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  1. [URL="https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=221697"]https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=221697[/URL] Regards R W
  2. Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year. I will have a quite moment on Christmas Day thinking of fellow aviators that have passed during the year, thinking of their family’s as well. (Miss you Sandra, Deb & Nicki) Maybe even raise a glass of wine (I won’t be flying) Fly Safe Regards RW
  3. Reports filtered through yesterday 8th of December that a Par Avion Islander was missing in Tasmania’s South West National Park on it’s way to Melaleuca with only the pilot on board. During the day search aircraft failed to find the Islander due to poor weather in the area. The Westpac Rescue helicopter had dropped 3 Police search crew & an Ambulance paramedic into the South West National Park area around 5.00pm.They have direction finding equipment to locate the beacon”. Sadly an early morning report from ABC Wreckage of missing plane found in Tasmania, pilot presumed dead WWW.ABC.NET.AU Search and rescue police say the plane's sole occupant, the pilot, could not have survived the crash. Thoughts are with the pilots family, friends, rescue personnel, Shannon & all at Par Avion RW
  4. I believe a private operator has a PC-24 on order here in Tasmania. Looking forward to seeing & hearing it soon. Regards RW
  5. Just wanted to let forum members know that pre-sale Gold pass tickets to Avalon Airshow go on sale Monday 8th October. Available from Ticketmaster. I have also contacted ICON re the A5 The reply was “As of current, we can’t deliver / ship an ICON A5 to Australia; because of this we are going to hold off on the Avalon 2019 air show. Once we are able to fly in Australia, we would love to partner up” Fly Safe RW
  6. Sadly Debbie has passed away after a short battle with cancer on 26th August 2018. A memorial gathering will be held at Cranbourne Airfield at a date to be announced. Fly high Debb Blue Skies forever Sympathy to family and friends Regards RW
  7. Nice aircraft Good to see the seating is 2 abreast Regards RW
  8. Michael will be in Devonport (Tasmania) this Friday 24th of August. The documentary Voyage of the Southern Sun will be shown at 6:30pm at the Cmax cinema. Niblies, drinks provided, cost $23 also a Q & A with Michael. Regards RW
  9. Sad news from the icon Facebook page Here is the statement ICON Aircraft CEO Kirk Hawkins sent to our customers about today’s accident: “It is with great sadness that I write this. Earlier today, two ICON Employees were killed in an A5 accident while flying at Lake Berryessa, CA. We have no details on the cause of the accident right now and the names of the victims have not been released publicly. The NTSB and FAA have been notified and ICON will be working closely with them to fully support their investigation.... See more
  10. Hi Doc Clicked on the link and got the same message as you. So nothing saved Regards RW
  11. Add to the fact that ICON are building a composite airframe factory for the A5 in Tijuana Mexico, Mr Trump will put a charge on the components coming back into California to pay for the wall., so the price will go up again. I received the survey, also finding the questions weird. I was hoping that there would be one on display at Avalon Airshow. Maybe in 2019 Regards RW
  12. Only last night I was looking at a photo of myself with Bob, he was signing my log book. So lucky to have witnessed his Aero Comander "managed energy" routine at Sky RaceTasmania. Blue Skies Forever. Rest in Peace R W Edit posted at the same time as Marty D Great minds think alike.
  13. I contacted icon a couple of months ago and asked if they were going to be at Avalon Air Show in 2017. They replied saying they wouldn't be represented at Avalon. The email went on to say there have been many orders for the A5 from Australia. I have worked hard and saved, I can afford one now. My shed has been built to fit the icon. 10m X 15m I really appreciate dleggs post, and the following thread discussion, I didn't have any knowledge about the buyer agreement until reading it here tonight. Are there many forum members that have actually ordered an A5? I may look at the amphibious Foxbat and a 2017 Ford Mustang instead of the A5 Fly Safe RW
  14. Billy also wrote a book called the Bush Pilot, an excellent read for anyone interested in aviation. RIP Regards R W Story about Billy's memorial service from the Advocate. http://www.theadvocate.com.au/story/3882036/a-legend-of-local-skies/?cs=87 A true bush pilot who could land just about anywhere was remembered fondly at a memorial service in Smithton last week. Harold Gordon ‘Bill’ Vincent OAM died on April 20 at Smithton aged 84 years. Flying legend: Harold Gordon 'Billy' Vincent was a legend of the air and recognised with an Order of Australia Medal for his services to search and rescue. Picture: Supplied Mr Vincent was born in Burnie on October 2, 1931, just before midnight, and the delay in paperwork saw his birth registered as October 3. His niece Sharalyn Walters presented the eulogy at his memorial service and said that as was tradition in the family he was assigned the nickname Billy by his grandfather Burgess, and was known by it ever since. From his early years he had a passion for flying, and would gaze skyward at anything from a tiny Tiger Moth to a Lockheed Hudson bomber which landed at Redpa in 1941. “A defining moment in his life – young Bill was hooked. He realised his dream to fly in 1949, gaining his private pilot’s licence in September 1952,” Mrs Walters said. “Bill’s yearning to fly coincided with meeting Brenda Edwards who also showed a keen interest in flying – and Bill Vincent. They were married in 1953 and their honeymoon was a circumnavigation flight of Tasmania. Who did that sort of thing in 1953?” He quickly established himself as a talented pilot. It was often said that he could land a plane on a ‘postage stamp’ or drop a parcel on a spot the size of a ‘dime’.” Mr Vincent’s extensive local knowledge led directly to his involvement in search and rescue operations from as early as the late 1950’s. Over the years he devoted long hours in the air to assist in searches for missing fishermen around the islands and in Bass Strait. Over the years he serviced the island families of Bass Strait, and with his brothers “Doggy” and “Toddy” built a mutton birding business. In the early 1970s he married his second wife Susan, and with her and their three children moved to Queensland for a time in the late 1980s. In 1980 he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) recognising his contribution to search and rescue in Tasmania and services to the Circular Head community. It was while in Toowoomba he found ultra-light aircraft, and continued to fly until 2003 logging almost 20,000 hours in the air.
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