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  1. We can't take you anywhere Peter, can we........................
  2. Go straight to maintenance logbook FIRST. Does it have lots of detail, or is it rather bare. Does it have good detail on particularly engine service bulletins. Ask to see all the maintenance manuals and whatever publications. Are all the engine etc service bulletins printed out and maybe in a binder? Do your own research on those after getting the engine serial number. You need to find all those first, before you go, so you know what to look for. Any service bulletin not recorded properly must be treated as not done. Good bargaining point for you, value goes down. If the logbooks check out, THEN you go look at the aircraft, which will likely be quite good also. I did a pre-purchase inspection of an aircraft for someone a few years ago as he just couldn't get there. Logbook had nothing - and I mean NOTHING - written in it for the previous 15 years and no record of the three prop strikes that I personally knew it had. (I personally knew the previous two owners who personally told me, personally, in person, to my person.) Yes, it had been flown occasionally over those 15 years. Another trip to collect an aircraft by trailer some years before, as it hadn't been flown for six years, we knew all that in advance. Aircraft had been part maintained by a LAME. He had delight telling us that he just drilled the rocker chamber vents (Jab engine) as per the Jab service bulletin. Great. Except for, it didn't apply to THAT serial number engine. DOH! I didn't make a new friend by pointing that out. Good luck with your quest.
  3. Here's that Senate enquiry things mentioned above. If you've never seen it, I urge you to watch all three. Generally about the medical standards anomalies for <600 kg aircraft of RAAus or VH flavor, as a "level the playing field, umpire" debate. https://aopa.com.au/senate-rrat-inquiry-into-dual-medical-standards/
  4. 440032


  5. Are the senders suitable/matched for the installed instruments? Years ago, a mate's VW oil temp went thru the roof on the first flight. Oil temp sender was a different brand to the guage, totally wrong. He got the correct sender to match the guage, then all good. The clue was that the oil was actually still cool so clearly it was not a cooling problem at all.
  6. A friend I've known for nearly 20 years was an engineer for Rex. The treatment he got from management has destroyed him, he's lost everything, job, home, family, everything.
  7. Haven't found the what or the when, but the where is at AERO expo, Friedrichschafen Germany. Ist gut, ja?
  8. Humbert Tetras, oui. (thanks for the clue on the trailer.)
  9. Yes, correct, that is not the one on Waihi beach. Middle of Taupo. Hadda a coffee and a hamancheeze toastie there at Easter.
  10. Piston return springs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFX_Xq9WHTI:393
  11. This is all it says on Facebook, you haven't missed much: 70 years of continuous operation this year fly in local observation fly round cotton gin tour, Local mineral waters baths Saturday night dinner Sunday morning brunch and farewell visitirs Schedule · Saturday, June 22, 2019 8:00 AM Sunday morning brunch before departure 8:00 AM Local observation flight in own time, plan available 6:30 PM Dinner Enjoy your visit-ir. (I spent a month in Moree one night.)
  12. Broken piston return springs (and low on blinker fluid). (I own and operate a Jabiru engine. My piston return springs are A1.)
  13. Dunno about the Caravan, you could probably fit one in a 747 Jumbo Jet.
  14. "wild pig"? It was absolutely enranged! (Got no ephelant nuffin yet...)
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