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  1. Bennyboy320

    Calculating the radius of a skidding turn

    Here’s a great video that talks about both skidding & slipping turns in the stall, explains the aerodynamics of why as well as an actual demonstration of which wing will stall first.
  2. Bennyboy320

    Small Flying Schools

    I hope that this is just an unsubstantiated rumor, it’s my goal to do an RAAus instructor rating in a few years time so that I can work part time at a SMALL SCHOOL instructing after I retire from the airlines, the industry has been very good to me & its my turn to give something back. BTW I totally admire Camels previous post, respect sir.
  3. Bennyboy320

    Good old Channel 7 does it again

    QF jet carrying the royals had to go around because there was another a/c on the “TARMAC” fine proof reading Channel 9 morning show.
  4. Bennyboy320

    Guess The Airstrip

    Yes, Inglewood looks like another nice town just a short walk from a very good air strip, another good destination for that $100 hamburger
  5. Bennyboy320

    Guess The Airstrip

    Wasn’t expecting this long sealed r/w when seeing it displayed on Ozrunways.
  6. Bennyboy320

    Tell us about your last flight

    Just back from our country NSW flying trip, day 1 Caboolture-Warwick-Narrabri, day 2 Narrabri-Mudgee, spent 4 days in Mudgee & surrounds, haven’t been there since the early 1980’s, would have to been one of the most beautiful country towns I’ve seen, we stayed at the hangar house which I would describe as 5 star, the host Alex was great, he even drove us into town to pick up our hire car, day 7 Mudgee-Maitland, spent a few days visiting parents at a retirement village, day 10 Maitland-Gunnedah (thanks to the friendly local pilots we meet & who drove us into town for brunch)Narrabri, day 11 Narrabri-Moree-Warwick-Caboolture (moderate turbulence & 15 kt headwinds, a long & uncomfortable day. Was good to spend money in the drought stricken country & supporting the small family run businesses.
  7. Bennyboy320

    Trip to Roma

    Did Caboolture to Roma last year, we stopped for a break at Chinchilla, good sealed runway, aeroclub facilitates were available, however you will need to BYO coffee & snacks.
  8. Bennyboy320

    Airframe insurance

    Can never have too much insurance, only works out a few hundred dollars extra a year or less than a dollar a day.
  9. Bennyboy320

    Airframe insurance

    Recently renewed my insurance for my Foxbat A22LS with PSB, my policy is for full flight risk value of a/c $110,000 excess $5,000 public liability of $2M, cost $2,200.
  10. Bennyboy320

    Tie downs

    This is the Big Screw from the US, bought it on line from the pilot shop, the shoe is a reference for size, it’s an 18 inch/45cm long & the straps are seat belt type material, heading off on Sunday for a week long trip around country NSW, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to tie down overnight, only downside it weighs in at 5kg, I feel more confident than last year when the tie downs I used could best be described as tent pegs.
  11. Bennyboy320

    Tell us about your last flight

    CAAP92-1 says it all, basically you can land anywhere you think it’s safe. On a side note I follow Trent Palmer on YouTube, he’s into bush flying & a memeber of the flying cowboys, I think in this nanny state we live in if you tried half of what he does the FUN POLICE have a fit, especially if any of you guys with tail wheels water ski on any of our water ways. Fly safe & keep the shinny side up.
  12. Bennyboy320

    GA Medical Class 2 basic

    Hence the advantage of only flying RAAus max 600kg, once you reach 75 you have to see the doctor to maintain your drivers license, and for goodness sake don’t open up a can of worms & mention anything about flying, it’s beyond their pay grade & they don’t have a need to know, keep it simple, anyway that’s my plan.
  13. Bennyboy320

    Tie downs

    I recently ordered & received the “Big Srew tie down” the 18 inch screws & tie down straps & attachments look strong enough to use on a Dash 8, haven’t used it yet, will post update when back in Bne.
  14. Bennyboy320

    July issue Sport Pilot

    Sign into RAAus web site, select documents & forms tab, then sport Pilot & download pdf.
  15. Bennyboy320

    July issue Sport Pilot

    All things come to those who wait, just checked RAAus web site & finally the July edition available for download.