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  1. microman

    What are people using for rotax 912 instruments?

    I used all VDO when I built the Alpi - good quality and reliable ( and cheap)! Easy enough to mark the gauges with coloured strips
  2. microman

    Fiji GA

    You are kidding right?
  3. microman

    Bantam B22s

    Good on ya Stevo.
  4. microman

    A time now sadly gone,

    We have noticed a similar trend in NZ, with an ageing recreational pilot population, but at least the recreational scene is growing - both the major Part 149 organisations (RAANZ & SAC) have growing memberships. Our club has 240 members, up from 150 3 years ago, and the major factor has been the acquisition of a couple of Tecnam P92 Echoes, coupled with the very sensible level of regulation for microlights (ultralights). We strive to keep regulations at a minimum for safe flying, and the costs at a reasonable level, and the result has been a massive migration of general aviation pilots across to microlights. There is also a good amount of building going on, but to be fair, generally the builders have grey hair (whats left of it) and are retired. Long may it continue!
  5. microman

    Morgan aeroworks cheetah sierra 100

    Here in NZ we have seen a couple of Sierras modified by moving the main gear forward, and also beefing up the nosewheel. These mods transformed the aircraft and it becomes much easier to land. The basic problem is too much weight on the nose making it very difficult to flare.
  6. microman

    Minimax question

    Definitely not right - I just completed a HiMax (same wing) - as I recall there was approx 1 1/2 deg of washout required in terms of the plans. HITC probably has the right idea - either shorten the front struts, or lengthen the rear struts (as I recall the rear strut is sleeved at the wing attach point to allow for adjustment) and you should be able to get enough movement to produce washout at the tips. Sorry IBob, but its nothing to do with dihedral and anhedral !
  7. microman


    Welcome aboard - interested that you found the handling qualities of the Foxbat & Sling to be good but not the Savannah? I am planning to build a Savannah at some stage, and they are very popular, both on Oz & NZ. Any comments you might care to make?
  8. I see the VW engine has a belt reduction fitted, allowing it to have a bigger prop than would be normal for a VW - thats why the climb rate is so good. Nieuports are noted for being a bit squirrelly on the ground due to the quite small rudder, but this one appears to be very stable. Good job!
  9. microman

    Fine in theory but will it work

    Fair points Onetrack - yes - as EV's become more numerous there may be queues at chargers, but 95% of charging is done in your own home - its only when you venture some distance out of town (2 or 3 times a year for most) that you need a fast charger. Yes - the fuel tax issue is there in the background, but it will be a gradual process and governments will just have to find other revenue sources to compensate. They dont seem to have a problem in Norway where EV's are the fastest selling vehicles by far - all sorts of incentives are in place to facilitate this. (Free registration, free parking, use of bus lanes, no congestion charges etc etc).
  10. microman

    Fine in theory but will it work

    Bex is right on the money re electric cars. Yes - Australia is a bit different from many other countries with the vast distances to travel (for some), but here in NZ 90% of drivers have a commute of less than 20 km. Even my Nissan Leaf with its range of 120 - 160 km is more than adequate for my needs. I charge in my garage overnight (on cheap night-rate power) - has no effect that I can discern on my monthly power bill. If you get caught out, charging stations are springing up everywhere at a very fast rate and I get a charge in 20 minutes (usually free). Running costs - almost nil - annual reg, warrant of fitness and tyres when they wear out. Thats it - even the brakes last almost forever due to the regen braking available. Its taking a while, but with the technology moving very quickly, even the dinosaur oil-burners out there will eventually come to understand that EV's are the way of the future. And yes - I would love a Tesla - acceleration that leaves virtually all other vehicles in its dust and a 500 km range - in almost complete silence. Whats not to like?
  11. microman

    Hudson River

    Beanie mod???? Whats that about? But what a fantastic trip!
  12. microman

    NZ visit in Feb2018 North Island

    Mark - visiting the North Island only really isn't good enough - there is the South Island as well. We would love to see you at Rangiora in Canterbury so that we can meet the guy who builds the ignition modules and supplys them at considerably less than the outrageously-priced Rotax product. Rangiora is also the centre in the South Island of Savannah builds with a very active local agent. Pity you cant have a meaningful discussion with she who must be obeyed to extend the itinerary but I guess its all booked already. Maybe next time.
  13. Thought so - it had to be a Jodel - D11 or D150? Amazing the number of strips in the area. Thats what flying is all about!
  14. microman

    A riveting weekend

    Basically a Kolb Twinstar Mk 2 then - I am restoring one at present.
  15. microman

    Skyleader GP One

    There are a couple in NZ - we looked at one briefly for a club training aircraft but settled on a Tecnam in the end. Good performance but not quite in the class of the Pipistrel Virus.