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  1. this aircraft seems to have problems stopping? Hawkesbury River over run 2020 Inverell over run 2018
  2. The pic above is obviously of a past incident. Poor old girl, used and abused!
  3. Couldn’t agree more Nev. The process of investigating accidents and analysing data should be conducted by someone removed from the responsibility of aircraft operations and maintenance. The way things are now the Ops and Tech team would be biased against finding fault in their own depts. I work for an organisation with a very effective Safety Management System, it’s not difficult or expensive to maintain, but needs to be properly designed and transparent in its conduct.
  4. I still don’t see any effective analysis of incident data resulting in education or training to address common causes.
  5. If you cannot fly the aircraft safely in VMC without reference to instruments you should not be flying. This is particularly so when mustering.
  6. It’s straight off the Australian site. I just printed it to a PDF hence the format.
  7. Very wise choice! Saturday morning reports (METAR / SPECI) gusting up to 36kts from the north - all crosswind on available runways and 6000m vis in dust.
  8. until

    TAF has got 350/20G30 from 9am until 5 pm, that’ll give 18-27kts crosswind. Also some periods of reduced vis’ in rain and thuderstorms.
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