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  1. I'm pleased to see that there are no comments / supposition / theories on this Here so far. The world media seem to be beating themselves to death on the subject. . . PPrune included. All manner of tinfoil hat stuff abounds. ie, Accidental shoot down by Iranian air defence missiles, Donald Trump satellite laser beams. . . you name it. Commiserations to the families of the deceased passengers, whatever the cause. With so much bullcarp flying around, I doubt that anyone will ever know the truth, especially if the Iranian authorities don't allow independent inspection of the flight data recorder equipment . . . I guess we'll just have to watch this space.
  2. Thank you for that Dick. I borrowed Keith's 150s quite regularly up to 1976. . .making the time to do this on my regular trips to Melb from Brisbane.. .Initially for Elsa's Hamburgers ! ! ! Used KQM, RXV, DTC and a couple I can't recall. . . they were all well used, but I never had a maintenance issue with any of them. I wonder what happened to TIGy and the Leopard Moth ? I also used RSI the Victa 115, IWK, ( C-210 ) a Cherokee 6 and a couple of 172s + 2 PA28s. . I really Liked the Fuji FA200/180 (VH-FJL) for limited aeros. . .. wonderful days at what was the friendliest flying club I have ever been a member of. Wifey found my 'Groupair' Wings recently ! Somewhere I have photographs taken at Casey Field. . .must clean out the loft and find them. . .
  3. May I wish all of you and your families a very Happy New Year. Phil Perry. . .
  4. Just chatting on a radio / internet link to a friend in Canuck Land. We were talking about airport Baggage codes versus ICAO codes ( ! ) He said that Canadian baggage designators are weird - if they start with a Y it means “Yes, there is a runway to land on”
  5. Thank you for that info Mr. Downunder Sir !
  6. That last feller I mentioned definitely has a bit of the 'crazy' about him . . . some years back, he imported a very basic ultralight from the States and assembled it as a demonstrator, but forgot to check first if the governing bodies would approve it in the UK. . . . .they didn't ! !
  7. Hi Ben. . .yes indeed. . .a veritable Vindaloo of stuff hereabouts . . It has puzzled me a little as to why lifelong professional pilots would wish to continue aviating following retirement. At my local Aero club, there are a number of chaps who are doing just this, one of whom not only flew A-320 for a living, but was also a weekend assistant CFI at a GA / Microlight airfield in the South of England for recreation prior to moving OOP NORTH near to where I live. . . . His lovely Wife calls him 'Captain SILLYSOD' ( Flying never blew her frock up apparently ! ) One is a Powered Hang glider owner, the others own and fly various microlight three axis and flexwing trikes. . . We also have a current 747 cargo captain who likes really basic STICK INSECT aircraft. . . Welcome Sir.
  8. A few days ago, My email notification showed this weeks most popular topics from RF. There was mention of a C-210 crash somewhere but when I clicked on this to read it, the site wouldn't show me and said I had to log in first. . I had inadvertantly deleted the email, and could not find the report in accidents and incidents. Any ideas ?
  9. I've been flying various types of trikes with many different wings and power units ie 447 to 912s since 1992. I have only heard of a 'Wing Clap' twice. The first was caused when a crossbar ( control Bar ) bolt was not fitted with it's wing nut, or if it HAD been, it had come off due to NO safety ring being attached. The second was the fact that the aircraft was struck from the rear by a Cessna 152, which had drifted across from a parallel runway on the pilot's second solo go around. The First example resulted in a single fatality. This was described as a serious rigging error. In the case of the collision, the instructor managed to spiral the wreckage to a safe landing, with minimal injuries to both himself and his student. ( Regrettably, the student in the C-150 did not survive the ground impact. . . The collision had occurred at approx 400 feet AGL. ) A structural failure of the kind described, must be VERY unusual, and therefore needs serious engineering investigation.
  10. I know a guy like that. . .known him for thirty five years.. . . always the maverick. . .loves low level beat ups in his Vans. . . and illegal IMC flying thru mountainous regions in Europe. . . Law of averages says that one day. . . .
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