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  1. dlegg

    Prop Balancers

    I have a 2 blade that has a cartridge in the center, no way to put a hole through it
  2. dlegg

    Prop Balancers

    OK, so I need a hub with a hole in the centre. Will see what I can come up with...
  3. dlegg

    Prop Balancers

    How does a person go about static balancing a ground adjustable prop?
  4. dlegg

    Aircraft values

    If I were to build two identical planes and register 1 RAA 19-xxxx and the other VH- experimental, which plane would have a better resale value?
  5. dlegg

    Replacement Jabiru battery

    A super sport SSB VB16CL-B battery from the local bike shop will fit right in, and has more CCA than the odyssey, and less than half price too.
  6. If you change a 152 to RAA rego, it will have to go to 19 rego, then can't be used for training anyway, right?
  7. dlegg

    Battery query

    So what is the batt if I may ask?
  8. The hingeless design is for the ailerons, not the flaps. Most have moved to hinges as ailerons now have to be balanced. But the hingeless design does work and has been tested for thousands of cycles.
  9. dlegg

    Stolen Garmin 296

    Bastards...the good old days of leaving the keys in the car and the front door unlocked are long gone. They probably don't even know what a 296 is for. Security cameras are very cheap now, we should all have at least 1 pointing at our planes....
  10. Yeah definetely just the wind lifting the right wing, as the plane has been pushed left the nosewheel has been forced to turn left with the weight on it, the nose wheel is directly linked to the rudder pedals, turning the rudder with it. Pilot has done a remarkable job, he has found the cross wind limitations there.
  11. Dont forget to add in the cost of a FWF setup, also exhaust is not included so install costs can rise a further 10k plus. So at least 65k on a new install or retrofit.
  12. dlegg

    Latest Jabiru 2200 - reliability

    Your temps are pretty good. Perhaps you might have to go one size up on the main jet over the winter.
  13. dlegg

    RAA fatality near Emerald

    It does look like engine failure. The prop in the vertical position is undamaged.
  14. dlegg

    New vhf radios

    http://www.mglavionics.com/html/radios.html The MGL V6 radio has an inbuilt 4 place intercom. Great piece of gear
  15. Don't you have to have a minimum 100 hrs as a pilot before you can do the 25 hr test period of the new aircraft?