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  1. Higher,faster,bigger and heavier is the Air Force philisophy - if you have time read the book Boyd the jock who developed Energy Management Theoy and you will understand the cozy relationship between the generals in the Pertgon and the builders, it will all be clear.
  2. Tucano

    AOPA and CASA

    This is the most clear example of why aviation regulation / operation / manufacturing is the mess that it is in Australia - To many organiziations barking a the regulator with some showing a partizian desire to roll a certain hen coop. The USA is successful because there is one dominant organization for the recreational pilots that supports and receives the support and respect of those representing all the other forms of aviation. RAA petty decision has just created division for some perceived advantage leaving the regulator to place it in the too hard draw. As for maintaining the current L1, how is someone with limited training and aviation experience going to maintain his 6oo kg supercharged,intercooled,retractable, constant speed aircraft - omce these aircraft entered RAA's orbit it was going to change.
  3. Two photos showing the initial work to allow the installation of two fuel bowsers for 100 LL and Avtur at Rylstone Airpark - no 98 yet..!
  4. Tucano

    Rylstone Airpark Flyin

    Red Foxbat - nice aircraft and quick
  5. Tucano

    Rylstone Airpark Flyin

    Hi Glad it was a good = 2 degrees at Rylstone thats a heat wave at this time of year. We had a 102 aircraft attend so with perfect weather and lots of good people it was the most successful till next year - planning will begin soon....! Thanks to all that attended Gary aka Tucano
  6. Tucano

    Rylstone Airpark Flyin

    OK - weathers good , all the primary pilot food groups are on field even avgas, 80 plus aircraft confirmed, aerobatic display, aircraft auction in case you want to walk home. I have a hangar that is dry in case you want to flying in on the Friday could even find a slot for a small aircraft. "What is your excuse?" More infor on the Rylstone Airpark Web Site
  7. Jim I cannot find how to reply from the add Email me at [email protected]  -  Postage $25 Gary
  8. Hi Back in Sydney  Bank Details Gary Spencer-Salt CTB Blacktown BSB 062121 A/C 10933105 I will not be back at Rylstone till Friday could ship on Monday - Postage $35 with tracking number and sign on delivery Gary
  9. Tucano

    Rylstone Airpark Flyin

    Hi Reminder to all the Flying at Rylstone is on Saturday the 19th and everyone is welcome to attend. See you at No 27 my hangar if you want to take the time Have fun
  10. Tucano

    Hangars rent or buy pros and cons?

    I agree on ownership - A registered title with the lands office is the only agreement that lasts but ownership its not cheap and looked at as a long term investment.
  11. Tucano

    Hangars rent or buy pros and cons?

    Unless you own the site - rent
  12. Tucano

    Rylstone Flyin it on

    For accommodation These will be on site camping and porta loos and for those opposed to camping there are a number of good hotels in town. Also there are a number of other places to sleep and both Hotels have a bistro. No47 on the opposite side of the road opens early with good coffee and breakfast. Transport on the day for a gold coin donation and the local search and rescue will have the barbecue going on the day and the following morning By the way last year was nearly a loss with no aircraft by 10:30 due to weather but it was a single trike that burst through the gloom to a standing ovation from all on the ground. In the end we had 39 aircraft and a good day regardless Gary aka Tucano rylstone hotels - Google Search
  13. Tucano

    Rylstone Flyin it on

    The 2018 Annual Rylstone Airpark "Celebration of Aviation" Open Day BBQ Fly-in Saturday 19th May 2018. Put it in your diary now and lock it in. The 2018 Open Day BBQ Fly-in HIGHLIGHTS Paul Goard’s Amazing Aerobatic Team AOPA Team on site Australia's First Aircraft Auction Sale Famous BBQ Steak Sandwiches Static Displays of Aircraft Over 100 Aircraft expected to attend Rob Mangan’s SkyFuel on site