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  1. Airventure 2019 ~ LSA Weight Limit Likely To Include Four-Seat Aircraft, Paul Bertorelli July 22, 2019 ~ http://avweb.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=4bac45814476bb5e9a4cf11ae2f42a80&i=103A117A3A1846
  2. Bluboyz


  3. There may be a connection problem between the Dacom Intercom Aircraft Radio Microphone Output ~ to ~ the Bendix King Aircraft Radio Microphone Input... Wiring Loom: Incorrect wiring/pinouts, bent/loose pin, or poor soldering/crimping etc..
  4. Frabic Covering Course ~ in conjunction with Poly-Fiber USA 16th~17th February 2019 at HARS Museum, Wollongong. NSW http://www.aviationtrader.com.au/wp-content/post_images/PDFs/05029E79-1.pdf
  5. Cane farming is a big part of Queensland’s history, and, I believe, its’ largest agricultural crop. Don’t know many covert red meat farmers. Removing all sugar in food and pharmaceutical production can be technically challenging. We are all a mix of inherited genetics and our environmental factors, there’s is a lot of health mythology, moderation in all things is good.
  6. G’day Damiens, Wrt- VH some basic maintenance is possible Schedule 8 - CIVIL AVIATION REGULATIONS 1988 - SCHEDULE 8 Maintenance that may be carried out on a Class B aircraft by a person entitled to do so under subregulation 42ZC(4) VH experimental check with SAAA - Sport Aircraft Association of Australia RAA kit builds check with RAA - Home - RAAus
  7. G'day nig71, Can you indicate the type, make or model for the:- aircraft, aircraft VHF radio(s), (intercom if fitted), and your intended UHF h/h or panel mount. A panel mounted rotary switch is a common method used in recreation aircraft, Microair and other brands have info on their sites. eg Microair 760P and UHF adaptor ~ http://www.microair.com.au/admin/uploads/documents/MAW1002M760PUHFAdaptor01R2.pdf
  8. Bluboyz


    Anyone else having trouble accessing Jabiru?
  9. G'day Curly1, Many Jabiru's with dual Microair VHF coms' utilise a simple panel mounted 2 or 3 position rotary switch to select Com 1 or Com 2.. Switching PTT, Mic, Tx interlock and remotes.. Maybe see Microair for some guidance and check with Trig as well.. Microair - M760 Transceiver Wiring Harness | Products
  10. It seems that Jabiru South Africa, Shadow Lite C.C., is tooling up to to support Jabiru Gen 3 Engine parts ~ Jabiru Engine Parts support - AvCom
  11. WRT to Jaba-who's, post #37, 'But now a word of warning' If this clandestine action of CASA's has verity as alluded then the potential implications of these impositions, particularly if retrospective in application, will far surpass that of flight operation limitations for many experimental homebuilt aircraft, their owners, and any experimental builders generally.. Concur wrt: certified engines and CASA medicals etc, in life there are no guarantees.. Has there been any communication from: SAAA, RAA &/or AOPA wrt this rescindment?
  12. Welcome Landrewver. Towitta is that the location of a 1902 cut throat murder mystery in regional South Australia that remains a curiosity?
  13. SAAA Membership Brief - AirVenture Australia 2017 - Tony White – President SAAA 11th August 2017 (SAAA website) It seems that AVA 2017 financial funding shortfall has been resolved through "Crowd Funding" and we can all look forward to a great event.
  14. Would it be Currawah at Gongolgon, kaz3g?
  15. An evaluation between the new Lightspeed Tango wireless headsets, and the EQ-1 wireless communications headsets might be useful. The EQ-1's have been around for sometime, and seemed impressive when tried on at Natfly. http://www.wirelessaviationheadsets.com/content.cfm/Resources/About-Us
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