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  1. Yes. YORL The Esperance Aero Club had a fly-in BBQ there last Sunday. 16 aircraft (2 RAAus) and about 30 people. So, what is the name of the pink lake? Last month EAC flew in here for a big Breakfast
  2. How about this one ..... Its not far from here ......
  3. Dale Castle, retired LAME, has one. VH-EME. At Wentworth NSW (near Mildura). He may be able to help.
  4. This thread appears to have taken a 60 degree AoB turn and careered headlong off topic and probably should be shut down as it seems to have degenerated into match of trolls feeding trolls!
  5. At 100km (about 55nm) from landing I would expect the seat belt signs would be on and the cabin crew checking that seat belts were fastened, etc. I wonder how many of the casualties were cabin crew. DWF
  6. Another option could be Forrest - Cook (along the railway) - Maralinga (nice big airstrip - I think you can get permission to land there now) - Coober Pedy (Avgas as the AD and probably mogas from town) - William Creek (avgas) - Leigh Creek (avgas) or Arkaroola (used to be avgas available) - BHI. I have also refueled at Olympic Dam but it is a long way from Forrest and requires prior permission to land. I don't think Woomera is a viable option. Check the NOTAMs carefully if you plan to go through the Woomera Restricted areas. DWF
  7. If you don't mind flying over water you could go Lethbridge-Goolwa-Port Lincoln-Ceduna. Otherwise go via Port Pirie (avgas available cheap) to Ceduna then Forrest and Esperance to Albany. Avgas available at all these. Forrest is a good place to overnight but is a fuel and accommodation and meals are a bit expensive as it really is in the middle of nowhere. If going via Esperance call in at Myrup (10nm SE of YESP) we have about 7 RVs here. Avgas is usually available at Nullarbor Motel, Border Village and Caiguna but is fairly expensive. Ravensthorpe is between Esperance and Albany, does not have avgas and is a long way from town. Good luck DWF
  8. I last landed there about 12 months ago. It was a bit rough, dusty and windy but serviceable and has avgas and PULP. Have overflown it twice since and it appeared to be OK from altitude. Alternatives are: Border Village 97nm west - not much, if any, better. The N/S strip is very narrow, stony and weed covered (last Oct). Eucla 107nm west - used to be an RFDS strip with 4 runways. I have heard that the motel will come down and collect you from the strip. Yalata Community 47nm east - sealed runway, no fuel, PPR. Probably only an emergency option. Coorabie Farm 76nm east - good 900m strip, accommodation, friendly people, PULP available from Nundroo 9km N (you can usually get a lift there and back). Nundroo strip is was not currently being maintained or serviceable as of last Oct.
  9. The EQ-1 may be worth a look. Australian invention and (I think) manufacture - now copied by Lightspeed and others. Look mum, no cords! [i have no financial or other interest in this company.]
  10. Some Legend specifications here but no cabin dimensions. Sat in one at OzKosh (Narromine). Plenty of room.
  11. Coorabie Farm Near Nundroo SA. Variety of accom including camping, dongas and 'motel' style. Meals available. 900m airstrip. Mogas available at Nundroo (9km N) (08) 8625 6126 [email protected] Forrest WA - see ERSA
  12. I've been told the crew of the next generation of airliners will be a man (or woman) and a dog. The man (or woman) is there to feed the dog ...... the dog is there to bite the man (or woman) if they touch anything!
  13. G'day OP I was in PNG 66-73. Saw a Helio Courier with a broken back - at Moresby I think. Was that you?
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