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  1. Contact Cliff Banks at Swan Hill. He has one in his J170.
  2. All the guys that I know who have crossed over did about 5 hours conversion with an instructor. The rest was just paperwork. Simple
  3. Rang Jabiru, I ordered 2 new Trelleborg 6 ply tyres 4.00x4 for my LSA. Arrived, fitted and the bolt heads of the brake calliper is rubbing the tyre wall. Anyone had the same problem??? Rang Jabby and asked, what's the go? "Oh yes, the won't fit. We saw this on the first J120." Ummm...... Why did you sell them to me? I need a good 6ply tyre for tiger country and bindii/3 corner jacks etc. I want to stick with the 4 inch main rims. I'm waiting on a call back from Jabiru (hopefully with a credit note) as they are out of stock of the chien shen? 6 ply but I really really wanted the treaded pattern of the Trells. Any other options out there???? URGENT.... It gets better. I cut the old tyres and inserted them inside the new as sleeves for extra protection.... now with the issue of the new tyres.... I CANNOT FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. May the force be with you........
  5. This was the thread..... > http://www.recreationalflying.com/forum/jabiru-users-group/12165-j430-trim.html#post59148
  6. I cut mine right back to about 12mm. Fixed it for me.
  7. -35° 25' 6.00", +142° 27' 12.00" It looks nothing like that now that the wheat has turned. Looks like a wasteland. I'll get another photo soon.
  8. Gents and Gentettes......? Does anyone know of a website with custom decals you can download for a signwriter/printer/graphics dude to print out and stick on? Thanks
  9. I've notice the tension on the spring for the rudder controls is a bit slack and I've found that I need a little more input to get them moving. How can I tighten the tension???
  10. Looking at the picture... It appears the tie downs didn't help as he still managed to hit the powerline......
  11. Anyone else want to share their private setup??
  12. :ah_oh:....... How soon they forget.........
  13. I've heard a rumour of a new single seater to be made by Jabiru. 2200 motor High Wing with no wing struts. Has anyone heard this or is someone pulling my chain???
  14. Bendorn

    Panel Instruments

    I now have a Jabby LSA55 with analogue guages, ASI, ALT, Tacho, Slip/Skid and the oil pressure & temp. Can I install an EFIS to incorporate most of that?? More to the point, am I allowed to?? Also, $2200 USD for the D-10A but what about the install costs and wiring and probes and all the other doovie whackies that go with it. What is a realistic cost?
  15. Private Message.... although all of your suggestions would also qualify, just not in the forums..:thumb_up:
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