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  1. Exactly. From my observations there is no washout built into my Jabiru's wings. The washout is created by the rigging of the ailerons and increases with application of flaps. That said, it's stall characteristics are very good, a tribute to the design.
  2. Your idea sounds interesting Bruce. My Jabiru is the long winged SP (U/L). The flaps on it are really long and ailerons pretty short. I have the port flap slightly reflexed to compensate for the roll tendency caused by my weight in the pilot's seat - 90% of my flying is solo. I don't think there would be much to gain from raising or lowering the ailerons for me.
  3. Sorry folks but I'm feeling a little angry about this 'accident'.
  4. Pretty standard practice for those who play the 'museum' card.
  5. How did you go with squeezing the crimps, keeping tension on the bungee etc?
  6. I've replace one on my Edge X 582. From Airborne, advised that zip ties are ok. This is what I did then covered the join in heat shrink.
  7. Keenaviator


  8. At this time of the year in cool humid conditions I often experience carb ice with my Jabiru. It doesn't behave the same as my (ex) C-150 which had a Continental 0-200. Clearing ice with the 0-200 resulted in very rough running followed by an rpm increase. The Jabiru just gently increases rpm by 100 to 200 but remains running smooth.
  9. Pretty happy with my Jabbie aircraft and engine. In response to the title of the post, I have been using a mixture control on my Bing carby for almost 200 hours now. Very happy with the way it works.
  10. Good evening Laurie 
  11. Many learning hang glider and Paraglider pilots manage to hit the only tree in a paddock. You tend to go where you look. That applies to motorbike riders too.
  12. I've got a mate with a Wiz wing who might be interested. Is the Streak still available?
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