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  1. The airlines are able to increase / decrease the MTOW in some of their aircraft types simply by changing a placard. This alters the charges by the airport operators, the airlines only need higher weights for long haul sectors and lighter ones for domestic ops. There’s a precedent worth investigating.
  2. Great concept for GA engineers, but they’re a dying breed thanks to CASAs regulation reform.
  3. Tongue firmly in cheek!! You cant tell the masses this isn’t going to be considered until the next round of reg’s become effective, then turn around and tell us it’s all good now.
  4. Excellent news, when does the 760kg take effect?
  5. slb, what’s the source of this info re the increase in MTOW?
  6. Roundsounds

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    F1 Rocket?
  7. Roundsounds

    Landing at Canberra in a Jabiru

    Or get a motor glider, you do a simple CTA endorsement and away you go. No medical, no PPL, very simple - just like it should be for RAAus.
  8. I wonder why they don’t go near the capitol cities?
  9. Roundsounds

    Cabin heater- dos/don’ts, pros/cons

    I’ve had two CO events due leaking exhaust systems, even with the heater off gasses can make it into the Cabin. I had the LAME disconnect the scat hose between the exhaust muff and Cabin heat inlet and vent the hot air overboard. Trust me, you’re way better off rugging up in sensible clothing. Not nasty synthetic materials like nylon, but material to provide best fire survival properties and gloves, scarf etc.
  10. Roundsounds

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Spacewalker fitted with a Rotec Radial engine.
  11. Roundsounds

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Looks more like a Baby Lakes, fin/rudder not classic Pitts shape.
  12. Roundsounds

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Looks more like a Baby Lakes, fin/rudder not classic Pitts shape.