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  1. That could be a problem, especially as the wings slope down to the root which slopes straight on to the top window. Any overflow or splash would trickle straight on to it. The only good thing is that the top window is not stressed at all, it's basically flat. Guess I'll just have to take a lot of care with fuelling.
  2. Hey all, I was in a plastics place the other day buying some polycarbonate for the windscreen and top window. I asked how it was with bending, as the windscreen curves around the bonnet/instrument panel but also bends in a different direction. Instead of answering, the lady just grabbed the sample I'd brought in and bent it over until it was almost folded in half. She said "If that was acrylic, it'd just snap. But polycarbonate can bend as much as you want it to. The guys out the back got a piece of 6mm, stuck it in a bending brake and put a 90 degree bend in it." So there you go - if you're worried about bending poly, don't. It can take it!
  3. Heard the Australian guy in charge of testing this thing for procurement on the radio yesterday. In the past he's called for it to be dropped. Guess what his line is now? "Australia is too invested in this aircraft to pull out now. So we should stop discussing its faults in public as that doesn't do any good". In other words, we've bought a lemon that is mission-capable only 50% of the time (and that's for 1 mission; if you want multiple roles in the mission it's only ready 30% of the time), the whole world knows we bought a lemon, but we should stop discussing how much of a lemon it is because potential enemies might take advantage? I call bullsh#t. What we should have is a thorough and transparent look at the procurement process and why we ended up with a multi-billion dollar white elephant. Then we should be holding anyone found to be bribed, personally profiting or even insufficiently impartial to account. Otherwise this will just keep happening - (eg overpriced French submarines at 4+ billion a pop, and overpriced British ships that we don't need anyway.)
  4. I grew up without a TV (religious parents) - so when they went away for a weekend when I was 16, some mates and I hired a TV, VCR and some videos - including Top Gun. I remember staying up all night after the others were asleep, just watching it over and over. Can't wait to see this one!
  5. Marty_d


  6. Quick update - having used Sketchup to design the engine mount in 3D, I used a program extension to "unroll and flatten" the various tubes needed and that gave me printed templates of all the bits. They went together with only minor grinding & filing to get the fit right - can't say enough about 3D CAD, I couldn't have done the mount without it.
  7. Gorgeous! I thought you were working on Tornados.
  8. This gem from News.com.au. Check the picture of the "RAF Typhoon" near the bottom of the article. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/woman-marched-off-plane-and-forced-raf-fighter-jets-to-intercept-flight-over-hijack-fears/news-story/7669930ae9050347ed99290f367da905 As a comparison, ABC News gets it right in another article involving the same type. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-06-25/pilot-dies-another-survives-after-german-fighter-jets-collide/11243452
  9. Hey folks, I'm currently working on cutting the engine mount pieces. I was using TubeJoin to print templates for the pipe ends - but it has limitations. It can only do the joint at one end of the pipe, so you don't know how long the pipe has to be and what the join on the other end is like - and how the two relate in terms of where they are on the pipe's diameter. Anyways I'd drawn the engine mount up in Sketchup so went looking to see if that had the capability to do it. Turns out it has. There's an extension you can get called "Unwrap and flatten faces". Bearing in mind that a picture tells a thousand words... Below is the engine mount. I need to create a template of the tube which runs from top centre to the port mount. By isolating that pipe (further details below) and copying it, I can use the "unwrap and flatten faces" tool to do this: Now there's a flat 2D template of the pipe's cut ends. All I need to do is align the camera, print the view to scale and tape it to the pipe to get the exact cut lines. If you use Sketchup, this is how you do it: select the tube you want and choose Edit - Make Group select the items at each end that it intersects with (individually) and Edit - Make Group select all three (or in this case, 4) groups that you've created, then choose Edit - Intersect Faces - With Selection select the tube group and choose Edit - Group - Explode select the tube group and copy / paste away from the main part of the drawing realign the axes to the tube select the tube and choose Tools - Unwrap and Flatten faces (this assumes that you have installed the extension from the Selection Warehouse). Have fun!
  10. Interesting. If you consider something agreed to be a real and urgent danger by the vast majority of experts in the field to be BS, who on Earth could you possibly trust to give you information about anything? Senior CONSERVATIVE politicians resist it because a) they're in the pockets of big oil, coal and power companies, and b) because huge segments of their constituency think anything said by experts that doesn't match their worldview must be a "socialist" conspiracy. I don't think it's stupidity, I think it's willful ignorance, cynical manipulation of an easily misled voter base, self interest, and inflexible thinking. In Trump and Pence's case add stupidity and extreme religious beliefs.
  11. Ummm can't attach pics from this tablet it seems... It was Hafthor Bjornsson (the Mountain)
  12. How'd you get it OFF the truck... Couple of mates like this?
  13. Trying to fly an elephant in a Cessna Caravan? Dumbos.
  14. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-06-17/this-former-miss-nepal-contestant-is-now-an-everest-rescue-pilot/11204428 And she still has to get up at 5am to cook her father's meals for the day!
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