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  1. My sons, now in their forties, used to know that movie word for word, they had watched it so often!
  2. This just keeps on happening, helicopters the name of which I can’t recall Seasprites were they?, Tiger helicopters, Wedgetails, Tanker and boom built by Airbus or EADS who have no previous experience when Boeing has been building them for half a century. I believe that, although the F111 was eventually a great machine, it had a lot of problems. Seems to me that Defence procurement have no idea what they are doing with the taxpayers money. I admit that somethings they get right C17 for example!
  3. Amazing how often thread drift moves totally away from original topic! Not a complaint, just an observation, I am probably just as guilty as anyone else!
  4. Ain’t that the truth!!!! (Rhetorical)
  5. Just curious about a previous comment about dimming the panel after dark!
  6. Do we even know whether the Brumby had glass panel or steam instruments?
  7. Totally agree with the oxymoron statement. There is cheaper flying but no such animal as cheap flying!
  8. Absolutely mate, I would never advise anyone to rely on this panel, for my type of flying it is very much overkill. I only fly for fun, say that again I ONLY FLY FOR FUN, I like blue skies, light winds and at about 60kts cruise, not particularly long distance trips. I have been flying off and on since 1968, but due to all sorts of higher priorities over the years I am a low hours pilot, therefore I remain well aware of my personal limits. There is nothing that I need to do that can’t wait for another day, week or even month!
  9. Don’t know how it works, might just as well be magic, but if I ever get into a sticky situation (unlikely because I am your archetypal wussy pilot!) this is what I want in my cockpit!
  10. I have all of that and more on the Dynon Skyview in my CH701 including something called ‘synthetic vision’ I have no idea how that works but when I line up on the piano keys I not only have the view from the windscreen, but the runway, piano keys and runway number are displayed on the screen.
  11. derekliston


  12. Just enjoy it, don’t ever try to justify it. We only have one life that anyone has ever been able to prove, enjoy it to the fullest!
  13. I believe that just in sheer numbers there are more accidents with Robbos than any other helicopter. Conversely, I believe there are more of them flying than just about all other makes of small helicopters combined. I have flown in Jetranger, Hughes 500, R44, Bell 47, Squirrel and another Bell of which I don’t know the number, up on one of the reef platforms. If I ever could have afforded it, I probably would have got the licence, as it is I have to stick with my little fixed wing CH701. Do I worry about dying in a helicopter? No! but I figure if you have to go, a few minutes of sheer terror beats months of cancer!! (Doesn’t mean that I want to go that way though!)
  14. My CH701 sat untouched for two years because I was so pissed off with trying to interpret the plans. Eventually got back to work and finished it because it was worth nothing as a pile of bits if I wanted to sell it. I’ve been flying it for about four years now and I’m really glad I persevered.
  15. Very old fashioned, also very stupid, loyalty nowadays is very much a one way street. The employer would get rid of an employee in a heartbeat and not even blink. Cynical? Yes, but true.
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