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  1. mothra

    ATC Question Thread

    Domestic HF is still alive and kicking. There hasn’t been a significant improvement in VHF coverage, a couple extra outlets in higher traffic areas to divide workload but nothing in remote areas.
  2. mothra

    Plane Spotters

    It was at Brisbane Wednesday & Thursday last week. Assumed it was a State visit of some sort.
  3. Had the same idea last May. No luck but did a great day trip as pax to the Bungle Bungles and back in a C210.
  4. mothra


    Logged on a couple of days ago but all the menu links took me to a dodgy looking online pharmacy site. Guess they’ve been hacked.
  5. mothra

    Favourite aviation books

    Almost Unknown, by Stewart Wilson. Biography of Tony Gaze Spitfire Ace and Australia's first Formula One racing driver. Tony did an interview on the ABC shortly after I read this one.
  6. Grid Point Wind charts are available as a separate product in the Charts tab of NAIPS, a bit clunky. BOM website, Aviation Services section has more on GAF.
  7. mothra

    ATC Question Thread

    Bonus, sorry "at risk component" of management packages were one of the first things to go. Well for middle mgt, exec level who knows.
  8. mothra

    ATC Question

    Correct Nev, only barometric altitude info can be used for vertical separation.
  9. A few informal inquiries tell me this has not been assessed by Airservices. In the normal course of events the developer is required to notify the airport who bring in Airservices to assess if they (the airport) think there is an issue. Airservices can only object, they have no authority here. Ryanm's closing point is right, if something like this does infringe then the procedure gets revised and consequently its usefulness impaired. Worst case its cancelled.
  10. Peter, I'm really enjoying your work, looks like you are using the technology and producing a real online mag not just an online version of a print mag (does that make sense). Anyway keep 'm coming.
  11. mothra

    Booked in and waiting

    Well done on he solo, just wait 'till you start cross country! Remember, its easier to beg for forgiveness than plead for permission.
  12. mothra


    To answer the original post, expect no significant change for recreational and sport aviation. The core of the program is procuring a single ATM system to replace the two end of life systems (TAAATS and ADATS) which don't interface with each other: economies of scale, contingency capability, integration, all those sorts of arguments. Civil and RAAF ATC will still operate their own airspace, just using essentially the same kit and no planned reduction in ATC numbers. There is a lot of talk about what such a system could do but no clear understanding of what will actually be delivered yet. Anyone old enough to remember what was promised from TAAATS? All sounds very similar. As far as access to PRD airspace goes, Defence position is that they have made as many concessions as they believe they can without compromising capability: adding RA status, cancelling some under-utilised R areas and changing the default activation from 'Active unless deactivated by NOTAM' to "Deactive unless Activated by NOTAM" wherever they could. We are a long way from the concept of airspace as a national asset whose use is allocated dynamically on the basis of greatest benefit for the users.
  13. mothra

    Too much Safety can kill you

    KP, if I've learnt one thing by being here in B S central its this.: The objective is not necessarily to do something about ( insert topic of the day) its to appear to be doing something about it. Sad really
  14. mothra

    Drill sharpening

    My younger brother was apprenticed as a fitter and turner and taught me to hand shapen drills decades ago, there are some details to get right and you'll butcher a few on the way but its a skill worth having. Bigger diameter drills are easier to learn on and give you a chance to recover a botched job. You can end up with some minor variance in diameter if you are off a bit so I'd always recommend a new drill for precision work, its not that expensive in the end .
  15. mothra

    Is it me?

    I'm not afraid of heights, I'm afraid of falling from height. In fact its not the fall, its the sudden stop at the bottom I'm not keen on.. In the air I used to have moments of WTF am I doing here, now all gone.