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  1. I have read in this forum that it is cheaper to fly VH even with the cost of medical Vs the annual rego cost of RAAus aircraft. Just been updating myself with the Jabiru site and note that it is $2k extra to have VH registration (see aircraft options and pricing) can anyone enlighten me as to why is it so? (Appologies for the glass and a half reference😁) Ken
  2. Kenlsa


    Try a number of channels to see if it still does it. Mine did exactly what yours is doing and turned out to be fritzed. Ken
  3. Kenlsa

    Lightwing gr 912

    Swish, do you have a website or Facebook page up and running for your a/c as the old distributor site is still around. Ken
  4. I have a somewhat different take on this. Everybody wants something for nothing or at best, cheap. Take my club; $130 an hour ( instruction is by volunteers and our L4 does a good deal with the club) so you could solo for about $1500 to 2000 with club joining fee of $450. At such a low price we take students from the schools in our area. So does this work out for our club? NO! We have 4 Jabs churning thru students with training 6 days per week. But the bottom line is many of these would be aviators tick it off their bucket list once they have gone solo. We never see them again; it was cheap; volunteers look after the fleet and grounds; time to tick off the next task on that bucket list. I feel that if you don't work for it or it is cheap, others don't appreciate it as they just use you up so long as you get what you want. We also run a gliding operation and we were overwhelmed with TIF customers running the cfi and instructors into the ground ( we picked up very few students as a result) so in the end we put a 50% increase on the cost and we had a few less TIFs but revenue was the same and less burnout. I wish we did this with Rec Aviation. Flying is expensive; Pay What It Is Worth. This will ensure that the flying business survives. Ken
  5. Hummmmm IPad, took off from Gawler (Adelaide ) after 5 minutes showed me that I was in Sydney, quick reboot then I was in Broome! Decided to map read instead. Next flight all good and never a problem since. But I don't trust anything with electrons...Ken
  6. A lot of us complain about the lack of useful load we have and then have a glass panel with a back up set of steam gauges increasing our weight while taking from our useful load, then we want 760kg to cover it all. I run steam and use a AH (actual horizon that is!) On landing I set up the actual horizon with my asi in my periphery as I know where the needle points at 65 kts without having to actually look at it. Try using your periphery vision on a glass panel speed ribbon! Good luck with that. Save the money and turn that glass into fuel......Ken
  7. Was there on Friday for half the day. Trade displays were good, RAAus display was well staffed. Wife liked the gyros (she can shell out for one if she likes) and they were flying regularly, along with Savannah. War birds were joy flighting . A few more trade aircraft flying would have been good. Needed a large marqee with seating, like they had at Temora, there wasn't any seating to eat at a table. Way better than last year. Ken
  8. Kenlsa

    Some good news from RAAus

    I have now done the L1 theory, L1 practical and for my own peace of mind completed the jab factory maintenance course. It was well worth the effort to attend. As a former lecturer in both theory and practice (30 years) I must say that they know how to conduct a course. Now it is 4 days, for more fault finding over the 3 day course. The L1 practical was worth the time as it covered techniques that were not covered at Bundaberg, proper log book entry, lock wiring, torque settings, prop installation/tracking, brake pad and wheel bearing inspection, proper oil filter inspection amongst other topics. Ours was a beta course and we all gave feedback so the course is still evolving. Ken
  9. Kenlsa

    Why no Radio Calls?

    See and avoid, you saw and both of you avoided. No problems encountered . Ken
  10. Kenlsa

    Adding chord to an SK rudder and fin

    Bruce, got some photos and flight data for your bigger fin yet? Ken
  11. A few years ago Sporting Shooters Ass of Aust (200k members) realised that as a nation we were short of gunsmiths. They were going to pay to train people in the required trade (fitting and turning was one). This was advertised and was taken up as far as I know. Food for thought. Ken
  12. Kenlsa

    July issue Sport Pilot

    Steve, your plane was on Rag and Tube, I am at the club Thusday morning if you are around. Ken
  13. Well, they were supposed to drive,taxi and fly like a car when they entered the market so I guess it is just doing what it is supposed to do? Ken
  14. Kenlsa

    Which Engine???

    One of our members ran a jab 2200 in his 701 and with a 42" pitch prop suffered from temp problems. He talked to Jabiru and got a 38" pitch prop that cured the temp problems and still gave him 75 kts cruise. Ken