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  1. I use a Wombot (Australian assembled from the usual Chinese parts) printer for making parts such as this NACA duct. Starting 3D printing even with a fully assembled printer has a steep learning curve. To successfully print ABS you need a fully enclosed printer. These ducts are printed in carbon fibre reinforced PLA but are not necessarily any stronger than ordinary PLA because in one direction the strength of the part still depends on the bond strength between layers. Some models of Markforged printers can insert a continuous strand of glass or carbon fibre into the print so they are structural in two dimensions but still just rely on bond strength in the third dimension but they do at least have the potential to make structural parts. Printers with that capability are very expensive, I think around $20K. I have made (sort of) structural parts like impellers for water pumps but the only really structural things I have made are nylon blades for a brush cutter. Peter
  2. Interesting report, Especially odd is the Pyramid of Austerlitz. I suspect it was built mainly to keep some otherwise idle troops busy digging dirt. Wonder if there is a Hole of Austerlitz nearby. Peter
  3. This was just a fun flight to a remote(ish) location by four Sonex drivers. Here's a link to my blog. And a couple of photos. Peter Anson
  4. Hi Rene, that is a lot of history covered in such a short flight. The forts are interesting. From the fact there is not much structure left I'm guessing that they were mostly wooden. Peter
  5. Peter Anson

    Peter Anson

  6. Crikey, that's a lot of history concentrated into one blog. I always imagined Holland as just having defences against invasion by the sea.
  7. Which eliminates a very large percentage of us.
  8. You didn't think of landing across the runway did you Graham?
  9. Go to Airstrips near Pub and Food - Google My Maps for a map of airstrips within walking distance of pubs and food. Not sure how up-to-date this is or who was responsible for compiling it but they did a great job. The information is correct for the airstrips I have visited.
  10. Yep, sounds like us. We were using distance-to-go off the ipad to locate each other. The headwind on Monday was the strongest I have experienced. Great for bragging rights if you were going the other way though. I remember doing a trip home from Narromine a couple of years ago when I had 160 knots on my GPS for part of the trip. Reckon I could have beaten that easily.
  11. I must have read 5 or 6 accounts by WW2 fighter pilots about being in a furious dog fight among dozens of aircraft and suddenly finding themselves alone without another aircraft in sight. I have enormous difficulty spotting other aircraft near me. In the blog I mentioned passing underneath one of the Bristells, but I didn't see him until I was within a couple of hundred metres. Good thing he wasn't coming the other way. It reinforces the need to fly at the correct cruise height, but even that becomes problematic when you are flying north or south.
  12. Thanks Bill. It really was good to do it in the company of a couple of other aircraft. A club fly away would probably be the best way to do it.
  13. This was a trip undertaken by Stuart Trist, Brian Ham and Peter Anson in three tiny Sonex aircraft. Was it fun? You bet! Was I nervous about flying my little home-built aircraft in really remote places? Well, maybe a bit.Read all about it at Lake Eyre Trip – July 2018 | Peter Anson – Engineering Peter Anson
  14. Great photos. Now that's one advantage to not having an enclosed cabin.
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