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  1. Thanks all for the info.. there are lesson's to be learn't with every landing""
  2. I was driving past the wellcamp school this afternoon, and saw a helicopter upside down about 60mtrs from the Welcamp school Queensland. The crash site is approx 3klms northeast of the Welcamp Airfield.. Does anyone know what happened and are the crew ok
  3. Thanks Yenn. At the flying school where i fly their are people of all ages,from 17 to 82 that are training, have not soloed yet,but getting close. The average age could well be up in the 60 plus. Maybe this could be one for Ian to have ago at???
  4. Good on you David, at last you have made it. No you are not to old to fly. I left it till I was 71. I soloed at 13 hrs, thenat 28hrs I past the test for my certificate. I am just enjoying it so much.
  5. Started flying when I was 71yrs, now 76 with 200hrs in the log book. soon will have cross country, watch out outback ausie.
  6. thanks blueline, yep you carn't keep an oldfellow down even at my age. since iv'e just heart bypass surgery i'm counting the days to get back up there. regards ches
  7. Thanks for your reply David. Yes I started flying at the age for 71 now 74 yrs of age , but have just arrived home from a heart bypass op where I had 5 bypasses. doc says that I will be back up in the airin 2mths he has had airline pilots with 15 to 20 tjhousand hrs up and they are back up ther in the only office that they know and love. I fly a jab230plus a 160 and a drifter so as soon as I get clearence from the doc I will be back uo there and burning up the hrs regards ches
  8. Ches Hi Ian Best of luck for having a go. The site you have is excellent keep it up best regards Ches
  9. Am now 72Yrs and have just received my pilots cretificate. I soloed on the 23.4.07 with 14 hrsof instruction. flight tested on 31.10.07. at 29hrs all in a DRIFTER. Solo in Jab 160 1.2.08 and solo in Jab230 28.2.08 and now have total hrs of 64 and trying to fly as often as possible weather permitting. I have started the nav so far have 2 flights and enjoying every minute Its a great feeling to go down to the airfield cheque the plane over, jump in it and fly, now i just have to pinch myself at times just to realise that this is not a dream. its for real when Im flying up by my self. Ches
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