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  1. Do you reckon the gear up landing was intentional, or just a matter of not enough time to get it down?
  2. Thanks for that M61. I've downloaded the heavy maintenance manual and happy to follow Rotax's instructions. They don't even specify a chemical bond but Locktite 243 sounds good. Cheers, Marty
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Onetrack / M61, apparently "Nuts & Bolts Tasmania" stocks Unbrako in the sizes I need. Thanks for the heads up about the 110 one. I've looked at the Rotax installation guide and as far as I can see it doesn't go into detail about lock washers / chemical locking. It seems like they've devolved that responsibility to the aircraft manufacturers, which isn't much help when you're scratch building and the plans don't go into much detail about it. Anyway if you've installed the Rotax Ring Mount I'd be interested in knowing what you used to keep the bolt from moving. Thanks again! Cheers, Marty
  4. Hi OME, These are bolts that go into the engine itself, so they can't be changed to AN.
  5. Hi, I've been trying to get some information about the M10 x 110 and M10 x 35 bolts that are used to secure the ring mount to the engine itself. Does anyone know the specifications for these? I'm assuming they have to be some kind of high tensile bolt rather than the sort you buy at Bunnings. Obviously they're not AN because AN don't do metric. Thanks, Marty
  6. Thanks guys, this is why I asked the question. A friend in Canberra who's mostly built a 750 has used S/S turnbuckles and fitted cable ends - I will forward the warning to him too. I'm not trying to save a buck at increased risk - if that's the price of those shackles then that's the price - but given the size of them (ie postage per each would not be a lot when buying 100's from the US) I think it's a bit rich to be charging close to $40 each for them over here. I need to do an order for the engine mount bolts & rubbers etc from Aircraft Spruce anyway so will do it sooner rather than later. That's a valid alternative in the 701 plans - 2 lengths of 0.040" with AN3 bolt spaced to suit. I thought it looked a bit amateur but given the complications around turnbuckles and lock wire etc it's starting to look like an attractive method. Another acceptable method is 2 short sections of L extrusion back to back with a single bolt through the upright bit. Didn't like that one. It has electric trim so I guess that's a separate system. Aviall won't even show you prices unless you're a member, and they won't accept you as a member if you're not part of a registered business. When I bought my Rotax the seller told me he makes his own cables, but also does a short section with eyes/swages each end and sends them over to be tested. The company tests them to destruction and sends him a report which shows the strain before breaking (in effect a release). If the swaging is done properly the elevator would fail at some other point before the cable itself failed. I'll have a talk to AirAg and/or Aircraft Propellers and Spares.
  7. Hi all, I'm about to install rudder & elevator cables. Firstly, turnbuckles. Is it acceptable to use marine-style stainless steel turnbuckles? Looking at various pictures of 701 builds, they look like brass fittings (obviously supplied in the hardware kits). Secondly - cable shackles (see pic below) These handy little things seem ideal for the control surfaces and elevator bellcrank (so 6 required). Trouble is they seem to cost an arm and a leg. Aircraft Spruce in US sell them for $10.85 each, I logged on to an Australian supplier (AAE) who have them as something like $38 each. So it looks like an Aircraft Spruce order (when the dollar gets higher perhaps...) unless anyone knows of a supplier here or has some spares they'd like to sell?? Thirdly - safety wire. Is this a special grade or will any 0.032" S/S wire do the trick? Thanks! Cheers, Marty
  8. Hi Mark, I like the rudder pedal extensions. I'm installing mine at the moment - just ran the rods between pedals and noseleg - and I was sitting in it yesterday testing the pedals. Trouble is you can't help but move the brake pedals when operating the rudder, which is not ideal. (My rudder pedals are from a Sav so same setup as yours). Think I'll get my local TIG welding bloke to add a plate to mine too, similar to what you have there.
  9. I got mine from Performance Metals in Sydney, shipment was perfect. (That was about 9 years ago, don't know if they're still in the business of 6061-T6). Recently got a small piece of 1.75" 4130 chrome moly tube from Andrews Race Cars, great service and it arrived very quickly.
  10. What's wrong with the CL-415? Takes 6,000 litres instead of 15,000, but it scoops it up a hell of a lot quicker. (If you have a suitable river or lake that is). With the January fires in the Huon Valley it would have been perfect, there's long straight stretches of the Huon River it could have used.
  11. To my knowledge it doesn't dump water - it's some sort of powder. Nomadpete would probably know more, I think he saw it in action close to his house in the last lot of fires down here.
  12. That could be a problem, especially as the wings slope down to the root which slopes straight on to the top window. Any overflow or splash would trickle straight on to it. The only good thing is that the top window is not stressed at all, it's basically flat. Guess I'll just have to take a lot of care with fuelling.
  13. Hey all, I was in a plastics place the other day buying some polycarbonate for the windscreen and top window. I asked how it was with bending, as the windscreen curves around the bonnet/instrument panel but also bends in a different direction. Instead of answering, the lady just grabbed the sample I'd brought in and bent it over until it was almost folded in half. She said "If that was acrylic, it'd just snap. But polycarbonate can bend as much as you want it to. The guys out the back got a piece of 6mm, stuck it in a bending brake and put a 90 degree bend in it." So there you go - if you're worried about bending poly, don't. It can take it!
  14. Heard the Australian guy in charge of testing this thing for procurement on the radio yesterday. In the past he's called for it to be dropped. Guess what his line is now? "Australia is too invested in this aircraft to pull out now. So we should stop discussing its faults in public as that doesn't do any good". In other words, we've bought a lemon that is mission-capable only 50% of the time (and that's for 1 mission; if you want multiple roles in the mission it's only ready 30% of the time), the whole world knows we bought a lemon, but we should stop discussing how much of a lemon it is because potential enemies might take advantage? I call bullsh#t. What we should have is a thorough and transparent look at the procurement process and why we ended up with a multi-billion dollar white elephant. Then we should be holding anyone found to be bribed, personally profiting or even insufficiently impartial to account. Otherwise this will just keep happening - (eg overpriced French submarines at 4+ billion a pop, and overpriced British ships that we don't need anyway.)
  15. I grew up without a TV (religious parents) - so when they went away for a weekend when I was 16, some mates and I hired a TV, VCR and some videos - including Top Gun. I remember staying up all night after the others were asleep, just watching it over and over. Can't wait to see this one!
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