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  1. Many learning hang glider and Paraglider pilots manage to hit the only tree in a paddock. You tend to go where you look. That applies to motorbike riders too.
  2. I've got a mate with a Wiz wing who might be interested. Is the Streak still available?
  3. Keenaviator

    The FASTEST Airliner you've never heard of.

    Concorde was an airliner and pretty fast.
  4. Keenaviator

    CASA 292/14 - Conditions and direction about Jabiru engines

    I’m confident with this device. Oil looks good. The original catch can gets the muck. According to Rod S at Jabiru the top dipstick device is more a muffler to smooth out the crank case pulses that pushes the oil out.
  5. Keenaviator

    CASA 292/14 - Conditions and direction about Jabiru engines

    I’ve been using the Jabiru top of dipstick condenser for a while now. It works. It no longer dumps oil. Recommend.
  6. Keenaviator

    Plane crash near Stawell

    The humble Jabiru gets another thumbs up from me in this topic.
  7. I took this at Latrobe Valley on 19th April this year. Very sad.
  8. Keenaviator

    Iridium plugs

    Thanks for your detailed explanation scsirob. All I can report is faultless operation for well over 100 hours.
  9. I was surprised at the minimal damage caused to the house of stone. Maybe the three little pigs were onto something.
  10. Keenaviator

    Coominya crash

    The photos from channel 9 show the ‘suzuki’ to have 912 tappet covers...
  11. Keenaviator

    New ICOM Radio

    Are they in stock? I'd like to try the blue tooth with my paramotor intercom set up.
  12. Keenaviator

    New ICOM Radio

    Does the bluetooth function allow hands free use with something like a Sena bluetooth intercom?
  13. Keenaviator

    Running Cost for Jabiru

    No. Run it cool. Maintain it properly.
  14. Keenaviator

    Running Cost for Jabiru

    Maybe because there's a lot of them. They are well designed, economical, don't rust and lots of people have them for a long time and are in no hurry to change. I built (finished building) mine several years ago. It's my eighth powered aircraft. If I were to change to another aeroplane, I'm stumped as to what would do better for my needs. Laurie
  15. Keenaviator

    Another Jabiru owner

    I think you will find the LSA and J160 have the same wing span and area. The 160 has a larger fuselage and fuel tanks in the wings. It is a heavier aircraft with a higher wing loading and will never perform as well as the lighter LSA.