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  1. It’s straight off the Australian site. I just printed it to a PDF hence the format.
  2. Very wise choice! Saturday morning reports (METAR / SPECI) gusting up to 36kts from the north - all crosswind on available runways and 6000m vis in dust.
  3. until

    TAF has got 350/20G30 from 9am until 5 pm, that’ll give 18-27kts crosswind. Also some periods of reduced vis’ in rain and thuderstorms.
  4. Perhaps you could post a link to the NTSB report? I cannot see how a falling leaf manoeuvre would allow an aircraft to reverse into the ground. A falling leaf is simply a sequence of consecutive incipient spins.
  5. “Nose dive” sits well with the journo’s terms like “plummets”, “narrowly escaped death” and “The Cessna” (for any aircraft other than an airliner. Can’t say I’ve ever seen an aeroplane tail dive or wing dive into the ground.
  6. Would you consider this video a good test of your aviation SA skills? Situational Awareness Test
  7. Be very careful when you shop around for cover. Several years ago a company stormed onto the Australian market and undercut the existing insurers, they didn’t last too long. When people were knocked back for very minor technicalities, aircraft owners switched back to their old insurers. You’d be a bit cocky to be sure you’re operating 100% technically correct on every flight. Also take a few minutes to think about why so many companies have pulled out of the market and how a new player would come along with lower premiums and expect to provide the same cover. It doesn’t add up.
  8. Roundsounds


  9. Carb Ice is more likely in less than “cold weather” conditions. Have a look at the carb ice likelihood chart produced by BoM / CASA. Carb ice is one of those things you may never have experienced in your flying career, but could catch you out one day. Using carb heat to prevent icing is much smarter than being reactive, because when you’re likely to need it, it may not be effective. My experience with Carb Ice on takeoff has been a momentary rough running as accumulated ice is ingested. The prolonged rough running / power loss is unlikely to occur at high power settings. Follow the manufacturers recommendations is your safest bet.
  10. I like the $50M paid in bonuses. Those who are employed under an EBA won’t be paid their bonus until their next EBA is signed off, which could be a number of years.
  11. It’s amazing the potential opportunities sponsoring political parties could achieve.
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