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  1. I remember a sad accident 7 years ago involving a Thorpe T18 that broke up inflight , wake turbulence may have been a factor , something to think about , I was watching a A380 a few weeks ago with beautifully vortex contrails visible and it was amazing how quick they descended from 30, 0000 plus to around 5, 000 or so , hard to judge height accurately but it was a huge descent very rapidly. Thorpe accident report https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=150966
  2. Some people push down on the stabilator to swing the aircraft around , pretty stupid thing to do , https://www.bcaviation.ca/bcga-news/repositioning-a-cessna-aircraft-by-pushing-down-on-the-tail-an-expensive-lesson-learned
  3. The story and pictures are over on Kathryn's report http://www.kathrynsreport.com
  4. regarding the war emergency power , I believe there where quite a few ways this extra power was achieved . some I can think of where methanol-water injection , nitrous oxide injection by the germans , Raising supercharger boost pressure and also just opening the throttle more , no doubt there where other ways also , I guess the p51's and such running around Reno pulling 135 inchs are operating at war emergency power plus some
  5. Sad accident , just on a side note I think the camo paint or wrap is a bad idea , bright or fluro colours especially on small machine would be better, Condolence to family and friends
  6. fast electric http://newsinflight.com/2019/01/02/rolls-royce-is-building-the-worlds-fastest-all-electric-aircraft/?fbclid=IwAR052OROupC59a_5ub7VoHaR-ECfvJhzAN5hBuwxxdOk5HMz1S98a1owXLM
  7. A Arrow did lose a wing in April, not good https://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20180405/ntsb-investigates-wing-detachment-in-deadly-erau-plane-crash
  8. Turboprops operate best at higher flight levels 20 to 30 thousand feet and are most efficient between 220 to 350 knots so I guess the best replacement use for these engines would be something that currently runs a turbo, these small turbines are rated 100 HP and 130 HP up to 33 thousand feet and they are very light 28 /30 kg . Avgas is getting hard to find in manny countries so the diesel fuel would be a advantage. A Black shape prime running one of these small turbines would be a nice toy Blackshapeaircraft | WWW.BLACKSHAPEAIRCRAFT.COM Blackshape develops and produces high performance two seater carbon fiber aircraft, for leisure aviation and military training, focusing on innovation and quality.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted before , http://www.stuttgart.engineering/specifications/?fbclid=IwAR0sp5CZD2MmQCLo_UZ44nVL2_vv3KHEe1xpv-PbyqLkr7HvlLa7DHhs48g
  10. might need facebook for this