunit Gmhua second flight lasted about an hour and a half. Note that is not first, document or map depicting the flight planning
  2. tanaz14

    Soul of drifter

    A witness called Report only in the evening When he saw the news On the case the plain Before loaded on truck One's opinion Flight Guide "Laws of physics and aerodynamics apply to Driftr Despite his soul. Right and front seat weight, center of gravity will be very reverse. But, what actually happens is that after lifting the nose and reducing the speed to 0 will start to fall. Fall, aerodynamics wins then he goes back to being an airplane with the center of gravity back, and once again raise the nose to 0 and fall ...... Great luck is apparently "landed" at which flew down and picked up the nose again and hit the ground in a horizontal position or even up and stopped ..... "
  3. tanaz14

    Soul of drifter

    A witness said The pilot shut engine Before jumping Tank was half an hour fuel Facts plane landed alone
  4. tanaz14

    Soul of drifter

    Sad drama The pilot jumped from the plane to his death The plane landed alone No damage to the plane... http://www.mako.co.il/news-israel/local/Article-2ddf825d7baee31004.htm Avner Zchory, camper flight school, took off yesterday airstrip Ein Vered and left behind a letter with instructions on how to proceed if dead. Yesterday, after many hours of searching, his body was found near Highway 90 and the plane in Jordan. Today he returned to Israel Yesterday the pilot's body was found near a village on the cliffs by the rescue and the many volunteers who helped search. Helmet was found near her body and his plane was identified by the Jordanian army two miles inside Jordan. http://www.blincmagazine.com/forum/ga/thread19808.html http://www.abpic.co.uk/popup.php?q=1161173
  5. Herzliya Airport israel
  6. tanaz14

    Drifter Pics

    this friday trip to israel Desert
  7. Check here http://www.youtube.com/user/ramibar2011 he is the Drifter king in israel They were France, Italy, Czech Republic
  8. it's not me the Took them to Italy(6 super drifter) on a ship from israel
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