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  1. Cosmick


    Mal Christie PPC CFI North Brisbane 0418142785
  2. https://www.ozatwar.com/mumaryb.htm
  3. It is ironic that the steel salvaged from the wreck of R101 may have been used to build the Hindenburg.
  4. Interesting bit of History. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-30/australia-nearly-had-an-airship-service-to-london-until-tragedy/10630846
  5. Cosmick

    Is the Drifter Group still active?

    Aerochute have been working on an Electric model for a while, 30 min flight time. https://www.aerochute.com.au/aerochute-electric/
  6. Cosmick

    Is the Drifter Group still active?

    Beefed up version http://www.worldaircraftco.com/surveyor/
  7. The fatal chopper crash that changed Australian aviation history WWW.ABC.NET.AU The accident was witnessed by many and widely reported, creating intense pressure for something to be done to improve safety in the skies. "After the crash, aviation safety authorities changed the laws so that single-engine aircraft and helicopters were no longer allowed to fly over built-up areas, but had to follow waterways and coastlines. That rule still applies today." Interesting Statement -
  8. Cosmick

    What`s Happening???

    Hi Frank, that was a fair hike from your place, follow the Palmerston Hwy. Used to swim in Lake Eacham in the 70's. Used to be a Cassowary there that liked apples.
  9. In 1940 an air disaster brought down the government — but who was flying the plane?
  10. Cosmick

    Probably my computer issue ...

    Bex I have software DOS that I run on XP which I run in Virtual Box in Windows 7. Best of both worlds. Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox
  11. Cosmick

    Glide approach as standard practice

    Just saying. Flew Brisbane to Newcastle Jetstar A320. Joined Downwind, Height felt under 2000, Turned Base and Final in a reasonablly tight circuit. Unreal turning that close to the ground.