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  1. 'OLD BEN' the young pilot experiences another East European aircraft. 600 Kg. ( 26 minute video ) Another Cessna Lookalikey ?
  2. Thanks for the research IBOB. . .When I got that picture, the only detail was 'ITALY'. . . . I normally include info, but didn't have time, computer blew up big time so I'm back on a replacement as of this morning,. . .trying to remember all my passwords ! ! ! !
  3. Sorry Ian,. . .this ad should have been in the Adverts section. . . please move it if convenient . . .thanks Phil.
  4. Just been asked if I can sell an Icom radio for a flying widow. It's an Icom A6 handie, which was fitted to my mate's Skyranger just before he died of a massive heart attack. and the funds will go to his widow. It was purchased a year or so ago, just prior to the UK going to 8.33 channel spacing,. . so is illegal to use in Europe now. Consists of Radio, attached battery pack, 'Rubber Duck' antenna and mains charger. . ( would need mains adapter in OZ ) I reckon that it's worth at least A$130.00. . .( since it cost him £250.00 from Harry Mendelsohns in Edinburgh ) + postage cost. Sensible offers considered. ( the last one I posted to OZ cost £16.50 in postage but it was the older Large Icom handie. . .). . . Any offers, contact me on <[email protected]>
  5. Yeah but with so little information at the moment, ANY speculation is probably pointless. Statements from NON- Flying witnesses some distance away are not much value, although the press always like to print them. . . Very sad event indeed. . .thoughts are with the families of those deceased.
  6. A well experienced Radio Ham could conceivably fix it, as many of them come from a commercial radio background. . . Worst case scenario is that you might have to take the bugger up for a flight in payment !
  7. Thanks RGM. . .so much info on this site ¬! I will look at that one, if it's out of print. I'm sure I can get a dog eared copy from a couple of aviation centric secondhand bookshops at Hay on Wye. . . Cheers, Phil.
  8. Another WW2 aviator that I had never heard of. https://t.co/HODBDyzocQ?amp=1
  9. Can't oblige I'm afraid Kaz,. . . Mate Nick took this on his camPhone, and emailed the pic but reduced the filesize too much. Resolution too poor for a non blurred snip of the BBMF Lanc. 😞
  10. OUCH !. . .My friend Paul paid £23K for this example. . .
  11. This photo was sent to me by my friend Nick. . .( Classic aircraft Nick ? ? ? ) It's a Good 'Un,. . but Classic. .. er. . .Deffo the Lanc. . .
  12. Peter, I recently had a sysrem crash and My Laptop had a new processor fan and keyboard. My Mate the IT Guy suggested upgrading to windows Ten.. .. Well, I can say without prejudice that this system is utter Fecking Shyte. I have had it installed for six days and I can't be dealing with it any longer.. It is total rubbish and a not very clever attempt at being clever and it fails on all counts. I am currently having to experience a loud warning from AVG, telling me that I have a virus warning every 3.4 minutes,. . and I can't get rid of the warning message, without paying £19.99 for a service that I don't want nor need. I have HAD IT WITH WINDOWS ALTOGETHER and am changing my system to linux, using Debian as soon as I can. The reformat starts the day after tomorrow, when the Linux Guy will be here to help. I used Linux a few years back, and was most impressed with it, but my Oppo couldn't get to grips, being a Windows XP lover. . . Well, If I can't get Win 7 back on this thing tomorrow,. . .I'll be a Linux man and Feck Bill Gates AND his dog.
  13. My Brand New windows ten latest version, installed on my laptop less than a week ago, refused to recognise a USB stick,. . . but just now, it has. General finger trouble, as I thought I'd reduced and uploaded a few pics of the Merlin onto it, but they were not there. Have to fire up the old work computer ( XP-Pro ) and try again. Unless win-10 has some built in picture management software, like the old Win Picture Manager. . . but that prog was deleted from Office years ago but still runs happily on my old XP engine.. . . Thanks for the suggestions though Peter.
  14. Yes it does . . ., it had me fooled when it was in our circuit ( Though it's quite easy to fool an old fool. . .)
  15. My good friend and flexwing instructor Mike Bailey at Otherton Airfield mentioned to me today that an Indian chap is buying all the stock from P+M. . and has already supplied him some flying wires for his Kwik. NOW, I know that there are a lot of hoops that this guy will have to navigate, but let's hoep that it's a start for the salvation of Mainair and Pegasus trikes in the UK. . .Fingers crossed.
  16. I don't fancy one,. . .as I love to take people flying with me, especially those who've never flown before. . . . As far as I can recollect,. . I have been indirectly responsible for over fifty people, achieving the highest Human accolade,. . of being a Bird Person. . . Five of whom are now active RPT crew. I had a lovely reunion this afternoon, with a chap I infected with the flying bug in 1984. . . He told me that he almost went broke paying for flight training, ending up as an AFI on GA, but had to pack it in due to a heart prob in the 1990s and introduced me to his Grand Daughter, and her Mum, who is working as a pilot on turbine Bushplanes in Africa, with some sort of world food programme charity, and his eldest Son used to work as a Helicopter pilot for a News service in the U.S. Flying can be highly infectious. . .I apologised of course. . . They now live near Mombasa and were visiting relatives who live not far from the airfield where I first Took him Flying in a Warrior . . .( Tatenhill - EGBM ) Another good Fly-in,. .ie, no crashes,. . Nobody Killed, although the wind suddenly picked up late in the PM and our Beer tent marquee was blown over, just missing a parked Eurostar aircraft. . . Happy Dayz.
