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  1. Kenlsa

    Fuel Draining Jab 230c

    I have about 350 hrs on 98 in my 2200. All good. I keep the tank half full and top up each time I fly with the amount I will need for the flight. Ken
  2. Kenlsa

    From airsickness to aerobatics

    I get sea sick looking at a wet sponge! Used to be a glider jockey and tried aeros but felt sick the entire time so gave it up and flew power instead. It is all about straight and level for me I'm afraid to say. Ken
  3. Sophie, Roland Flat is 600m grass and a private strip, ( I would not recommend it in your aircraft ) you are still 5 minutes drive from Tanunda ( where I live) so will still need a taxi. Best bet is Gawler, then taxi from there as the Barossa is a large area. I don't know of any hire cars in Gawler. Tanunda is the centre of the region and there is a husband and wife taxi car business, they also have a plane of their own so can talk the lingo. As an alternative I think there is a local bus service, best check with the Information Centre about that. Ken
  4. Gawler in South Aust. You are only 20 minutes from the Barossa and 45 from Adelaide. We have fuel and accommodation , but I'd rather stay in the Barossa. Ken
  5. Hi all, just musing over the topics of the last few years with some more depressing than others. I fly a SP 500 Jab, that I built and maintain myself but I am lead to believe that; My engine will fail and CASA confirms this. I have to inform my passenger that we might crash and get them to sign off on it. I did not put photos of the right hand side of my plane grounding me for a few weeks, thanks RAAus. I don't fly a tail dragger so I am not a proper pilot. I have to fly 760kg so I can have 8 hours of fuel and every IFR instrument available. I live in the Stone Age as I have steam instruments, even though most of you with flying flat screens still run steam coz you really don't trust them. I don't know what a Jacobs Flair is...I just land it (how have I managed so far?) Now I read that I am probably using the wrong grease in my bearings, great. At least most of you agree that when my steam gauges fail me causing my engine to also fail, and I glance to my right and I confirm that my pax did sign the release to fly with White Knuckle Airlines, my Jabby airframe will save us! At least that is something positive. How ever have I managed so far? Ken
  6. Kenlsa

    YAK 3 pilot sueing

    Space sailor, While our wall of fire was 1127mts it only stood for a short time as the Yanks didn't like this so did a 2.5k. To take the record. Our show replicated a Napalm strike (very involved to do as we had to ensure our rolling wave did not go supersonic so liaised with an ARDU scientist and explosives engineers to keep the front subsonic, even though each explosion is supersonic in itself) the Yanks just used det cord to ignite the whole thing at once (way easier). the only disappointment was altering a display with the Hunter due to mech troubles. So we used One of our "regular" jet guys to do that part of the show. The Hunter sure is something else; unfortunately we will never get to work with it now. Ken
  7. Kenlsa

    YAK 3 pilot sueing

    As someone who has set up airshow pyro for many years there has always been a 200 foot stand off from the runways. Notam is issued for the show and some days before to include the set up. I remember doing the Bundaberg show (world record wall of fire) Notam issued and double xx marker on the grass runway as we had explosives set up! We also had personnel and vehicles on the runway. But that did not deter a light twin from putting down and running between the show items. I was the one who gave pilot briefings on most occasions and all pyro, standoff distances, flight line and show lines were explained. Site plan issued as well. All good. I would be sure the same procedures would occur elsewhere. For those interested look up you tube world record wall of fire at Bundy for the Guiness Book of Records show. I don't know how to link it, only how to blow stuff up. Ken
  8. Kenlsa

    New Dutch Waterline

    It is nice to read stories from other countries as it all helps to expand our knowledge base. Ken
  9. If glass is so good , why do all of you that have glass also have steam as a backup? It just adds weight. If you love glass so much just run with it. But I guess you don't really trust it do you? We fly VFR and under RAAus we need minimal gauges. Keep it simple... Though I have weakened and got an iPad with navigation it has let me down a couple of times. So I have a gps as well. Perhaps I should just stick to my old Shell road maps for Nav! Ken
  10. Vev, I have set my SP 500 Jab with no toe in or out and zero camber at 310 kg, (no pax and half fuel) so at normal flying (solo and about half fuel, tools etc @ 400kg) I have perfectly worn tyres. Note that this is with the old straight leg U/C. Ken
  11. Like my previous post, I agree with Skippy. Ken
  12. I have read in this forum that it is cheaper to fly VH even with the cost of medical Vs the annual rego cost of RAAus aircraft. Just been updating myself with the Jabiru site and note that it is $2k extra to have VH registration (see aircraft options and pricing) can anyone enlighten me as to why is it so? (Appologies for the glass and a half reference😁) Ken
  13. Kenlsa


    Try a number of channels to see if it still does it. Mine did exactly what yours is doing and turned out to be fritzed. Ken
  14. Kenlsa

    Lightwing gr 912

    Swish, do you have a website or Facebook page up and running for your a/c as the old distributor site is still around. Ken
  15. I have a somewhat different take on this. Everybody wants something for nothing or at best, cheap. Take my club; $130 an hour ( instruction is by volunteers and our L4 does a good deal with the club) so you could solo for about $1500 to 2000 with club joining fee of $450. At such a low price we take students from the schools in our area. So does this work out for our club? NO! We have 4 Jabs churning thru students with training 6 days per week. But the bottom line is many of these would be aviators tick it off their bucket list once they have gone solo. We never see them again; it was cheap; volunteers look after the fleet and grounds; time to tick off the next task on that bucket list. I feel that if you don't work for it or it is cheap, others don't appreciate it as they just use you up so long as you get what you want. We also run a gliding operation and we were overwhelmed with TIF customers running the cfi and instructors into the ground ( we picked up very few students as a result) so in the end we put a 50% increase on the cost and we had a few less TIFs but revenue was the same and less burnout. I wish we did this with Rec Aviation. Flying is expensive; Pay What It Is Worth. This will ensure that the flying business survives. Ken