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  1. PA 28

    The aircraft you fly

    Facthunter, you must know different Drs to to me! The occasional piston twin, but mostly singles I've seen..
  2. YMPA - Minnipa on the "west coast" of SA. My little patch of (generally dry and brown) grass. Handy stop over on the long East-West drag or an exploration of the Gawler Ranges and Eyre Peninsular. Plenty of room to roll out a swag and as much help with anything that I can manage! Craig-0401 453 825
  3. The engines LOVE the avgas, it's your wallet that cries about it!
  4. Me and my baby girl...(who is older than I am)
  5. PA 28

    Ugly Kid. . . .

    That's fine...till my OH who is considerably younger than I decides to run with it, calling me "dad" at every opportunity...only to behave in a rather un-daughterly way when she's sure the old ducks are watching...takes great delight in my awkwardness and the stunned oldies. Bitch! Lol
  6. PA 28

    Airport usage fees

    No fees here, but I do have to mow the strip once in a while in return for the hangar...
  7. PA 28


    Well, this place exists for wheat and sheep... Wheat mostly... and I think the sheep are just so you don't get to sit on your bum while the wheat grows... Lol
  8. PA 28


    YMPA... Minnipa on the West side of the EP.
  9. PA 28


    G'day, here is S.A., not the end of the world, but we can see it from here... Have a tidy little PA 28-140 and operate from our local strip which has a couple of hangars, a terminal building, but no RPT ....and ONE regular user... Me! Makes for a quiet life with little need to queue for takeoff...