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  1. I just taped some cardboard on the bottom of my cowl when testing the lip, easy to do....
  2. Those temps are really very good at max climb out on a warm day. Temps can be pretty subjective, measuring device accuracy, location of probe etc. An air cooled engine like a jab should be around 150 at least for optimal operation(in my view) as they are designed for that. I'm happy with my 3300, CHT's at cruise are around the 150, obviously hotter in a climb. The big benefit of individual cyl probes is being able to monitor temps over time and being able to recognise a problem as it develops. IE lower temp, not making power, or running hotter maybe leaning out with valve or intake problems.
  3. Pilot shortage? Is there any pilot jobs available anywhere thats not with the airlines? I just don't see the traditional small charter operators any more. Where would a new CPL with low hrs even get a job flying a small twin etc....
  4. 747...now we're talking images.webp
  5. Unless you already have ADF or VOR installed, for a new build a TSO GNSS is really the only option. The old systems are on borrowed time. You might strike it lucky and get a good 2nd hand one for a discount. Even the 430 is considered old school now, but suitable for NVFR.
  6. Some scumbags put up a false go fund me for the funeral.....beggars belief with no respect for the family.
  7. NVFR rules virtually same as IFR.....still need very expensive GPS lights etc.
  8. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-27/man-dies-in-light-plane-crash-in-weddell-south-east-of-darwin/11644134
  9. Ah thats a bugger. I can see a trip with a trailer in my future....
  10. Hi , can anyone recommend a supplier for 6061 aluminium sheet and stock anywhere near Brisbane? Thanks
  11. dlegg


  12. I have a 2 blade that has a cartridge in the center, no way to put a hole through it
  13. OK, so I need a hub with a hole in the centre. Will see what I can come up with...
  14. How does a person go about static balancing a ground adjustable prop?
  15. If I were to build two identical planes and register 1 RAA 19-xxxx and the other VH- experimental, which plane would have a better resale value?
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