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  1. There's probably a few "seconds" from Boeing Max 8's on the market soon...
  2. I'm sorry, but I can't see why an automated stall recovery is even needed. Bitchin' Betty should be yelling "STALL STALL STALL" at the top of her voice, and any pilot who's been in any sort of aircraft would be pushing the nose down.
  3. The lawyers are going to have a field day with Boeing. Won't be long before the class actions start.
  4. Marty_d

    Savannah S with Viking 130

    I have a mate in Canberra building a 750. Have visited a couple of times when over there for work. The difference in material is striking. The 750 uses heavier ally everywhere. Structural stuff is bigger and there's more of it. Even some rivets are bigger.
  5. Yeah I saw that one. Supposed to be another at Surges Bay too, but I can't spot anything that looks like a strip on Google maps.
  6. 20 km south of Hobart on Huon highway. I'd send you the map link but laptop has bit the dust and doing this on a tablet, which I can't drive properly.
  7. Hi Mark, I'm not a trike bloke but am a Tasmanian. Building a CH701 near Sandfly. Given that Sandfly strip is full and there's a waiting list, I'd be interested in any fields or strips in southern Tas. If you find any I'd be grateful to hear about them. Good luck! Cheers, Marty
  8. Marty_d

    The Russians really were aviation pioneers

    Hate to be a cleaner for that airline...
  9. We were discussing this today at work - a colleague said a yachtie friend of hers was planning a trip to NZ. He said there was a sh*tload of paperwork to do if you wanted to actually go ashore in NZ, so he was tossing up whether to do that or just take enough supplies to sit off shore!
  10. Marty_d

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    He's as busy as a one-armed taxi driver in Beirut. All of what HITC says is true (and by the way, he had some very nice things to say about your engineering skills HITC - from the pictures of your Doomaw build I reckon he's right!) I spent a couple of hours with Peter and Gill at their place in Railton - 90 acres with a strip at the top of a ridge. Peter flies to work which would be a lovely way to commute! He gave me heaps of info and I could tell by the way he talked about Rotaxes that he's got a deep reservoir of knowledge. We discussed flying over the Strait, which he apparently does on occasion. I asked him if he went over the islands (King or Flinders) - his response was "Nah - straight over!" He said that the islands quite often attract some weather, whereas if you pick your time (early morning) and have a good chat to BoM about the weather on both sides, you can usually go straight over with no problems. (He also showed me the very sensible PFD with attached 1-person inflatable raft that sits on his lap - designed for Bass Strait!) I only wish we lived a bit closer, as I'd like to do my ticket with him. Devonport is about 3.5 hours drive away from me - standard commute for you mainlanders but a very long way for Tasmanians! Still, maybe I should camp up the north for a couple of weeks in the caravan and do a block of training with him. I know it's hugely important to get a good instructor.
  11. Marty_d

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Well, I drove up to the other end of the state on Monday and bought an engine! Thanks HITC for putting me on to Peter. The engine is 2000 hour ex-training plane (Foxbat). Came with brand new muffler & pipey bits, brand new oil tank, and a hell of a lot of advice - most of which I can't remember. (I did write down everything I could when I got home!) Now I have no excuse - I need to get on to building the mount!
  12. Marty_d

    Bloody PTV.

    Sorry you had such a terrible day Peter.
  13. Marty_d

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Dammit, I've seen that before, on one of those aviation videos. Can't think of it now.
  14. Good read about a country reporter who’s learning to fly. Best way is to scroll to the bottom to Episode 1 and make your way up from there. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-10-07/home-on-the-plane/5782534
  15. Amazing photographs. Love the Spit. (Surprise surprise) https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2019/feb/25/the-second-world-war-in-colour-pictures