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  1. Hi Marty I,m in Portland vic if you are over this way, happy to take you for a fly.I have been watching your build I don't think you would have to much trouble building one .If you pay some body to build you one you won't get much change out of $2500. Cheers Phil
  2. Hi Marty I have bed mount for a Savannha hanging in the shed if you want to copy it .I have finally got my 701 in the air it has a 582 they are a lot of fun to fly cheers phil
  3. Adelaide biplanes as one on line ,this plane was owned by a good friend who passed away has been restored buy Nelson aircraft like new with bigger motor one of the best rebuilds I have seen.Harvey at Nelson owns the plane would be for sale . Have a look at Adelaide biplanes web page the have a great story of VH STU.cheers
  4. Hi Derek, Good to read that your 701 is flying again, mine has just been signed off by the L4 just need to get the paper work away. Regarding your landing fees, don,t accept it, get all the pilots who fly regularly and write a good letter to the council explaining the benefits eg. what the aerodrome brings to the community. We had the same down where I fly, they tried to increase the lease on our club rooms and hanger lease from $1200 a year to $4500 a year. We are only a small club 20 so we told them that if they did not charge us the same $1200 a year we would move out. We now have a 9 year agreement for $1200. Regarding the landing fees, at a council meeting in 2003 they made an agreement not to charge landing fees, then a few years ago I was talking to one of the airport staff when a light plane landed he pulled out a note book and wrote the plane rego down. I asked what he was doing and he said for landing fees. We complained, and not long after that nobody gets charge landing fees except commercial, but it is still in the ERSA which we are disappointed about .Most times it cost the councils more to chase their money for landing fees than what they charge. Maybe all the councils should just cut out the lavish food served up to the councilers elected by the people, on council night let them bring there own jam sandwich and thermus - should save them some money :-)
  5. Hi Geoff Hunting with my oldest boy and a few mates must get back into it when I get back
  6. Thanks guys will try and get up that way before we fly out tonight
  7. Hi 80 kt just driving back to Cristchurch after a week in the bush do you no of any airports between Arthur's pass and Christchurch that might have a 701 there ? Flying back to oz Sunday night. cheers Phil
  8. Thanks for the help guys, Phil Reed returns from holidys on Monday, will give him a ring then. Regarding the Evektor Eurostar as a trainer I have seen three planes with severe damage to the front nose wheel from heavy landings, one with the nose leg driven though the floor between the rudder pedals, all from training schools. But easy repaired, only lengthy time getting parts. I feel maybe a bit light in the landing gear as a trainer. I have done 1/2 an hour of circuits in one a few years back, lovely plane to fly, would be high on the list if I won tatts. Cheers Phil
  9. Hi Phil Off topic but currently on holidays in your country and loving it ,just wondering if you know of any micro light airfields near Chipping Camden where we're we are staying ? love to go for a fly over this beautiful part of the country ( wife suggested seeing its fathers day tomorrow). Cheers Phil
  10. Hi Rick What Page number is that on your plans ? Went through my two sets of plans old and new cant find that page.Measured my fire wall again with glasses on this time and got 720mm. cheers Phil
  11. Hi mcrowley. 715mm. Cheers Phil
  12. I am looking for a ride from central Queensland back to Vic later this week, happy to share costs. Am driving my daughters car up to Longreach and need a way to get home. Would prefer to fly RAA back to Vic rather than commercial. I have an RAA licence myself. Thanks Phil
  13. Hi Paul Yes I will chase up Zenith before I change anything ,Very keen just to get it in the air then down the track make some mods like the maingear and I like the wing extensions to. Cheers Phil Hey Maj Any chance you pm your Phone number would like a chat about the 582. Cheers Phil
  14. Hi Saccani The steel bracket that the wing attachment is bolted and riveted to the air frame and the undercarriage leaf is clamped to the bracket .There is a c shaped stiffening channel that runs between the two steel brackets, so i believe that the undercarriage leaf is not a structural part. Cheers Phil
  15. Wish you came across this when I was working in my bungee and nose wheel great idea. Cheers Phil
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