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  1. Quite a good article regarding oil https://www.kitplanes.com/engine-theory-6/?fbclid=IwAR23PYK53-VXm5eyHQ2E-6T4_1yujdPL2425w-uJqprO6xQCzafeWfDyncw
  2. Very sad to see the loss of life With the Huey crash and now this Mooney , both in the Coffs area and both in poor weather 😞
  3. I read this was a Goose strike , it hits around 1.40 , it certainly would get your adrenaline going
  4. Very nice , thanks for sharing , the lightning around 1.20 mark is neat , well the whole video is too
  5. Wow , that's excellent , thanks for sharing, just happen to be reading Michael Collins book "Carrying the Fire " the Gemini and Saturn launches where exciting rides, brave people
  6. regarding the Revmaster (this KR2 had one ) motor and Posa carby ( dont know what carby this AC had ) maybe poor fuel system design , vapour lock , ethanol , who knows , maybe he did just simply run out of fuel , anyway it ended well for him and the public with no loss of life , very lucky outcome interesting read http://www.greatplainsas.com/posacarb.pdf
  7. it's a KR2 http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2019/08/rand-robinson-kr-2-n5391m-incident.html
  8. Maybe video from the skydivers had some cause of the overload which would explain the quick conclusion , then again maybe not , time will tell. The Swedish accident department says the right wing , the vertical and both horizontal stabilizers separated in flight, quite a break up , must of been terrifying for the poor souls on board. https://www.havkom.se/en/investigations/civil-luftfart/olycka-med-flygplanet-se-mes-av-typen-gibbsland-g8-airvan-naera-umea-flygplats-den-14-juli-2019
  9. Wow , that's some RC engine
  10. This YouTube video was taken on a older / previous flight in the aircraft that crashed ,on this flight I count 7 including camera person but may be more, hard to see .
  11. Looking at this video it is hard to see but I think the elevator / stabilator is missing in the dive https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/eyewitness-recounts-horror-of-deadly-skydiving-plane-crash-in-sweden/video/5731d48185186903a84e85603e5586c5
  12. Sadly Another big loss of life, this link has a picture of a Gipps Ga8 not sure if that was the type involved, there is some video on twitter , it is a very fast impact , maybe no wings attached https://www.thelocal.se/20190714/nine-killed-in-plane-crash-in-northern-sweden https://mobile.twitter.com/AmichaiStein1/status/1150414446747107328
  13. deanfi


  14. Worst nightmare would be a chute opening in the plane , has and will continue to happen for a variety of reasons. If your lucky it will remain inside and not wrap around the tail , this video is of a premature opening
  15. Sadly ABC are now reporting 11 deaths , over on Kathryn's report it says that aircraft had a spin incedent in 2016 http://www.kathrynsreport.com/
  16. One of the pilots named in this article https://times-age.co.nz/crash-pilot-remembered/
  17. Wonder how much of a penalty in terms of speed , drag , range etc that struts would of added , I know the early 210's had them but they where a different aircraft , a lot is probably market driven with sleek look adding more sales and 10 knots faster than the competition etc , from AOPA site regarding looks , probably more to it though "For 1967 the dowdy struts gave way to a new cantilever wing with 3 degrees of dihedral. Many pilots thought that these first strutless 210s looked funny, so Cessna reduced the dihedral angle by half for the 1969 model, necessitating a rudder-aileron interconnect to maintain suitable directional stability at low speeds. " https://www.flightsafetyaustralia.com/2014/11/crack-to-the-future/ "If you own a Cessna 210, you will still be able to fly your aircraft. The SIDs which look at the lower wing spar cap, if implemented into a proper maintenance program, will allow your aircraft to continue flying safely for up to 30,000 hours. It is a case of ‘do your inspection and get back to the future’. "
  18. Media is reporting the aircraft was a Thompson avation geophysical survey company 210 Condolences to all who knew the crew
  19. I remember a sad accident 7 years ago involving a Thorpe T18 that broke up inflight , wake turbulence may have been a factor , something to think about , I was watching a A380 a few weeks ago with beautifully vortex contrails visible and it was amazing how quick they descended from 30, 0000 plus to around 5, 000 or so , hard to judge height accurately but it was a huge descent very rapidly. Thorpe accident report https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=150966
  20. Some people push down on the stabilator to swing the aircraft around , pretty stupid thing to do , https://www.bcaviation.ca/bcga-news/repositioning-a-cessna-aircraft-by-pushing-down-on-the-tail-an-expensive-lesson-learned
  21. The story and pictures are over on Kathryn's report http://www.kathrynsreport.com
  22. regarding the war emergency power , I believe there where quite a few ways this extra power was achieved . some I can think of where methanol-water injection , nitrous oxide injection by the germans , Raising supercharger boost pressure and also just opening the throttle more , no doubt there where other ways also , I guess the p51's and such running around Reno pulling 135 inchs are operating at war emergency power plus some
  23. Sad accident , just on a side note I think the camo paint or wrap is a bad idea , bright or fluro colours especially on small machine would be better, Condolence to family and friends
  24. fast electric http://newsinflight.com/2019/01/02/rolls-royce-is-building-the-worlds-fastest-all-electric-aircraft/?fbclid=IwAR052OROupC59a_5ub7VoHaR-ECfvJhzAN5hBuwxxdOk5HMz1S98a1owXLM
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