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  1. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-11-17/man-who-worked-75-years-as-an-aircraft-engineer-turns-95/10501728
  2. Marty_d

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Had a chance to do a bit on the plane this weekend, so got stuck into mounting the rudder pedals and bolted the horizontal tail on for the first time.
  3. Marty_d

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Mainly, because I'm a lazy cheap-ar*se. The opportunity came up (in this site) to buy a Savannah undercarriage from a totalled aircraft. Luckily another Tasmanian was buying the motor from the same aircraft, so he was able to bring back my bits too. Unknown to me, the seller threw in the pedals (with brake cylinders), control mixer, Y-stick, flap handle, and doors with the undercarriage. Pleasant surprise! (Unfortunately, doors don't fit - slightly too big. Will use what I can from them.) The slats were laziness - it looked like a particularly difficult bit to scratch-build and I met a bloke in Bendigo with a set to sell. They came back to Tassie bolted to my roof racks. The tanks - 701 tanks are welded from 0.025" aluminium. I don't know anyone who can weld that thin, and if I did, it'd probably cost a fortune. Getting them from the US would be over $1k. A bloke in Canberra was advertising a kit with long range tanks, I asked him if he'd sell the extra tanks separately, and luckily he agreed. They're identical in size & shape to the 701 ones. I prefer the Sav setup with the 7 litre header tank, so I'll be buying one of them too. The 701 elevator trailing edge is like the wing TE - upper and lower surfaces meet at TE and are solid riveted. The trim tab is a flat plate hinged at the TE. I thought it was messy, especially when you look at the nice neat folded TE on the rudder. So I looked at the 750 TE and copied it, along with the inset trim tab. So there you go!
  4. Marty_d

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Well, people will be very confused about the taste of my 701. Savannah maingear, nosewheel, slats, fuel system, control mixer, flap handle, Y-stick and rudder pedals. Oh, and the elevators are 750-style trailing edge but 701 span, with 750-style inset trim tab. Kind of a Cab Sav/Shiraz/Merlot blend.
  5. Marty_d

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    Well.... to be fair, in terms of pure aesthetic if you put a Hurri right next to a Spit then it's going to look like the ugly sister. However, if you put it next to a Fairey Gannet then it looks like Claudia Schiffer. It's all relative...
  6. Marty_d

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    Have you seen the Fiat CR.32, Fiat CR.42, Fiat G.50 and Macchi C.200? Each of them fell out of the ugly tree, hitting quite a few branches.
  7. Marty_d

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Yes, that's where the 701 differs- it's just a single piece bent over with relief flanges. You're supposed to leave the top coaming un-riveted so you can remove the panel while you get all your instruments in, then rivet it all together. By the way I like your item no. 7 - "Hot hair to airbox"... shouldn't it be "Hot hair to hairbox"?
  8. Marty_d

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    I like your removable instrument panel Bob - is that standard or a modification?
  9. Marty_d

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Seats done! Got to sit in the plane today for the first time (yes I may have made a "vroom" sound...) I was pleasantly surprised by the headroom on the pilot's side, although the diagonal tube goes straight over the passenger's head so tall ones should strap in tight!
  10. I've got 2x 600mm steel rulers, they have metric on one side (mm one edge, half mm on the other) and when you flip 'em they have inches on the other side - including a section that has 16ths, 20ths, and 32nds. Bunnings has heaps of them - no need to send away!
  11. Marty_d

    Finally, the new site is running

    Hi Ian & Ahmed, Great work. Unfortunately my alerts no longer seem to be working - despite posts being made to threads I've been getting notifications for, and in fact still getting emails telling me I have notifications, when I click on the little bell it says "There are no notifications to display". This is the major way I use the site so hoping you can fix it? Thanks! Marty
  12. Drift away Derek, it was just a little tidbit I wanted to share, but happy for the thread to go in new and interesting directions!
  13. Re-education camp?
  14. Marty_d

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

  15. Marty_d

    Another NEW Savannah S on it's way in NZ

    Excellent work Bob! Did you already have the painting gear?