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  1. cooperplace

    C182 crash Melbourne no one hurt

    1. no-one's hurt: fantastic result; 2: maybe it can be fixed. Great news. Congrats to the pilot.
  2. is anything more known about exactly what failed and exactly what engine was in it?
  3. looks like not to bad a place for a forced landing, but it would only take one rabbit hole to flip the plane. I hope they recover quickly. It will be interesting to hear the full story.
  4. or is it just me? I'm getting an error message. Does anyone know of an alternative? thanks
  5. but isn't Pakistan RHD, like Australia?
  6. having had smoke in the cabin once, I think that the above advice will be a little too complicated to follow in this situation. All I could think of was "get it down NOW"
  7. if you're solo, you'd be hard pressed landing the plane and operating the extinguisher at the same time
  8. yeah my one experience with smoke in the jab cockpit I put it down pronto; I don't ever want a repeat of that.
  9. as a jab pilot, I'd really like to know what caused a fire to break out in the cockpit.
  10. it says "a fire broke out in the cockpit", every pilot's nightmare. I hope he makes a full recovery.
  11. remind me to never fly a Cirrus, it sounds like it's a tricky, unforgiving plane.
  12. cooperplace

    My forced landings need work!

    gee, do you really need to practice forced landings over that tiger country? Coward that I am, I practice in a place that is much more benign if I had a real engine failure
  13. cooperplace

    Crashed on final - Parafield

    great news that he's OK; when I'm on final I make darn sure I'm well above those powerlines, never flown at night, which would make it a lot trickier.
  14. note to self: next time on a trans-Pacific ferry flight, check that fuel supply is OK from all tanks, all valves working, early in the flight. Not that I'm likely to take the jab across the pacific any time soon.
  15. She may be competent, but also extremely lucky.