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  1. Roundsounds


  2. Carb Ice is more likely in less than “cold weather” conditions. Have a look at the carb ice likelihood chart produced by BoM / CASA. Carb ice is one of those things you may never have experienced in your flying career, but could catch you out one day. Using carb heat to prevent icing is much smarter than being reactive, because when you’re likely to need it, it may not be effective. My experience with Carb Ice on takeoff has been a momentary rough running as accumulated ice is ingested. The prolonged rough running / power loss is unlikely to occur at high power settings. Follow the manufacturers recommendations is your safest bet.
  3. I like the $50M paid in bonuses. Those who are employed under an EBA won’t be paid their bonus until their next EBA is signed off, which could be a number of years.
  4. It’s amazing the potential opportunities sponsoring political parties could achieve.
  5. I thought Dazza had gone to greener pastures at CASA?
  6. These fantastic plastic things ain’t that fantastic? Can’t go past the Citabria as an abinitio trainer. Teach pilots how to fly properly and spinable. They’re also still in production.
  7. A functional SMS is not that organisations strong point. Printing accident summaries is not the way to address safety.
  8. Arrange vertical separation until you’ve sighted the other aircraft.
  9. They’re a great bunch of aeroplanes, don’t forget to add the 55 to your list! Flown all bar the 9. The 52W and 52TW lose some of the charm being fitted with western instruments and toe brakes. I reckon a 52TD would be the best of the range.
  10. I did the initial test flights after assembly when imported. Then “endorsed” David on the machine. The Yak 50 is a great machine and that is a particularly good example.
  11. Is that David Lian’s machine?
  12. I suspect the accident rate will infact rise over the coming years. The addition of technology into the cockpit will further reduce the general handling skills of pilots and introduce unnecessary distractions. A pilot should be comfortable in getting into their aircraft and flying it without the aid of written checklists or by reference to any flight instruments. This includes all phases of VFR flight and manoeuvres. Im not saying technology makes flying dangerous, it’s the lack of underlying handling skills and lack of training in prioritisation of tasks. The number of videos I’ve seen of pilots looking for traffic on their chosen EFB instead of looking outside, one memorable one was determined to find the traffic on their EFB while their non pilot pax looked outside and spotted the traffic immediately.
  13. All of these pilots will hold at least level 4 English Language Proficiency. Why does CAsA not carry out random audits of the assessed candidates? This is a genuine Safety issue.
  14. The training facilities are teaching their students to routinely make these unnecessary calls. Very poor and unprofessional instructional practice. If the training organisations were teaching correct radio procedures there wouldn’t be the constant chatter on CTAF.
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