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  1. 440032


    To me, it was a good experience to spread to other new pilots with low hours. Thanks for telling it. I like your quote about doubt. That's rather good.
  2. 440032

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Don Johnson. Wasn't he in Miami Vice?
  3. 440032

    Built up areas

    Ah, no, it's built-up area. Same animal though, closely settled, populous are mentioned in some RAAus used CAOs though. CAR 262AP Experimental aircraft operating limitations. For aircraft operating on an Experimental Certificate (aka Special CofA) issued under CASR 21.195A, such as E-LSA whether RAAus or VH, or VH amateur-built. CAR 262AP(4) and CAR 262AP(5).
  4. 440032

    Engine mounts

    Any numbers on them? If so, try Kelpro or mackay rubber lists for replacements.
  5. 440032


    "Traffic (location)......" And there is the problem. Don't worry about what the book says, just invent your own whatever. Sorry, I give up.............. EJECT! EJECT! EJECT! (Bang....... gone....)
  6. 440032

    ALBURY tower hours

    So it's 100% safe for an RAAus plane to be number 12 in the circuit at 08:14am, but not alone in the circuit at 08:16am. Welcome to Australia.
  7. 440032


    The first word, and the last word, must the airfield name. Nothing else, no "all stations", no "traffic", no nothing. That's why it goes pear shaped, people doing whatever the hell they want. CAAP 116-01 v4.2 (this weeks) para 6.3.8. (location) traffic, Aircraft type Callsign position/level/intentions (location) Press button, begin speaking, stop speaking, release button. Dirt dart planes are the worst for fast talking. It's not cool. That's it. Simples! (can't do the Meerkat noise...)
  8. 440032

    Fort Lauderdale Crash

    Not great for the dishwasher either.
  9. 440032

    ALBURY tower hours

    and before/after hours - yes. RAAus fliers, come on down.
  10. 440032

    We are going to the moon people!

    Friends of mine went to that new pub up on the moon. Said it was crap, absolutely no atmosphere.
  11. 440032

    We are going to the moon people!

    I've done my astronaut training. Well, I went to school and took up space. I'm one of them folks who is a firm believer that man never landed on the moon, I just don't believe a word of it, I think it was faked. So guess what, I'm not going!
  12. 440032

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Heath Center Wing Special racer from 1932. Some sort of variation of the Heath Baby Bullet. Next...............
  13. 440032

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Turbine Legend. Too easy.
  14. 440032

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Junqua Ibis - without even having to search. Ka-Ching.
  15. 440032

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    A 1945 Daimler Benz project "e" I had one, (but the wheels fell off...)