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  1. I wonder why it is,. . .that all these Really Useful things are only learned through terror and much experience Nev ? Funny that. . . 'IF I knew then,. . .what I know now ' . . .etc. . . For instance, I didn't know initially that VHF radio comms were fairly useless in that wild and huge country; over more than about 50 NM,. . and once had to revert to HF. . .with NO training on the system, but having some amateur radio experience worked it out and got through to Darwin flight Service to pass a position report to Melbourne on the AFTN. . . I got to LOVE flying around Australia. . .there's nothing like it . . .
  2. Phil Perry

    Forced Landing, Sunshine Coast

    And to think I always believed that Navel Gazing was something to do with Military Sailors. . . .
  3. Phil Perry

    The Aviation Acronym Song

    UPDATE. . .Matey mentioned in the above post has just passed his Air Law exam and only dropped one question. Well done that man. On the following day ( Sunday 3rd ) he also whistled through HPL ( Human Performance and Limitations) with 85%. . .and also 'Aircraft Technical' with just one question incorrect. He wants to buy a Flexwing Trike, 912 powered. He says it's a compliment to his Motorcycling experience so he thought that a 'SKYBIKE' was a very good idea. . . and His Wifey agrees. I suffer too much from the bloody cold nowadays, but wished him the best.. . Young lad at our site has modified his Rans S6 582 2 stroke for both cabin and SEAT HEATING. . ( I have no idea how he is powering that lot ! ) Such is life in our Northern planetary aspect. .
  4. Phil Perry

    The Aviation Acronym Song

    I had an interesting conversation with a new student last week mate. . . He's up to seven hours now and loves the flying, but is terrified that he'll have to remember all of the codes ( acronyms ) in the training manual. . . Being a late starter, he's in his mid fifties, this is a really worry and he doubts if he'll be able to remember them all . . I said not to worry, you won't Have to. Obviously there are a few Acronyms that he'll need to be fully familiar with ie VNE and some other 'Vee' speed and 'Q' codes, but no one has to be able to quote the meanings of ALL of them. ( Well maybe a few of them in exams. . .) There are far too many in my view, in the technical age, there is no need at all to break down EVERY subject into code form,. . that was for back in the days of Morse code for a lot of them where it was much easier to send three letters to ask or report something. We still ask for the QNH or the QFE in some cases, rather than a long blather on the radio asking 'what's the current local pressure altimeter setting for your airfield Sir ?' I'm sure you can add to this list. . . I guess that asking your first officer for the QRH when three large geese have just inconveniently taken out both the engines of your A320 at 2,800 feet above New York is OK too,. . saves valuable time ( ! ) and in that instance, 'APU' ( item 15 on the list ) would be handy as well. . . [ Although, as it happened, not actually neccessary] 😉
  5. Phil Perry

    Moving magnetic poles (news article)

    All of the Urban UK Power distribution is underground. . . . They only put lines on poles out in the countryside to effectively Deny distressed aviators all of the best, longest and flattest forced landing fields. . .
  6. Phil Perry

    Moving magnetic poles (news article)

    No need mate,. . .all the POLES are working in England now. . .
  7. Helicopters can be a Bugger. . . most ESPECIALLY if you learned to fly in a 'Conventional' three axis aircraft. . . there are so many 'Ingrained' things you need to UN-LEARN, or 'SUSPEND' whilst training in a rotary wing appliance. . . I had the benefit of several hours of flying with a friend between Port Moresby and Lae in an old Bell 47 in the 1970s,. . which taught me that these things were not really intended to fly on Hot days. . .and that the carby heat control wore out in a short time. . . Thanks to Larry, who was ex Canadian Air Force pilot, plus some hours in the UK, I got the hang of it. . ( Sort of ) and finally got a ticket to ride. . in very light machines, (Robinson R-22.) . But the cost of flying them in the UK was bloody prohibitive, unless you had unlimited funds. . .which I didn't. The most difficult part of helicopter flying is the hover.. . .Many hours of training are devoted to this.. . I didn't have too many problems here, due to previous crimes in the B-47. . .If an instructor has ever said to you. . 'Now. . Gentle changes of pressure on the controls' . .. that's what hovering is all about. and the same for flying on Instruments in training too. . .
  8. Phil Perry

    Moving magnetic poles (news article)

    It can be a bit of a pain when the variation changes more than 6 degrees though,. . .think of all that runway number paint. .! ! ! When I started Microlight flying in the 1980s, I noticed that the large wartime runway we were using was displaying a number which was eleven degrees out of kilter with the published and indicated magnetic readings. Living proof of the shifting magnetic North pole. . .
  9. I still vividly recall my first 'Wheels up' . . I was taxying a Tiger Moth from one hangar to another,. . as instructed, after having worked at the Airfield for over a year learning to be a mechanic. . .I had to taxy along the runway area to get form point A to point B,. . and taxied too fast.. and NO,. . it wasn't DELIBERATE.. . I was too young for that malarkey to have kicked in yet. .. The Tiger lifted off the ground and I fair near shat myself. . pulling the throttle back to idle and dropping back onto the grass runway with a 'Thump'. .. solo time ,. . from memory, about seven to eight seconds. Ma height approx 20 feet. . Place, Pendeford Airfield ( Wolverhampton ) Date about July 1958. I realise that his doesn't count . . . First 'Proper' Solo thanks to Allan Baskett, at Casey Airfield, Berwick Vic., in 1971. . Groupair Flying School. aircraft was C-150, VH KQM. Did 2 solo circuits on Rwy 12 RH, I saw Alan Waving at me after the first one, and mistook his signal for 'Go and do another one'. . .. that was NOT what he meant ( No radio at the time ) Felt great . . .decided I was going to be an ACE flyer. . . . . The feeling I had was something between Wonderment and absolute terror. . . Hmmm. . .
  10. Phil Perry

    Funeral for one of the last Dambusters

    I believe that Bernaud Ziegler, the original brain behind the creation of the AIRBUS, used slide rules in the early days, to design his Much maligned aircraft and the control system laws which denied the Pilot / Commanders the final say about the flight envelope. . . Very intersting story that,. . but I'm digressing here . . .Sorry.
  11. Phil Perry

    Funeral for one of the last Dambusters

    According to my good Friend Mike Whitaker,. .. ( Ask Kasper ) the slide rule was the premier calculator of ALL of the maths used to design and build Concorde. . . .Slow YES. . . but very effective in the right hands. . ..