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    Google Earth - Shepparton

    Pretty close: http://www.gearthblog.com/blog/archives/2015/03/planes-flight-rainbow-effect.html
  2. luxdex

    Another lurker revealed...

    Agreed - I have absolutely nothing against the little stuff and indeed they look a lot more fun than the 40+ year old hulks I'm hauling around the sky. The deciding factor was that the little stuff works better without a large pilot! Once I get my own BEW down to something compatible with RAA aircraft I'll certainly be giving it a go.
  3. I've been lurking around the forums here for a while since just before getting into my PPL training. I'm based in Sydney and have gone the GA rather than RAA route, but I've learnt a lot from reading these forums over those years and thought I'd say g'day and look to make a bit of a contribution where I can.