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  1. Hi Steve, any progress? Looking forward to seeing you fly. I am sending you an article that SA Flyer mag did for the Nov 2017 issue. Not sure if I am allowed to post it here but will e-mail. Enjoy
  2. Steve is still busy but making great progress. There was a long period that he couldn't work on his project but last I heard he was covering. Send me an e-mail and I will answer questions you might have and also send yo Steve's details. Our Auz agent's details are also on our website.
  3. Hi Steve, it is not ideal but here in South Africa the temps are pretty much the same at the moment and we do work. It only takes longer to dry and you have to spray thinner coats but if you covered the wings and no UV can get to the material then rather wait until you are at temps between 22 and 25. To hot (over 30degr) is also difficult as the dopes and paint dry as it leaves the spray gun and you get a rough finish.
  4. That's great news. Glad you are making progress. We have a great whatsapp group for owners, builders and pilots and if you would like to join then just send me the cell number you use for whatsapp. I know you said your ipad cannot use whatsapp but as far as I know it has changed in the last year so maybe just check. Do not leave the wings for too long without UV protection.
  5. Hi Steve, did you manage those tail upgrades?
  6. Steve, if you have access to a good welder there are some upgrades you can do to the tail section by adding aerodynamic horns on the elevator and rudder. These are reasonably easy to do and this will convert the Mk2 into a Mk3.
  7. Hi Steve, it will probably be best I send you the drawings for the attachment plates and you can then have them laser cut from steel.
  8. Hi Steve, the Alaskan gear is great and would recommend them. Only thing is that in your case you will probably have to replace your wheels and brakes as well. The ALG uses a bolt on axle. Berringer made the system for us so the Matco E-series will also fit but when you start adding all these costs together you end up at 6500 USD easily. You would also need to modify the attachment points on the airframe to accommodate the gear. I would just buy the Matco E-series, weld a flange on the landing gear and buy the LSA 22" slicks from Matco and keep the bungees.
  9. Hi Steve, haven't heard from you in a while. Are you still building?
  10. Hi Steve, the trip to Oshkosh was awesome. I flew the Safari with the American distributor from Winnsboro, TX to Oshkosh. It was an experience of a lifetime. I will post some pics a bit later.
  11. I just completed my Safari LSA. How is your Explorer coming along?[GALLERY=media, 3805]Kitplanes Safari LSA/VLA by Kitplanes posted Oct 20, 2016 at 9:43 PM[/GALLERY]
  12. Rotax 912 iS with IVO 3 blade medium 72" Constant speed prop www.saplanes.co.za
  13. Looking good there Steve. Any further progress?
  14. Sorry the pics only came through now this side. I see you did stick the capstrips on. Juts leave it as it is, it will be perfect.
  15. Its up to you but in 25 years its never been a problem in the African sun. In my opinion the sheet will make no big difference, in fact it will make the area on top of the tank look awkward as the wing will not look uniform. The fabric makes these waves between the ribs and what we do is stick a double capstrip on top of the tank to give the illusion of a rib being there and then you do not see the tank. Up to you. Also fist check what the reaction of the styrene with the dopes and thinners will be. I suspect it will eat up the styrene.
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