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  1. I liked this one. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-22/thai-king-strips-royal-consort-of-titles-and-military-ranks/11625174 Go down to the bottom of the article and hover over the picture of the stunner in the crop top at the controls of a high-wing GA plane. I feel for the Thai air force if this is true...
  2. Hi, I've got a bit of paper which shows the bits - no sizes or anything. I'll scan it and upload soon.
  3. Marty_d


    No - there's a general layout/parts paper which shows enough to work out the rough sizes, and someone told me the rubber pucks are around 20mm thick. I put it together today and it seems very stiff to me - perhaps the rubber they use in the kit is a bit spongier, I don't know. Still, I'm not really going to be able to tell until I get some weight on the nose.
  4. Ok, I'll bite. There's a whole thread on WhatsUpAustralia (just click on "off topic" if you haven't been there) about climate change. I'd love you to show evidence of this "growing doubt" as every poll and study shows public acceptance of the science is growing, not decreasing. See you there.
  5. Noseleg mod: Just finished fabricating the "rubber puck" alternative to the bungee cord. This method is available as a kit for the 750 model, but not yet for the 701, so had to design it myself based on drawings. It's a fair bit heavier than the original method, but has a lot of good reviews from those who've changed to it. Steering is apparently a lot lighter and the weak part of the system - the bungee - is taken out. I bought my bungee when I started building around 10 years ago, and it feels really hard to me, so I probably would have had to replace it anyway. Weights of the new system: 2" ID split shaft collars: 331g each. One can be cut off after installation so might do that. New extended brackets and shims: 140g total 10 rubber rings: 859g 9 aluminium rings: 54g Main stop bracket: 162g Total: 1.546kg with one collar, 1.877kg with 2. This compares to less than 200g (plus another 100 or so for the steel pipe bungee stop and the doublers). Instruments: In other news, I bought a set of Savannah instruments (new from a kit) along with the wiring harness. Will start planning my panel soon (standard Cessna 172-type layout, or as close as I can get to it.)
  6. May be a stupid suggestion, but couldn't you lower something reflective on it by drone? If it had a long enough rope you could stay 10m above it.
  7. Must've been a carrier pilot, he caught the number 2 wire...
  8. I bought some rubberized cork gasket material (1.5mm) to use as a cushion / anti-rub separator between the oil tank and the bracket it sits on. Cost me about $20 for a roll of it, certainly enough to get a few 100mm circles out of. As far as I know it's fuel/oil resistant. Got it from a local engineering place. Ring around - someone will have a solution.
  9. Marty_d


    Zenith have a new system which is getting good feedback. I'm doing this myself with a home-made variant (they haven't produced a kit for the 701 yet). http://www.zenith.aero/profiles/blogs/nosegear-shock-suspension
  10. Yep, funny thing, I drew up both the cabin frame and engine mount in SketchUp, printed out the flattened tube shapes to get the end joints of the tubes, cut them all out and got them welded up. Guess what? They fit perfectly. It's just a tool FT, same as a pencil or compass. Oh, and welcome back Bex! Probably a good idea to stay away from planes as well as boats - if you can do that to yourself falling off a boat, imagine it from 5000'.
  11. Have a look at the video - that's not your typical 4-rotor drone. It's a full on stealth aircraft.
  12. Thanks M61, that's good info. Who's the Sav agent? ICP lists them as Peter Gillespie at Aerokits but that site is down now.
  13. Had to take the elevator off today in order to file down the bracket stiffener, I couldn't get the 32-35 degrees "up" required as the elevator mounting extrusion was hitting it. While it was off I remembered someone (JG perhaps?) saying that over time the rivets can loosen on the central elevator mount, so I took the opportunity to replace 4 of the rivets with AN bolts. Before (first 2) and after (2nd 2) photos attached. The top and bottom bolts actually go through the HT upper and lower L angles too, so should provide extra strength. Getting the elevator back on was a pain, especially the washer that goes between the mounting points. Finally got a clue and suspended the washer on a piece of electrical tape until I could get the bolt through.
  14. Time Left: 16 days and 20 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Hi, Looking for various 2nd hand parts - please let me know if you are selling any of the following: Radiator to suit 912ULS Cowling (damaged ok) to suit Zenith CH-701 with 912 Steam gauges in good nick Friction nut throttles (2) Rotax airbox Savannah 7L header tank Any other bits & bobs - fuel system parts, firewall forward stuff - tell me what you have to sell. Thanks, Marty


    , Tasmania

  15. Good news that it's not your heart! Could be stress related from too much aviation-related activity...
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