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  1. Got the other 3 mounts done this morning. It's a tight fit to the ring mount, so I'm thinking I may have to mount the engine in situ. I'll build a little workbench on wheels that's exactly the right height so I can wheel the engine back to the mount. Any suggestions?
  2. Today I wormed my way as far into the rear fuse as I could, and attached the bungee that keeps the elevator cables separated. While in there I put in some brackets with cable holders for the elevator trim, to keep it all tidy and not fouling the rudder cable. On the front end I finally got to test fit the engine mount rubbers, sleeve, washers and the big AN7-40 bolt with castle nut. One down, 3 to go! (Split pin is just sitting there as a trial fit for now. Obviously the ring frame needs to have an engine bolted to it before it goes on for real.)
  3. When you said you were doing all the holes yourself, I wondered where the staff were. Don't tell me they found an employer who offered 100% pay rise - 2 fish heads on their rice?
  4. Looks as strong as an ox in that rear fuse Bex. Hell of a lot more bracing than my 701. With that wide rear fuse I'm guessing your rudder cables will be internal all the way?
  5. My father-in-law was carried from the church to the strains of Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls". You don't have to take funerals too seriously.
  6. Yeah, 'cos the Vatican is so up to date and in tune with society's values in the 21st century...
  7. Fantastic news Bob! I'm so happy for you. Well done.
  8. PM me your email address and I'll send it direct.
  9. I don't know. Never had them! But seriously. Looking good. I'm kind of with M61 on the 7075 for wing spars. Not that I'm an engineer of any sort and I have a plane-building sample of... 1, almost. But if the professional designers at all the LSA aluminium aircraft factories use 6061 in the spars, as long as it's the right thickness and capped, it'd do me.
  10. I like it Bex! Good work. The rudder / fin appear to be straight "slabs" with a square LE & TE - is that correct? Any washout in the wing?
  11. Ok, out of left field, but I tried this the other day and it works. Like sweetcorn? Buy it on the cob (NOT wrapped in plastic, still in the leaf thingys over the cob). Bung it in the microwave. 4 minutes. (5 for 2 cobs). When you pull it out, the leaves protect your hand. Peel, butter salt pepper, serve. No plastic anywhere near it!
  12. Had to take the rudder pedals off twice tonight - lucky the "bonnet" is not riveted on yet, it'd be a 2 person job to unbolt the centre holder then. Noticed after I'd bolted it back the first time that the driver's side outside mount was visibly out of alignment. Turned out to be 5 mm too far forward. So, off with the pedals again, re-drilled and bolted the mount in the correct position and back on. Hung a plumb bob off the rudder trailing edge and adjusted til it's in alignment with the black line that's still on the underside of the fuse. Now the noseleg needs adjustment with the rods from the pedals, and looking at the nosewheel I think the arch needs to come off and be redrilled so it's square with the steering rod mounts. Never-ending adjustments!!
  13. I was glad mine didn't come with plastic coating. Just came bare, separated with brown paper. Made things easier.
  14. Not to mention bipartisan support. Maggie Thatcher apparently recognised the need for renewables. How bloody refreshing to see a conservative government with a policy based on science - wish it happened here!
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