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  1. Yes, Kestrel was at Narromine. Said old bloke would have been Peter Hodgens. Usually Lancair IV-P's it into Narromine.
  2. Meanwhile - skip to about 43:30 for John's OAM presentation today in Sydney. https://livestream.com/BLive/InvestitureCeremonySeptember2019/videos/196072148
  3. You need to look at the Australian LSA rules TASMAG. US is a bit different, as is their generic use of "LSA" which can confuse things greatly here. If it's just a kit plane, and I think it is, not an LSA or E-LSA by Australian definition, then you could go RAAus or VH. VH if you want to do aerobatics. What if any licence do you currently have? RA, PPL, or both, or none? That will influence your direction quite a bit.
  4. Successfully nominated by a NSW Starlet owner, of course!
  5. Put all the theories aside, here's how you do it properly: https://www.supercub.org/forum/showthread.php?25435-How-To-Groundloop-Your-Taildragger
  6. The N registration is shown in the reflection on the lower wing surface, but I can't read it!☹️
  7. The New Zealand one (that I have right here) is Northstar Explorer F210. The fuel flow sender is a transducer. In the book, it says that they are not suited to EFI engines with a fuel return line to the tank. At the time I bought mine (2010) there was some talk that there was an aviation "special" version for avgas, and the other regular one for boats, cars, whatever. I queried that with the manufacturer. They laughed. "Fuel is fuel is fuel matie! It doesn't know what's going up the pipe!"
  8. Aircraft propellers and spares at Moorabbin for aviation cables.
  9. The brass look is cadmium plating - on steel. Aviation parts are suitable for aviation uses without question or concern. Marine parts - who knows. Having said that, one would imagine that there are some huge loads and forces on yacht rigging cables made from those marine grade items. Unless you can test load cable assemblies you make to some known figure and be satisfied, you're a test pilot. The dollar is not going to fluctuate enough any time soon to wait, if you need them, order them, and more things in the one box.
  10. Nice send-off for Mark at Ballarat today. Probably near 200 there. Good stories and lots of I didn't know he did that moments. Ping ponger, horse rider, scuba diver, photographer, writer, aviator, and lots more. It will be hard for magazines to find a replacement editor with so much enthusiasm.
  11. Clearly a twin engine SU47 Cessna Saratoga. Or a KR2.
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