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  1. Just another gripe about CASA you May well say, but I need to express my annoyance somewhere and trying to tell CASA about it is a waste of breath. Story goes, 5+ yrs ago I had a heart attack and as a result CASA decided that I needed to have an annual class 2 medical + stress echo-cardiogram! Ok I thought, at least they are letting me fly, so every year since then I have complied with their requirements including a ridiculous oral glucose tolerance test and I have been recertified without a problem. This year, I don’t know what is different, I have done exactly the same things as the previous 4yrs but for some reason it has not satisfied them, they keep asking for more information, which I give them, but apparently every time I send more info, my application goes to the back of the queue. My medical was in August, so by the time they finally clear me to fly, I will have lost 3 months of my year since they will only give me 12 months from the date of my medical. I cannot tell you how much this shits me, my DAME and my cardiologist would both happily sign me off but it seems that CASA’s doctor, who has never met me, knows better than all of them! Yes, I know I could transfer to RAAus, but I shouldn’t have to. The whole of CASA need to be sacked and the whole department rejigged. I have only commented on the pilot side of things, I could write twice as much about the hassles of being a LAME dealing with that organisation. Sorry, rant over, does no good but makes me feel better!
  2. I worked on PA38 Tomahawks for nine years and unless my memory is failing (a possibility!) they don’t, or didn’t have oil coolers.
  3. I haven’t personally but Warwick Flying Club and the local newspaper tried without success. They were just told it was commercial in confidence.
  4. Possibly true, but we are talking about politicians!
  5. Council are calling tenders for a $310,000 hangar!!!!! to lease back to a $20,000 company???
  6. Council are building the hangar using state government money to theoretically lease to the flying school!
  7. Our governments are really beyond belief, both local and state. Running out of water because no State water grid although they have talked about it for years, but we do have a flash new footbridge that we didn’t need and new footpaths through the CBD that again we didn’t need, all paid for by the state government!!!
  8. I know that mate, I have plenty of 0.016 for the skin, I don’t have enough 0.025 for the spar and I don’t know anywhere that I can buy just the amount that I need. No one will sell less than half a sheet and I am pretty sure the spar is more than 4ft long at 1840mm.
  9. Mate, are you still the distributor for Zenith? If so, what are the chances and timescale to obtain a CH701 aileron spar? If I go with an order I will also order a new fuel quantity sender.
  10. If you book a cabin on Flametree holiday park you can just walk through the footpath to the airfield. Only around 100 metres. We always book site number 1 with our camper trailer which is right beside the airfield fence, put the chairs out, feet up and watch the action.
  11. That is what bothers me. Our council are totally ignorant of anything aviation related. It will just cost Warwick ratepayers and Qld taxpayers a lot of money for no return.
  12. There is an example at the Queensland Air Museum at Caloundra.
  13. That clip was from the Jumpers and Jazz fly-in.
  14. I am a bit concerned about council competence in terms of due diligence in this instance. As far as I can establish this is an Indian company RMP Aviation. If you google them you will find a private company worth 1 lakh of Indian rupees and a paid up capital of 1000% ie. 11lakhs in total. That is 1,100,000 rupees which at currency conversion rates current two days ago was the equivalent of $23,000 and for this the council are allowing them to use the terminal building as an office and are building them a $310,000 hangar. I would love to find out that I am wrong but the council says “commercial in confidence” and won’t release details. It would be a boon for Warwick if it was a proper company but I suspect this is a very shonky deal!
  15. Believe it or not, I don’t have any photos of them even though I maintained them for almost ten years! Good luck finding them.
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