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  1. rhtrudder


    We buy bulk 98 fuel , usually 600lts , pumped into a 1200 lt fuel tank that l use compressed air to fill bikes , mowers and my plane, just found out the supplier doesn’t use a dedicated petrol tank on the truck but supposedly drains any previous diesel out and then fills with my 98 , wondering how much diesel would end up in my fuel , been using this fuel for 10 years so l guess it’s okay
  2. Mates 912 won’t charge his battery, fitted new reg , have no current coming from the charging coils, has anybody come across this , talked to wal and he said it was rare for these to fail, can this been checked with a resistance reading across the coils , maybe a broken wire
  3. rhtrudder


  4. It worked in the plane so all good , just needed to set the phone up
  5. I have Zulu 3, iPhone 8, Xcom intercom, have discovered you can set phone to headsets, worked unplugged inside ok ,don’t know if this will make any difference in the plane, l can receive clearly but my transmission is just static,
  6. Headsets work good on the intercom, running out of ideas
  7. Thanks, figured it out sort of , turned the gain on the headset all the way down , while waiting for the engine to warm up, took a phone call and it worked, went flying, rang home no good , l guess the engine is still drowning my voice, that was through the hardwire so l might try the Bluetooth , l should be able to turn the radio off and it should still work just through the headset l think or unplug it .
  8. It would be great if it works, to be able to phone ahead to make arrangements would make life a lot easier
  9. Thanks for that, I fly with a few mates and they don’t have the same problem, on the ground it works fine but up at speed hopeless, where is the radio mic input gain and there is a setting on the phone?
  10. Yep have tried the Bluetooth, no difference
  11. Having trouble transmitting on my phone while airborne at cruise , new Zulu and new iPhone 8 hard wired through the jack , l can hear clear but the other end is just noise ,is the racket coming off the engine , Rotax, playing havoc with the voice activated mic
  12. It looks like it’s leaking back out the cap , going to order a new one today
  13. Is it possible for the non return in the cap leak , it seems like it doesn’t hold any pressure , l guess that would overfill the bottle and then draw it back , engine ran cold on the 3 hr trip but l did notice the temp gauge varying up and down slightly, can’t see any sign where it leaked but l guess the blast from prop wash would clear that away
  14. I think the red nulon is more anti corrosive but not as much anti freeze which l thought was better suited, did use de ionised water, thanks for all the advice and l will have to look a bit harder
  15. Thanks for that, l will change over , is it available at most auto shops
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