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  1. derekliston

    CASA booklet

    Last one of those I went to in Toowoomba had two CASA guys more interested in telling us what they had done and who they were. Sorry to say I really didn’t learn anything of interest, to the extent that I wouldn’t really care if I didn’t attend another one. ( Haven’t seen one advertised in Toowoomba lately that I’ve been in a position to attend anyway!)
  2. derekliston

    CASA booklet

    Here is the booklet, make of it what you will, but this apparently is CASA’s take on it! Seem to have managed to get the first and second photographs in reverse order!
  3. derekliston

    Tell us about your last flight

    That is a good point, didn’t consider that! Do look me up any time.
  4. derekliston

    CASA booklet

    Only wanted that booklet. Fail to see why they have to charge so much for something that would fit in a 20cent envelope with a dollar stamp!
  5. derekliston

    Tell us about your last flight

    Just a quick but very pleasant circuit at Warwick (YWCK) this morning. Incredibly unusual to see three aircraft parked at the terminal.
  6. derekliston

    CASA booklet

    Interesting none the less. I always give a downwind and base call but according to the book I only have to give a taxying or take-off call unless there is other traffic. That is when flying circuits!
  7. derekliston

    CASA booklet

    Never again will I order a ‘free’ document from CASA. In the interest of doing things properly I ordered their free booklet on ‘Radio Procedures in Non-Controlled Airspace’ only to be charged $15 for postage and handling. What I received was a four page, yes say it again 4 page booklet as depicted in the attached photographs. I swear this is the biggest rip-off I have experienced in my entire 70+ years.
  8. derekliston


    My little CH701 is so light it always makes me nervous in crosswinds, I’m getting better but as a last resort I could land directly into the wind if I had to, even across the runway it lands so short! (Not sure what the legal situation would be but better that than bend it!)
  9. derekliston

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    I believe he was, but that is autocorrect for you! Apparently knows better than me what I mean.
  10. derekliston

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Sorry, that should have read danjohnson.com, I absolutely hate autocorrect!
  11. derekliston

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Look up Don Johnson.com
  12. derekliston

    Built up areas

    I avoid flying over populous or built-up areas to the extent possible, but flying from Warwick to Toowoomba for some work at Range Avionics is quite scary, just kilometres of black roofs beneath as you head for a midfield crosswind join.
  13. derekliston

    Proposed Wing Spar AD for PA28 and PA32 aircraft

    Also allowed for the fuel tanks to be mounted to and forward of the spar. Had spar cap corrosion on one of our Warriors rather difficult to find since it was directly behind the fuel tank. Daffyd Llewellyn designed a repair scheme for it. I used to worry about the steel to aluminium fittings on the wings but never really found a problem with them.
  14. derekliston


    I think I might have heard that one, quite possibly what prompted me to create this thread in the first place. Absolutely zero contribution to flight safety!