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  1. Checked such photographs as I could find and you are correct. They must have been in the minority!
  2. Don’t know, I will check, thus far I haven’t been able to find other than ‘American’ clockwise viewed from the cockpit. I think the British ones going ACW was a left over from the days of hand swinging props.
  3. True without a doubt Nev, but in this case I was just querying question 3!
  4. Ian will be happy with the very quick thread drift! Possibly, an awful lot of them, three and four bladed needed for Hurricane, Spitfire and Lancaster.
  5. Merlin was on the P51 Mustangs. I had always assumed that it would be the Packard built Merlin’s that rotated that way, but apparently not! Must just be an aberration from the British convention, maybe so they could sell it to the Americans.
  6. Maybe, but so were the Pobjoy radials and the Bristol Hercules sleeve valve radial, yet they still followed the British convention!
  7. I know that also, I looked after a Seneca which had that! I still think it interesting that most British engines did and still do spin anti-clockwise viewed from the cockpit and American ones clockwise. Never really understood why the Merlin didn’t.
  8. I realised that! I just think the conventions are interesting, even up to the latest RR Trent & P&W big fans.
  9. Not sure about question 3. Non-Polish engines? British de Havilland Gypsy engines to mention but one rotate in the opposite direction to Continental and Lycomings. Could further elaborate such as Pratt and Whitney fans turning the opposite direction to (most!) Rolls-Royce fans. No particular reason other than convention that I know of.
  10. I have ADSB out but I doubt whether too many other VFR aeroplanes around have it yet so the dongle probably wouldn’t be much help!
  11. Ta for that, I will have a look.
  12. I haven’t heard of those either, where does one acquire the thing and would it work with a Dynon Skyview?
  13. How exactly does one acquire a TCAS and don’t they rely upon transponder information?
  14. Brilliant response Nev, never took you for a poet!
  15. Here at Warwick we have an Indian company which has been negotiating with the council to operate a flying school at the airfield. Now, by all accounts the council has agreed to let them use the terminal building as an office and apparently to supply them with a hangar. (I stand to be corrected if I am wrong, any Warwick councillors on this forum?) Anyway, today I noticed that a large sign has been erected on one of the new hangars at the Western end of the airfield. The sign says RMP Aviation which I googled, It turns out to be a private Indian company. (I am therefore making an assumption that this is the company proposing to operate the flying school, again I stand to be corrected!) Interesting fact if you look at the company, it is worth “1 lakh of rupees with a fully paid up capital of 1000%” Now, not being familiar with Indian currency I looked up what 1 lakh of rupees is in AU$ and it is currently roughly $2300 which means that, including their 1000% fully paid up capital , the company is worth less than $25000 and our council is bending over backwards. Do you for one minute think, that if I turned up with $25000 dollars, the council would do the same for me? Please, someone else follow through and confirm these figures.
  16. No argument there, it is just mishandling whilst picking it up, but once having creased the sheet they should know better that to carry on rolling and packing it! On the last occasion I was lucky that I could cut what I needed avoiding the creases, a lot of people wouldn’t be able to, for example a wing skin. But it seems they just don’t care.
  17. That can be a problem, last delivery I had they managed to roll kinks into the sheet. As I said previously I was able to cut what I needed avoiding the kinks. Big problem with aviation supply companies is employees who know little or nothing about aviation. A little story:- Some years ago now, I ordered through Aviall a replacement stabiliser spar for a C172RG, when I went along to pick it up, they brought out a box around a metre square. When I pointed out that a stabiliser spar is roughly (without actually measuring it) 2.5metres long and so couldn’t be in that box, they opened the box and someone had folded the spar in half!!!! What was their response? “ Would I be happy to take it at a reduced price?” REALLY!!!!!
  18. Simple answer when I see that photograph. Thanks for that!
  19. Just looking at the MSN photos of thecrashed and burnt Citation that had the retired race driver and family on board and the fuselage seems to have some sort of mesh left after it has burnt. I just wonder what sort of structure the fuselage has, is it a carbo fibre composite? Apparently something flammable.
  20. Crikey, it’s a meccano Plane!
  21. FNQ are Ian Colville who bought Ian Aviation at Archerfield and has since moved his operation to an airstrip on Atkinson Dam Road. I believe. I would always use the local small business where possible.
  22. I have aircraft control cables from FNQ cables on my CH701. Might just be my aircraft engineering background but I prefer them over anything else I could have made up.
  23. True, but the general idea surely then is to extend downwind if necessary or otherwise if in communication agree for say the Dash 8 to overtake and land ahead of either the Drifter or the C172. At least if they can see and avoid it is surely safer than say the Drifter on final and the Dash 8 on a straight in final and perhaps not even seeing the Drifter.
  24. Yup, like I said ‘pigs might fly’
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