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  1. Marty_d

    New Electric Ultralight/Light Sport

    Nice looking design Russ. Look forward to seeing more about it.
  2. Marty_d

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Talking of ugly French aircraft, I came across this one... didn't realise the A380 wasn't the first French double-decker!
  3. Good on you Bex. All the best for a speedy recovery!
  4. Marty_d

    Silly Pictures involving Aircraft.

    I've heard about those Navy boys - he probably couldn't tell the difference...
  5. Marty_d

    Silly Pictures involving Aircraft.

    Phil mentioned in another post that his good lady wife has taken to sneaking up behind him to see what he's looking at on the internet... if he sticks to pictures of ladies like these, he should avoid marital trouble!
  6. Marty_d

    A very cool experimental aircraft

    You'd need stones like coconuts to test fly that plane. Hell of a lot of engine and not much wing, I reckon stall speed would be high.
  7. Marty_d

    Silly Pictures involving Aircraft.

    I think they might be blokes.
  8. Marty_d

    Silly aviation pictures.

    Make sure your wife doesn't catch you looking at women like that balloon.
  9. Only idiots like Abbott said that.
  10. Marty_d

    Another NEW Savannah S on it's way in NZ

    If you've watched the series (or read the books)... you'd know that Dexter IS pretty sinister.
  11. At work yesterday and today, I heard the rumble of a radial and raced to the window to see a DH Beaver going over and turning base somewhere over the Derwent. I was a bit curious because the last Beaver that used to park at the wharf disappeared a couple of years ago. Anyway, a quick Google and it looks like there's a new player in town! All the best to them and hope they capitalise on the flourishing tourism market. During the summer season we quite often have 2 cruise ships at a time moored at the wharf (I know, not a lot compared to the big cities, but you have to remember Hobart is only 200,000 people - we're more like a large town) - so offering scenic flights to elderly Americans seems like a very viable concern. https://www.examiner.com.au/story/5617447/seaplane-soon-to-fly-high-over-hobart/ https://aboveandbeyond.flights/
  12. Marty_d

    Another NEW Savannah S on it's way in NZ

    She has an engine!! Looks brilliant Bob. Well done.
  13. Thanks... might spend a LITTLE more than that...
  14. All the best mate! Try not to molest the nurses too much. We'll see you back here shortly.
  15. Marty_d

    Silly aviation pictures.

    That's taking air cooling a bit far.