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  1. You should contact the raa office the Tecnam have approval for the BOS 3 bolly prop my application has gone in I spoke to Jared on Wednesday last week
  2. I'm sure that is correct I always burp mine twice winter or summer
  3. Hi skippy diesel I operate a 912 ul in my Tecnam at 3840 ft elv at @minus 7 and minus 9 as yet have not had a problem with oil levels I run the aero shell sport plus 4 ,the oil is up to change time I might just be lucky thanks anyway
  4. Hi these tests have been in the tech manual for some time now Old pilot
  5. Unless you chage your attitude it will go no where and that's why a lot of people will not attend I have flow all over oz and beyond that means nothing ,you go on a few long trips whilst out there you might get the chip off your shoulder as for my loss I don't think ,I know of lots that have and won't be going back Cheers
  6. Hi How could you say it's immaterial where the Flyin is held the further south it's held the less queenslanders that will attend and that's not really looking after the rag and tube flyers which it should be ,I have been involved with ultralight aircraft since 1980 this was even the auf were formed have owned ten of various types ,have been to all but one natfly at narromine so I think that was nine none at temora as I was against it moving to there like many others I will not be attending whilst it's there. But I do hope it goes well for you and I'm sure Dave caban will help you all he can Regards Old pilot
  7. Hi but it still comes back to the lames not doing there job If the corrosion has got a hold they are there to do a job and that maintains an aircraft and obviously some havnt
  8. Hi dazza I have owned many raa aircraft and ga as well and still have a 150 my lame has always checked out airframes very carefully for corrosion so SIDS wouldnt bother me at all as I assist with the annually so I can see just what he does and all lames shou D have been doing the same for the astanomical amount they charge for a annual
  9. Hi boings I'm very interested in ur aircraft would there be any chance of a few more pics and more info regards Keith
  10. Hello everyone Have been looking at a few comments on the aust Fly what a great show of bad airmanship by a few pilots in all my trips to narromine about 10 in total if this doesn't get fixed there will be a mid air instructors really need to toughen on on bfr testing and try and straighten these pilots out before they kill someone
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