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  1. Cosmick

    What`s Happening???

    Hi Frank, that was a fair hike from your place, follow the Palmerston Hwy. Used to swim in Lake Eacham in the 70's. Used to be a Cassowary there that liked apples.
  2. In 1940 an air disaster brought down the government — but who was flying the plane?
  3. Cosmick

    Probably my computer issue ...

    Bex I have software DOS that I run on XP which I run in Virtual Box in Windows 7. Best of both worlds. Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox
  4. or Passenger interference.
  5. Cosmick

    Glide approach as standard practice

    Just saying. Flew Brisbane to Newcastle Jetstar A320. Joined Downwind, Height felt under 2000, Turned Base and Final in a reasonablly tight circuit. Unreal turning that close to the ground.
  6. Cosmick

    Accident at Gympie

    One thing always in the back of my mind. We are taught to use the whole runway and I do in case of mechanical issues. When doing touch and go's you lose that luxury. Especially in a students case maybe touching down further down the runway (Gympie is tarmac and in hot weather). Then operating electric trim etc can take time. By the time you rotate all runway options may be gone. When I purchased an aircraft recently I initially would land, taxi back and utilize the whole runway.
  7. Cosmick

    Accident at Gympie

    Some in the Bush would say "Like an Emu"
  8. hope there is a toilet in each side
  9. Cosmick


  10. Cosmick

    Nice Beaver video

    Yeah I saw the other thread. Last drifter that tried the crossing went for a swim.
  11. Cosmick

    Nice Beaver video

    A lot of water and a lot of Tiger Country and a lot of Trust in a single engine. If the noise should stop in many locations on that video the result would not have been good.
  12. Cosmick

    In flight Adjustable Prop

    Most important to reduce revs prior to changing pitch to fine so as to not over rev the engine.
  13. A nose wheel wouldn't have faired so well in the soft sand.