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  1. Great stuff.....................More please
  2. I guess you would know that Flight Design has gone broke. Reported that they are now made in Taiwan.
  3. Go check the Rotax ADs. From memory they was some issues with fuel permeating the floats causing them to sink a little. I think there was a test one could perform to check this.
  4. Check,[wiggle the terminal block going into the regulator], i found poor connections at this point caused similar red light problems
  5. OMG...Where did you get the bit about "most aircraft metals are hardened by heating to 500c and dunked in water"
  6. Why did someone spray out the rego numbers after the incident?
  7. Just go to Jabiru.......They have a Dyno
  8. Do you have any estimates on the finished engine weight?
  9. I believe the merlins had a tbo of 400hrs if they made it that far.
  10. Iamnot sure what all this is about.[ignorance on my part] ,but after you have dethroned RAA people. What is the plan then?
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