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  1. No, they should certainly not be that tight. Something screwy is going on (no pun intended.) I wonder if you have 8-32 nutplates. A 10-32 screw into an 8-32 nutplate would precisely produce the results you are seeing.
  2. Start with a look at CASA AWB 02-1 issue 1 - On condition maintenance.
  3. Cut to 00:30 for more on the emergency service persons attending...
  4. Mooring it...... it has no doors, the entrance is at the back turtle deck - walkway up between the fins. So I guess he has to back it in onto a beach. Reversing props, no problem. A mate backs out off the beach in his Rans S7. Great party trick.
  5. Michael's new plane is Seabear L65 - a bit different, a one off. It has a 12V coffee maker in the back too.
  6. Most wood butchers (like me) are using West System products. Have also used some Bote-Cote products - didn't like the filler power that much. I've just ordered some Epox-E-Glue from Boatcraft Pacific to try out (for models firstly, but I'll use it on the big thing too) Mate is building his fullsize TR.9 using West System products.
  7. How about a SKY BURIAL in Tibet. (google it)
  8. One of my cars requires 95 min fuel. If I run 91, it does a certain thing that I can feel happening at low revs. I filled up with Shell 98 in Albury the other week, and almost right away it was running like on 91. I genuinely believe I got 91 fuel. It was not a main street station. I normally run Caltex Vortex 95 in it, exclusively. I've been running my Jab 2200 on the same Caltex 95 for many months as a trial - no operational difference to Avgas. But I think I'll be going back to Avgas.
  9. How is it RAAus aircraft are being used for other than recreational training purposes? (training aspiring professional pilots from the get go)
  10. Years ago I heard a tale about a guy who had Mr Sheen'd his Cessna - the whole thing. Looks fabulous. It got so charged with static electricity it played havoc with all the avionics. Plane had to be deguassed (demagnetised).
  11. No transponder required in Class D tower CTA..... so says AIP, eg Albury, Mooorabbbbin... numerous others.
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