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  1. Is that the royal "we"? Signed, your local leftist amateur politician.
  2. And in the first quarter of 2019, coal was only 3.5% of the UK's energy mix. (source: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/812626/Press_Notice_June_19.pdf) Like John Howard, Thatcher was a destructive conservative who got one thing right in their life. Howard's was gun control, Thatcher's was putting environmental issues in the public mind.
  3. From experience I can tell you that Castrol-M also leaves a dirty great oily streak along your fuselage aft of the muffler.
  4. Reporting today said they'd actually dropped the load before the crash.
  5. You guys do realise there's a whole thread devoted to climate change on the other site?
  6. Thanks folks. Good advice there. I'll clamp it to the bench and try with the heat gun, if that doesn't work it'll be off to Bunnings Aerospace for a torch.
  7. Brave people, doing a difficult job in horrendous conditions, in a foreign country. Thank you.
  8. Hi, As I'm using the Rotax ring mount, the coolant fitting for the number 2 cylinder needs to be rotated in order to clear the ring mount. The fittings have a fine thread and are coated with Loctite 243. The Rotax Heavy Maintenance Manual says to heat the housing up to 80 degrees in order to loosen the fitting. Someone's already told me that they moved theirs by heating with a blowtorch. My question is - is there a danger of warping the housing by uneven application of heat from a blowtorch? Is there a better way to do it, for instance bunging it in the oven? (The housing has of course been removed from the engine!) As always, all advice gratefully received. Cheers, Marty
  9. Thanks for that link, I wasn't aware of them. Good deal on step drills. OP, it depends on how quick you need them. The supplier mentioned by Gareth has them at $1.50 each (so $75 for 50, plus postage). US suppliers like Pan American Tool have the same ones for 56 cents US (82 cents in normal money), so $41 AUD for 50. If you're buying a bunch of other stuff or a larger number of clecoes, and you can wait, probably makes more sense to by from the US - but if you need them quick, $75 is probably not bad.
  10. Ah - I was just joking (ie if you'd made one spar longer than the other, you'd be flying in circles) - but didn't realise it was for overlap. From memory with the 701, the tip section is fairly short and only overlaps the main web by 20mm or so, just enough for a row of rivets.
  11. Hi all, Thanks to all of you for your advice. I'm just going to go with the theory that I'm a wimpy wuss-bucket and not worry too much about it. The 8 plates I'm using for the panel are working now that the screws have been driven in and out several times, for other uses I'll attempt lubing them first and if that doesn't work I'll use the same persuasive technique I used with these ones. OME, I'm not sure where I got the screw size, it may have been mentioned in the plans for another area (probably the rear fuse hatch). In any case, as M61 said, the nut plates are open ended so the length of the screw shouldn't matter - when the panel is tightened up the screws protrude a good 5mm beyond the end of the nut plate. Thanks again! Cheers, Marty
  12. Here's the link. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sopwith-Camel-Full-Scale-Replica/223855926549?hash=item341eda5d15:g:07UAAOSwVjheIOT5&frcectupt=true Be a nice pickup for someone, the Rotec is worth $25,000 new.
  13. Hi OME, For a start, there are no assembly instructions. This is a scratch build and the plans don't go into the detail of inspection ports etc. In this particular instance I'm using 8 nutplates to attach a 0.040" instrument panel to the standard 0.025" panel (the majority of which has been cut away, leaving a frame for the front panel to attach to). This will enable me to remove the panel easily. As a picture tells a thousand words, the following 2 show how far the screw goes in before becoming too tight to turn.
  14. I think your first photo is upside down... (it's not rated for aero's surely!!)
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