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  1. I reckon that buying 98 premium from quiet country servos is not a good idea as I have found a year ago trying to start my 447, which was always sensitive to stale fuel,would not start when purchased there.Then 2 weeks later I bought 98 fuel from a busy servo on the main Hwy where fuel is more replenished often,and started first go.The 91 would be ok from the quiet servos,but not 98,your just wasting extra money
  2. Ahh all these comments of fresh 2stroke fuel has changed me.I now love the smell of fresh 2 stroke fuel in the morning, smells like victory.
  3. Good food for thought,very good reading,thanks.
  4. Howdy all.Anyone out there have a formula on 2 stroke 98 octane fuel drop rate per week/month?.Have'nt taken the girl out flying for a month,and I have read that you drop down 2 octane levels just by adding 2 stroke oil.She starts first pull after the fuel is 1 month old,but I would not want her running under 91,and I don't want to get to the pinging stage either.Any helpful imfo would be great.
  5. Ive been flying in some pretty wild turbulence this summer,and I gotta say I am pretty happy with the Aerochutes rectangular:rotary: canopy.Has not collapsed on me once.
  6. And no engine and propeller on your back running down hills ouch,but everyone to their own.
  7. Sure was an interesting gismo in its heyday if it had one.I like the large control stick between the legs.Goodluck with selling it, you never know in a big country.
  8. Not sure who would win that race,but it would be an awfully long boring ride on the DFS having a constant view of the back of pilot in front of you.
  9. Aerochute are bringing out a larger fuel tank which will make it go further.At 70km p/hr dual,60km p/hr solo and a larger fuel tank and a cruise control looks more appealing.
  10. Looks like the disk braking system is going to be used in tandem for the steering,like a bobcat.Looks also like JCs DFS Spartan is going on the scrap heap now after these mods by the Contes,Yes 503 been flying every week,never tire of it.
  11. Just got the monthly newsletter from Aerochute and they are releasing a affordable do it yourself cruise control kit next month.The control lever is mounted on the cross bar under the front of the seat( right hand side),and has a mounting bracket under the front throttle for engaging and disengaging.Might just be a good investment for those cross country trips.
  12. I got my renewal papers 4 weeks before expiry day,and sent them off the same day I got them.That way you have given them PLENTY of time to get it done.By the way I got mine today in the mail as they said they would when I rang them up.Amen Lord thank you.
  13. Faith in the RAAus was restored today,Rego certificate was emailed to me this afternoon and told the rest will be in the mail soon Rang them up this morning told them I sent all pictures and aircraft take offs and landings and hours done 4 weeks ago,and my rego expired 2 days ago,and they were right on it.If any ones rego has not come through the mail,dont wait ring them up.
  14. I wear a leather helmet with velcro on top to keep my david clark headsets on when I am flying my Aerochute,because helmets insulate me from the real flying wind in your face feeling, plus helmets are soooo bulky,plus I have a roll cage for safety anyway.
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