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  1. Having the same problems, unsure which black button you are talking about
  2. I was more concerned with a 230 left here as has two owners , so they they share in all the ongoing costs including insurance and if it was damaged in my paddock whether there would be no issues with a claim , l was told buy a sceptic once that the claims department is made up of a team of barristers that throw every big claim out, Greg
  3. Sorry skip, it’s now 2 paddocks with a couple of hay sheds we park planes in. Greg
  4. No problem with the neighbors complaining , same farmer owns land south and north of my strip , and his father flys a jab from his strip due west from mine, mostly dead dairy farms around me so never really a problem. Greg
  5. Thanks skip , basically that’s all my strip is , got 3 mates that hanger their planes here and have plenty that fly in but know the risks also had the odd plane come in who has contacted me asking to use the strip as the local strip has closed down , Kyabram, l point out the what’s involved and leave it up to them to make that call , maybe l should stick to people l know. Greg
  6. I think it’s a receiver which then Bluetooths it to a gps , Garmin area 660 , aircraft will come up on the screen
  7. Been operating for about 15 years with no incidents , have farm public liability insurance to cover anything personnel injury wise ,discussed all the risks with our broker , providing there was no negligence and pilots understood they needed to be competent it was okay, l was more worried about damage to an aircraft and the insurance company reneging on a claim and if that turns out to be the case it’s hardly worth the insurance in the first place, l think the next move will be contacting them and seeing where we stand , thanks everyone for the advice, Greg
  8. Thinking of fitting a tcas , warnings are displayed on the gps , I don’t have a transponder fitted, we have a lot of international students flying around locally and can be hard to figure out where they are exactly, any thoughts ?
  9. Just after some advice on insurance on our private strip , 800 m long 50 m wide with trees lining both sides , got some mates who hangar their planes here , l don’t charge them , but was just informed by a pilot, that they might not be covered by their comprehensive insurance if they spear off and end up in the shrubbery because the strip doesn’t meet certain standards, or is it a matter of notifying the insurance company of the added risk to see where we stand
  10. rhtrudder


    We buy bulk 98 fuel , usually 600lts , pumped into a 1200 lt fuel tank that l use compressed air to fill bikes , mowers and my plane, just found out the supplier doesn’t use a dedicated petrol tank on the truck but supposedly drains any previous diesel out and then fills with my 98 , wondering how much diesel would end up in my fuel , been using this fuel for 10 years so l guess it’s okay
  11. Mates 912 won’t charge his battery, fitted new reg , have no current coming from the charging coils, has anybody come across this , talked to wal and he said it was rare for these to fail, can this been checked with a resistance reading across the coils , maybe a broken wire
  12. rhtrudder


  13. It worked in the plane so all good , just needed to set the phone up
  14. I have Zulu 3, iPhone 8, Xcom intercom, have discovered you can set phone to headsets, worked unplugged inside ok ,don’t know if this will make any difference in the plane, l can receive clearly but my transmission is just static,
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