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  1. Very good advice Kununurra. Doing dummy plans and just playing around with Oz-runways. I need to do more of this.
  2. Yes there was a thriving Ultralight Club at Koralbyn. I was taken for a flight from there in a Drifter in about the early 90's. The day I was there it was a very busy day with lots of activity going on.
  3. I have been in touch with John Corby and it looks like I will be a little on the large size for the Corby Starlet. He puts the weight at 80kg, so I think I will have to look at something else.
  4. Thank for the reply's. I have about 100 hours in taildraggers, so I should be fine. Would be sure to be current with this when the time comes. Im at Redcliffe in Queensland. I have to confirm the fit, I'm 89kg and 5'10" and what I call average build. I would think that I will fit ok.
  5. 20 years? really? So you know the aircrafts history to be able to say that?
  6. Looking for a Corby Starlet. I have always loved this aircraft and thought I would one day build one. But I now want to own one, so someone must have one available. Please let me know?
  7. Another very good book to read about the Qantas WW11 is Peter FitzSimons Charles Kingsford Smith. A long read 700 odd pages, but worth every bit of that. He has researched very well for this book. He goes right back to the early days of aviation and covers all the greats from those early days.
  8. Caboolture Recreational Aviation has a Drifter available for Private Hire and Training. Very social and friendly school. 07-5499-1699.
  9. Hec Field for Saturday lunch, I will check that out.