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    Ex RAAF knucklehead (F/A-18 Hornet) currently flying in Hong Kong as a test pilot & examiner on the A320/A321 for Cathay Dragon, I fly the Foxbat in Caboolture when on leave.:plane:

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  1. Had a great flight yesterday from Caboolture to Redcliffe peninsular & Samford Valley, one of those stunning Queensland days, only downside was the congestion on the shared Caboolture/Caloundra CTAF frequency, surely if Redcliffe can have a separate frequency so could Caboolture/Caloundra, especially when they share the same r/w 12/30.
  2. Did my BFR yesterday in a C172 which reactivated my PPL, the main reason was to allow me CTA transit especially around Cooly & Coffs, haven’t been in a GA light a/c since 1984, I definitely prefer the performance & handling characteristics of the LSA category which I’ve been flying since 2012, give me my Foxbat ? anytime.
  3. Should be a huge turnout, there were 8 sea planes at Caboolture yesterday on their way up the coast for the event. Have fun.
  4. Or pilots could take responsibility for their own actions & show demonstrate some command & decision making mixed in with a little situational awareness, it called airmanship. It’s not rocket science, ground speed & distance will give you an ETA just like in the days of Wilbur & Orville. If people want to do Aeros, spins, instrument flying & night flying get you PPL & fly GA, all we can legally do in RAAUS is day VFR, it’s basically that simple.
  5. I’ve attached a post that I wrote in 2015, relevant for instrument or night flying when not qualified or in a suitable a/c. Keep it simple & safe.
  6. I too will be doing my BFR in a VH a/c in September, never had that warm & fuzzy feeling having to fly over tiger country around Cooly, yes I know it’s now Gold Coast these days ? & Coffs, when the transit lane or coastal option was so close yet legally not possible to use.
  7. We flew to Kooralbyn about 12 months ago, I can highly recommend the Valley Kitchen, excellent service & food, pleasant quick trip from Caboolture.
  8. Here’s a great video that talks about both skidding & slipping turns in the stall, explains the aerodynamics of why as well as an actual demonstration of which wing will stall first.
  9. QF jet carrying the royals had to go around because there was another a/c on the “TARMAC” fine proof reading Channel 9 morning show.
  10. Yes, Inglewood looks like another nice town just a short walk from a very good air strip, another good destination for that $100 hamburger
  11. Wasn’t expecting this long sealed r/w when seeing it displayed on Ozrunways.
  12. Just back from our country NSW flying trip, day 1 Caboolture-Warwick-Narrabri, day 2 Narrabri-Mudgee, spent 4 days in Mudgee & surrounds, haven’t been there since the early 1980’s, would have to been one of the most beautiful country towns I’ve seen, we stayed at the hangar house which I would describe as 5 star, the host Alex was great, he even drove us into town to pick up our hire car, day 7 Mudgee-Maitland, spent a few days visiting parents at a retirement village, day 10 Maitland-Gunnedah (thanks to the friendly local pilots we meet & who drove us into town for brunch)Narrabri, day 11 Narrabri-Moree-Warwick-Caboolture (moderate turbulence & 15 kt headwinds, a long & uncomfortable day. Was good to spend money in the drought stricken country & supporting the small family run businesses.
  13. Did Caboolture to Roma last year, we stopped for a break at Chinchilla, good sealed runway, aeroclub facilitates were available, however you will need to BYO coffee & snacks.
  14. Can never have too much insurance, only works out a few hundred dollars extra a year or less than a dollar a day.
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