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  1. Your right, forgot the transponder, how much to fit one .
  2. Is it possible to fly into controlled airspace in a 24 rego under a RPL if the radio and altimeter is certified, I heard is was but not sure , thinking of getting my RPL just for this reason
  3. Found a electrician that can do it , only trouble he is in NSW , over the river, Moama, and can’t work in VIC, but is going to try figure something out hopefully
  4. Three wires , three phase, l guess HV, feeding dairy’s, anyway worth a try
  5. Looks like the way to go , thanks for that, l know a few sparkies hopefully one can do it, do they use the same rod to replace the fuses on the pole
  6. Looks about 12 meters, could stand on top of a cattle truck and get a lot closer, what’s a L2 ASP , who sells the rotamark, do they clamp around the wires
  7. Anyone had a go at putting those orange balls on power lines , what’s involved, cost, I’m with powercor and a bit terrified what they will charge , the balls cost $600 for three,
  8. Below the sliders there is the blue tooth button , then plus and minus buttons that control the music volume, then below them there is another button , is that it, Greg
  9. Having the same problems, unsure which black button you are talking about
  10. I was more concerned with a 230 left here as has two owners , so they they share in all the ongoing costs including insurance and if it was damaged in my paddock whether there would be no issues with a claim , l was told buy a sceptic once that the claims department is made up of a team of barristers that throw every big claim out, Greg
  11. Sorry skip, it’s now 2 paddocks with a couple of hay sheds we park planes in. Greg
  12. No problem with the neighbors complaining , same farmer owns land south and north of my strip , and his father flys a jab from his strip due west from mine, mostly dead dairy farms around me so never really a problem. Greg
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