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  1. I love some of the French road signs . . .they are 'Animated' showing that there is a sudden bend ahead,. . . followed by a steep descent. . . INCREDIBLY USEFUL ON A BIKE. . .never seen these anywhere else in the world. . . I also appreciated the black painted metal 'Human' sized figures mounted at the side of the roads,. . indicating where someone had died . . .made you Think. . . French Black tops are the smoothest roads that I HAVE EVER RIDDEN ON. . .
  2. These AAIB Bulletins are very surgical and thorough. If you don't wish further issues posted, please Let me know. Phil P
  3. ( This GASCo report includes a link to the AAIB Accident report listing, 3 - 2019 ( press 'READ MORE' Twice for the full AAIB report ) MORE LOSS OF CONTROL FATALITIES - TWO FIXED WING AND ONE ROTARY, PLUS ONE UNUSUAL FATAL ACCIDENT TYPE As always it's Loss Of Control (LOC) that kills most of us. For fixed wing it's usually a loss of flying speed at low level and for rotary it's usually pressing on in difficult weather into inadvertent IMC. The March AAIB bulletin reports the deaths of three pilots and one passenger and the serious injury of another passenger in these all too familiar circumstances. READ MORE
  4. Email reply : Red Arrow under Pier Inbox x roger yersin <[email protected]> 08:35 (3 hours ago) to me Hi Phil, Yes it is photoshopped, wish it was real. Paignton pier is not very tall and the Hawk wouldn't fit under it. Thank you for your interest Cheers Roger YERSINimages At least he's honest about it ! ! !
  5. Emailed Roger Kersin Photograpy ( Devon UK ) and asked if the date of the alleged picture, ie April Ist, had any bearing at all. ie, Jolly Good Jape ?. . . No response from his 'Contact Us' page. . . Been 5 days now.
  6. Painful both Physically and financially,. . .but at least the Pilot has survived.
  7. I am not saying that this is true Marty. Perhaps you should take it up with the people concerned. . . If it IS a true photograph. . .,. . then my comment above still stands.. Unnecessary and Bloody stupid in the utter extreme. I am not in the least interested in various Photoshop arguments either. I shall email the Red Arrows Publicity people and ask the appropriate question.
  8. I think that this was a bloody stupid thing to do. . . . . and if it was officially sanctioned, then whoever allowed it is a fecking looney. This sort of lunacy can only cause inexperienced pilots to do a 'Monkey Sees. . .Monkey does' copycat jobbie. . . . Rather rlike the Flight under a river bridge by a spitfire in the BBC series 'Piece of Cake' actually performed by the Late great Ray Hanna in his own Spitfire. . . .. He peformed most of the stunts in that series. . . https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/red-arrow-flies-under-devon-2706620
  9. My Apologies if this has been posted before.. . . Nice Movie. Circa 43 Min. I enjoyed it, but then,. . I'm a big softie. . .
  10. Stunt to advertise upcoming airshow. ( Jun 2019 ) Pilot was a Welsh Sqn Leader with an unpronounceable name ( Sorry Sir )
  11. Law of Electro Physics can't be surpassed, you need a certain length of antenna to resonate on the desired frequency old bean, but there ARE smaller antennas you could use but their Transmit / receive efficiency is a compromise to produce a reasonable radiation resistance / efficiency / range. ( See Bullwhips in the front of trucks ) The lower the frequency, the larger the antenna required. . .Inverse proportions and all that. . .
  12. See if you can get hold of an RFDS Portable HF set,. . I've not seen one of these, but they are mentioned on this thread,. . can't recall by whom though . . . Hope they don't need a trailing wire,. . on a Harley Davidono, it might be awkward. . . ( Ell Oh Ell )
  13. OK, Jack,. . . Sounds good. I gather that you are not fond of Glass Cockpits. . .LOL I know a few old hands who agree with that. I love the technology though,. . mate of mine has an Evektor Eurostar ( similar the the Aus SportStar ) which is mainly Electronic. The instructors in the UK are now teaching Cross country using GPS, rather than the old Maps and wind drift calcs, mainly due to the rather worrying increase in Controlled Airspace infringements. . . although the pilot MUST carry a current Nav chart wherever he flies.. . . I dunno if this is a good or bad thing,. . .but keeping Toy aeroplanes away from conflict with Commercial traffic cannot be a bad idea really. and the trend is still rising monthly. . . Matey's Eurostar has Pilot Aware moving map, Flarm, ( to detect Gliders ) coupled Mode S transponder with ADSB and TCAS. . . . and all he does is fly around the local cabbage patch and rarely goes anywhere, apart from to the local licenced airport for breakfast and a coffee ( 19 NM each way ) VERY nervous flier. . dunno why he doesnt' just flog the plane and buy a fancy motorhome with a jetski on the back. . . .but HEY,. . I get free flying with him as he likes an experienced old boy as company. . . Phil.
  14. Yeah . . .I feel your pain mate. . .I used to do all sorts of naughty things to aeroplanes to operate non-aeronautical radio from them, even though it was not legal so to do. My Crowning achievement was to make a simplex radio contact with a guy just North of Canberra, from 9,000 feet above Victoria, near to Michelton at the time,. . using a Phillips FM 320 UHF CB radio on 476 Megs UHF. . . t the time, we had a repeater near Melbourne, I think it was on Mount Dandenong ( I could be wrong ) but I wanted to make a long distance transmission using 5 watts UHF FM. .. I took the radio up in a C172, and had a small Motorcycle battery to run it. The antenna was home made and attached to a little Cone base mounted under the Right wing, ( Wasn't me who drilled the wing BTW ) I used a home made helical whip and worked the chap in ACT easily,. . .70% quieting. . .we had a chat for around 15 minutes, before the WX started to get too cloudy below,. . and this was before I'd earned my Instrument rating ! So had to cut it short. Regrettbly, this was in the very early days of UHF CB, and there weren't that many operators around. But I gather that it becme a lot more popular afterwards and now there is an explosion of IWN modes available that you an download onto your phone and tali to the world,. .. IF you have a mobile signal. . saw an APP called YELLO yesterday,. .. lotsa stuff around for comms mate. Phil G4 OHK ( Old Hairy Kangaroo ). . .'
  15. We had an Irish Guy,. . who specialised in sorting Bunny infestations,. . they were undermining our portakabins. . He used a .22 rifle for the awkward ones, and the Airfield Manager allowed him to do that since the man was an ex RAF Herc pilot, who understood that thin skinned aircraft did not like being shot. . . but his Main weapons were Ferrets, nets and Jack Russell dogs. He did the job anyhow, and word must've gota round as the Bunnies have not returned. . . He squirted Ferret Urine into the burrows,. .. apparently, this has a similar effect to leaving Lion Sh!t to deter larger creatures in other localities. . . .