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  1. Does anybody know exactly what involved in transferring an international helicopter license over to an Australian one?


    Is there a website or some info source which details the compatibility of various country's training systems?


    I'm considering training in either NZ or the USA, and then transferring it when I come home.


    Also, does anybody have any more info on this rumoured GA recreational heli license system that might be being introduced?



  2. I've been searching everywhere on various forums as well as the maze that they call the CASA website to try and find the ruling on home built 2-seat helicopter registration, and the consequent implications so far as it's maintenance and use.


    I'm familiar with the RAAus regulations with regard to their experimental category (95-10 I think it's called) as well as their category which my J160, 2-place, 51%-built falls into. Consequently, I have ruled out RAAus registration entirely because of the fact that they exclude powered rotorcraft, except gyro-copters. (Please someone tell me I'm wrong!?)


    I know very little about the GA Experimental category, because when I built the Jabiru, I wanted to steer clear of the maintenance costs of GA. Now I'm looking to build a Rotorway Exec162f or a Talon A600 (for anybody who is familiar), I'm asking:


    Is there a list of manufacturers and their models that have already been approved?


    Is there a simple list of requirements similar to that of the RAAus, that will deem an aircraft suitable for GA Experimental registration?


    Can I, as the builder maintain the helicopter, and will it require the full GA treatment (annuals etc)? (I've gathered from other forums that the next owner will have to have a LAME see to this..?)


    And so many more questions, but these would certainly get me started!



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