  17. On the second day iof our Fly-in today, the most interesting Beastie was a ProTech Merlin. An ALL Metal single seat deregulated aeroplane which was absolutely Gorgeous. . I have pictures, but this stupid Bloody Windows Ten upgrade I've got refuses to read any of my UsB sticks. . .I am on the verge of dumping it and swapping to Debian / Linux. The aircraft is, regrettably, single seat, and weighs in at 300Kgs. . . I hop that the company produce a 2 seat version which would fit nicely into the UK 600 Kg slot, or probably somewhat less. , It looked remarkably like a Jabiru as it entered the overhead today. It is powered by a Rotax 582 inverted, oil injected 2 stroke, and it cruises at a comfortable 90 MPH. I'll have another bash at the pics I took and see if I can bamboozle Win 10, , , ##EDIT. . .here's their website. . http://digitalpilotschool.com/check-out-the-tech-pro-merlin-ssdr-single-seat-aircraft/
  18. I'm sure that the B-767 hAS an APU,,. . .which is what powered the 1549 Airbus 320,. . but I don't know if the 767 APU did the same, as I'm not as familiar with that aircraft, although I'd be surprised if it didn't power the fligt instruments and controls too \? if not, NAUGHTY MISTER BOEING !. I seem to recall at the time, that news reports said that the captain on this 767 was physically fighting with one of the Hijackers in the cockpit shorty prior to impact with the water. That might explain a thing or two, and Also , ON THE David Letterman show featuring the crew of flight 1549, the flight attendant at the rear of the cabin stated quite clearly that a panicking female passenger pushed past her and opened the door release seal at the rear of the cabin . . . I have heard nothing about this since, but I have watched the video ( Letterman ) several times and she definitely said this. Whereas the reason given for the rapd ingress of water was attributed to the fact that Geoff Skiles did not get as far as the 'DITCH' switch in the QRH checklist, as there was not enough time. . . . this would close all external vents for the purpose of ditching. You can Google this yourselves and watch. Curious. . .
  19. Welcome to the Forum L&D. . . I got my first licence in Victoria in 1970 ish. . . . after wanting to fly for all my life, . . .had lots of flying in the UK, air Cadet gliding and other stuff, ie.every bit of flying that I could blag. . . There are several of my stories on this forum,. . .but Welcome anyhow,and please let us know how you exploits proceed Sir. . . Cheers. . . Phil.
  20. Free Coffee available at the Lack of control Tower. . . .
  21. Not being a qualified Flight instructor, I agreed to sit with a chap ( Old friend and Business associate ) who had bought a Kitfox Mk3, which was a GA aircraft on the register. I had over 200 Hrs on type, and the Friend had taken a tailwheel course and been signed off as competent but he asked me to fly alongside him for a few hours, for confidence building as he had never flown a Kitfox before,, and there was no local instructor who had either. . . He had done his tailwheel endorsement on a Bellanca Decathlon,. . which is a much heavier airframe with a much more powerful engine,. . .But had passed anyway. I flew with him for 65 hours ( Oh Yeah,. .free flying WOULDN'T YOU ? ? but I usually paid for the breakfasts ! ! ),. . .to all sorts of locations; and he alway appeared to be under-confident, even to the point of asking me to do the radio calls. ( He had passed his GA licence course in Florida a year previously, on PA 28s, and while he was there, he also did a helicopter course in a Robinson R22. . but that's another story ). We got to the point were I was worried that his crosswind landing technique was non existent,. . he tried sideslipping, as taught by his american instructor and Crabbing, too, but always got it wrong. .. I showed him how I did it,. . on several occasions, but as I said, . .I am NOT an instructor. I said that the best thing he could do would be to approach a taildragger instructor and do it properly. .( I hate to tell people that they will never be a pilot as long as they have a hole in their bum. . but there we are.) He asked someone else from his own club for help with this, and got a real Ace in his own mind to teach him. . . . I only heard about the crash a month later,. . . they had tried to land on runway which was parallel to a 132KV national grid power line, and 90 degrees out of wind. The Kitfox ended up inverted in a field full of OIL SEED RAPE ( FECK YOUR BLOODY CANOLA ) under the Power Lines.. . . Only cuts and bruises but the aircraft was a write off. When I asked him what went so wrong, he said he was thinking about 'pulling the collective' for a go around. ( I $hit you not, . .that is what he said ) If anyone accuses me of BS here, I have the A/C registration, + all the names, places etc. . .. These folks walk amongst us,. .and when they have loads of money, they can be even more dangerous,. . .
  22. I have never heard of Oilseed Rape described as 'CANOLA' in my life mte,. . I'll have to ask farmers ! My younger Brother Ray had n incident where he got overcome with a crosswind gust in our Trike, and he ended up in a rape field semi inverted with the ballast cotiner resting on his back. Te prop was still rotating at idle when I crawled underneath the wing and cut the ignition switch. Bro couldn't reach around far enough to switch it off himself due to the weight of the ballast leaning on his back. Th crop was strong enough to save the wing from damage and allow us to flip the machine upright and taxi it to safe storage. ( I flew Bro home in the 3 axis machine that I was demonstrating earlier that day, we were flying in formation enroute to home base. ). Regrettably, Brother lost his nerve after that incident, and has never flown as P1 since.
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