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  1. Perhaps this is one advantage of a 2-stroke. Turn the fuel off & there's nothing to burn.
  2. Soleair

    Kazuhiko Hachiya "My lovely plane."

    I love it! Super flying position, too. i want one. . . Bruce
  3. I think the book FH refers to in post #34 may be A.C.Kermode's excellent "Flight without Formulae". I lent mine many years ago & never got it back, but as I recall it did an excellent job of explaining the principles of flight without complex mathematics. Bruce
  4. Soleair

    Silly aviation pictures.

    Or, for dabblers in the metaphysical: "This door is alarmed"
  5. I needed access to some internal fixings on my MiniMax, & had to cut a 4" circular access hole through the 1.8oz dacron to do so. I won't need to get to these again, so need to re-cover the hole. I have spare fabric, but no glue. The surface I need to bond to is cured 'latex' (acrylic) paint. Can anyone suggest what type of adhesive i could use to bond a circular patch over the access hole? It's on the underside of the rear fuselage, so not in critical airflow area. And I don't want to buy a big tin of Polyfiber glue, due to high cost of shipping. Thanks in advance Bruce
  6. Soleair

    Silly aviation pictures.

    Quite a well known MiniMax. At least in UK/MiniMax circles! Shame it's not registered in Germany. Then it could be D-GSBOLLX. Hmmm- perhaps not. . . Bruce
  7. To answer your original question, until recently I flew regularly from Mudgee airport in NSW. There is a twice daily RPT operating from there to Sydney, and Mudgee Aero Club members fly mainly ultralights. My own aircraft is a 95.10 MiniMax, & I have made radio contact with RPT pilot a couple of times ensuring separation, etc, with no problems. I hope this helps in your mission against the little man with a big hat. Bruce
  8. Soleair

    next life/experience change

    Hi Billi & welcome. Homebuilding is a lot of fun, & very satisfying. I built my current aeroplane. Here is a link to the company that supplies drawings (or a kit, if you wish): Experimental Aircraft Certification Kit My eros has an empty weight of 193 kg. If that is too heavy to consider powering with an electric motor, have a look at Mike Sandlin's GOAT. Goat Page Free drawings online, suits lightweight pilot & could be modified for electric power, assuming you have sufficient technical knowledge or support. Enjoy your journey! Bruce
  9. Soleair

    Interesting cloud formations

    The third pic I can only assume is the face of God, as touched by those who dance on laughter-silvered wings (sorry Mr Magee. . .)
  10. Soleair

    Interesting cloud formations

    The second picture is of 'mammatus' or 'mammatocumulus' clouds. These usually hang from cumulonimbus clouds, as seen in the pic you show. And yes, they are named from the Latin after their similarity to a pendulous breast :) Bruce
  11. Soleair

    DooMaw - building a STOL

    Congrats on both your new plane & your certified status. I'm sure you'll have so much fun now you'll have to discipline build time back in to your day! Bruce
  12. It is my understanding that power required goes up with velocity squared, not cubed. I can't do symbols on this Mac, but I think you'll find the drag to power relationship is defined as: Drag D = drag coefficient Cd x density Ro x velocity squared divided by 2 x area A Edit: just found the formula to copy - makes it tidier: F = 0.5 Cd ρ A V2 (Where F is drag force) Bruce
  13. Soleair

    Getting licence HOURS?

    Just enjoy the journey to your licence. You'll get it when you're ready. Training is sometimes the most fun you'll have for a long time. Bruce
  14. Soleair

    Interesting use for a Continental 0-300

    Impressive! But it's the wheels that most interest me. I can just about figure the rear wheel, but how the front bearing & steering arrangement functions is very hard to see. Not to mention suspension (sorry - I just did). Clever chaps, these Brazilians . . . Bruce
  15. Not to mention looking ugly as sin (IMHO) Bruce