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  1. Hey Guys , I am look at purchasing a Jabiru J120 / J160. I was wandering of someone could give me a good guide on maintenance costs say on 100 Hours of flight? Servicing ? 100 Hourly cost ? Per Hour Cost ? Average insurance cost? Anything i am missing ? PM is welcome :) Cheers , AZNA
  2. Hey Guys , I'm sorry if this has been asked before but how does one convert a factory build Jabiru that is VH - to RAA ? Cost ? How ? Process ? Thanks , AZNA
  3. Asking a question of behalf of a friend. He has 27 hours in a jabiru j160 including 4 solo. Do these hours convert / add onto if he was to change to ga and do a GFPT even know he does not have the RAA certificate yet. His intention is to PPL and onto CPL. Cheers , AZNA
  4. Hey Guys, I'm about to continue my flight training as i've been out of it for a long time. Looking at either Lilydale or Soar at Moorabbin. Does any one Hire or Train at any of these schools? Would like as much information as possible PM is welcome. Looking for pro's and con's of each Lilydale \ Moorabbin. Cheers! AZNA
  5. Thanks for all the input guys I think ill stick it out for the GFPT and see why happens.
  6. Hey guys, Im at a bit of crossroad at the moment on what to do with my flying. I am around 3-5 Hours off from doing my GFPT at Moorabbin and as i have just purchased my first house with my wife funds are tighter. As much as i would like a career in aviation it is unrealistic so ill take the next best option and fly for fun! So my question is; Do i stay GA and legg it out untill i get my GFPT , but then when it comes to NAVs i will be in a bigger plane and that means more $$$ ($300ish). Or do i jump ship now and go RAA and save money? at the moment its just me and the wife so 2 seats is fine. To Compare money of where i am and where i can go. Cessna 152 - D: $259 S:$180 Cessna 172 - D: $295 S: $240 Jabiru J160 - D$199 S: $142 Any help, coments would be great
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