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  1. Yes it would be pretty intense flying , not the usual 10 or more hour 747 boredom flight , good read thanks for sharing
  2. Duh ! I was having a senior's moment thinking about the wrong engine
  3. I imagine cyclinder cooling on the back half would be problematic, it was a bit of a problem on the Lycoming flat 8 in the commanche though I believe they overcame it with better ducting
  4. new one to me , its a old engine " The Lycoming O-1230 hyper engine" very interesing site https://oldmachinepress.com/2018/04/20/lycoming-o-1230-flat-12-aircraft-engine/
  5. Bit of thread drift but ........Relentless air race ran a IO-720 , is a 6 cyclinder 540 twin turbo now though ,
  6. from the crash comic some good info Have you heard of Cobber Kain, a New Zealander and an ace in the Royal Air Force in WWII? He died not as a result of enemy action, but in the conduct of unauthorised low flying. He was doing a beat-up to impress his friends. They were all very impressed and the best came at the end, when he hit the ground and killed himself. And how about Bluey Truscott, DFC and Bar? He was an RAAF ace. Bored with operating from Exmouth after the excitement and drama of battle in Europe and the Pacific where he claimed many kills, Bluey decided to do a few mock attacks on a Catalina he was escorting to base. Unfortunately on the last attack Bluey didn't realise the Cat was about to land -and it is almost impossible to judge height over smooth water. Despite frantic last-minute calls of 'Pull up, pull up!' from his wingman, Bluey hit the water at high speed and was no more Changes of contour can be very deceiving and you can rapidly run out of airspeed as the aircraft climbs up a gradient you had not detected. For the average light aircraft, you will be surprised how shallow that gradient is. False airspeed perception
  7. There was a nasty double fatality crash with a Cherokee 6 where it caught fire . The wrong exhaust clamps where used. Automotive ones , instead of the ones with locacting pins, It's towards bottom of this link. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/1998/february/pilot/shortcut-to-disaster
  8. Not much left of the poor old Cherokee 6 , glad the humans are ok , there was a similar type incedent in a pa32 where the exhaust manifold cracked and eventually burnt through fuel line, could of been lots of reasons for this one though, at least they where not airborne. https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/134966
  9. Thanks appreciated , yes you are right, you can replace stuff but not lives , everything is insured and all animals are in safe accommodation so we will just go if needs be. Winds a SE and should remain that till Monday so should be ok till then , Tuesday will be the defining day.
  10. It's loaded at Richmond RAAF base, they have some serious pumps and hoses for quick turnaround, it is a very very welcome site , my property is right in the Line of the fire and it's quite close now , its going to be a bad week ahead, yesterday we got emergency warning to prepare to leave but wind shifted to a South Westerly and it slowed it down , at the moment we have a lot of smoke and wind is north Easterly which is pushing it towards us again , quite a stressful time , it's just so incredibly dry , been here 25 years and it's by far the worst it's been , water tanks are full, gutters are all cleaned out , we are prepared but our plan is to leave as soon as we get the SMS. DC10 at Richmond https://mobile.twitter.com/NSWRFS/status/1195477685520101376/photo/1
  11. https://www.whichcar.com.au/features/stan-sainty-australian-top-fuel-legend
  12. This is old but posting to remind the importance of accounting for all you gear when leaving the aircraft , a 9 volt battery brought down this Decathlon. http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2015/05/bellanca-8kcab-decathlon-n102ec.html
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