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  1. The biggest question should be ,why did the aircraft fail to climb out.It never reached 2500 feet.Why were the engines not producing enough thrust/power.The MCAS comes in to pitch down in an impending stall.I believe there is more and hopefully Investigators will pick it.Did they have a stuck down trim tab that forced the elevator full up.Did the pilots program wrong weight into system.I believe the MCAS came into effect after the system detected a stall was imminent,so to me it was responding to a crisis just like a fuse will blow if high current passes through its rated capacity.We are mostly focusing on the result not exploring the causes.Why did the aircraft fail to climb out???
  2. Something is definitely wrong here.It will be interesting to hear what Boeing has to say.
  3. tafisama

    Affirm? Or Roger...

    Thank you for this clarity.I will now use AFFIRM not AFFIRMATIVE.I started flying in 2005 in South Africa,we were using AFFIRMATIVE and ".........ready for Departure".It became weird to me when I came here around 2010 to just say "....................ready" when ready to enter the runway.It`s interesting to note at times we are copying the American way without realising how wrong it is.
  4. tafisama

    CASA's Worst Nightmare

    This is real fun.
  5. tafisama

    near beaudesert...2 deceased

    T-tailed aircraft have that high spin tendency.I remember the Piper Tomahawk P138 had lots of graves years ago.Its unfortunate when things happen if you mess with one critical aspect the results are not that forgiving.
  6. tafisama

    Went Solo :)

    Well done.I had the same thing happen to me years ago.I think at times Instructors feel it`s best not to tell you in advance you are about to go solo.I would have been anxious myself if I had known a week before,I would be be going solo.The fun now starts,keep it up.
  7. tafisama

    Checklists and procedures

    I knew dj will pick this one
  8. The requirements are pretty straight forward but the English Proficiency Requirement if you do not meet it will mean not getting Radio Endorsement which will not give you CTA.They say it`s better to do it all at First Attempt.Instrument time is a must for Nav Endorsement.Like said above it`s easier to use a school which does both GA and Ra -Aus.If you do it in a Jab 230 then you will just sail through easily.
  9. tafisama

    MH370 - New Development

    If it hit water at high speed they might need to at the Acoustic hydrophone signals again from Curtain University.Maybe the actual location is perpendicular to the assumed track.I believe its more North and probably west.
  10. tafisama

    MH370 - New Development

    What I fail to understand is why the aircraft initiated a log request around 18:25hrs.If power had been lost,was the aircraft still straight and level or it was descending.If it was straight and level then on the final log on request didn`t we have the aircraft still straight and level.How can power be switched off to the SDU.Can it be done from the cockpit.I believe maybe 50-500miles North of the Broken Ridge is the resting place.
  11. tafisama

    MH370 - New Development

    Now they are for a death dive.My question is if the aircraft hits water at that speed doesn't that activate the ELT like what happened with the Egypt Air plane unless of course the Beacon was not fitted.Something doesn't add up.I believe the crew turned back to land lowered some flap to control speed then somehow lost it and it crashed still with flaps down.How far would it have gone in that scenario
  12. tafisama

    Malaysian Airlines MH370

    Curtain University`s information on the sea event should be further investigated.Remember they said the origin of that acoustic signal was close to Maldives.I think Search Leaders need to put pride aside if they are to be successful.The Doopler provided a good guess but because it has not been used before it might have lead to the wrong area.
  13. tafisama

    Malaysian Airlines MH370

    I think this is the way to follow https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/14155196430/in/album-72157644591711570/ Makes a lot of sense.
  14. tafisama

    Malaysian Airlines MH370

    The case has been based on conspiracy theories.I think the biggest theory so far has been it went south.Unless Malaysia ordered the jet to fly south after an emergency and they feared since it still had about 7 hours worth of flying fuel they would not cope with that sort since it was at night.I want to support theories which say its somewhere out there whether destroyed or not,it will be found.