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  1. go back to the it was before every change puts me and a lot of others off you just get used to one format and then it changes I havent got time to keep relearning how the site operates I hate using computers and hate continual change LEAVE IT ALONE
  2. crashley

    Air box hot

    My RV12 doesn't have an airbox It has airfilters mounted directly on each carby so the air into the engine is drawn from the area around the engine I have measured it and it varies between 40 and 60 degrees so I am loosing a lot of potential performance I would like to change it but It is a big job because I would then have to make a carby heat system ashley
  3. what a lot of rot I hope people participating in this thread are not serious it started out bad and has got to the stage that I cant ignore it any more There has been a few good comments but it is getting overboard now to suggest that all slippery aircraft have airbrakes and spoilers just so you can have better control on landing is just ludicrous and the comments about flying to tassie well it is less than 100 miles to tassie from yarram so less generally less than an hours flying do people really believe that there engine fly for an hour without failing
  4. I heard it got off track and was heading for a concrete culvert so it took off too early and very slow when they tried to turn the wing stalled
  5. Pilot who ditched in Bass Strait denies flying recklessly Pilot who ditched ultra light plane in Bass Strait denies flying recklessly By Laura Beavis Updated about an hour ago Newcastle pilot Shayd Hector stands in front an ultralight plane owned by instructor Eugene Reid. PHOTO: Shayd Hector and his passenger were rescued after ditching in Bass Strait. (Facebook) MAP: Launceston 7250 The pilot of an ultra-light plane that ditched in Bass Strait in 2013 has denied flying recklessly and endangering his passenger. Shayd Hector, of Tingira Heights in New South Wales, pleaded not guilty to the reckless operation of an aircraft, flying without a licence and piloting an aircraft after having consumed alcohol within eight hours before departure. Launceston magistrates court heard the offences allegedly took place near Bridport on October 28, 2013, endangering the life of Hector's passenger, Joel Nelson. The pair were rescued from the ocean near Waterhouse Island off the coast of north-east Tasmania in the hours after their plane crashed into the sea. They had been en route to Newcastle and told the media at the time that engine trouble forced them to ditch the plane. They said they felt lucky to be alive after surviving in the water for two hours by clinging to an inflatable mattress. The men also feared they would be attacked by sharks. They were uninjured apart from cuts and were treated for hypothermia. Hector was not in court and entered the pleas through his lawyer. He was ordered to return to court on June 17. 22 (permalink) Rotor Work Thread Starter Join Date: May 2011 Location: Australia Posts: 255 .
  6. If you use a laser pointer to check prop pitch make sure you dont have any blade run out as that will alter where the laser points if there is no run out the laser is a great way to check both blades are set to the same pitch
  7. Is the mandatory radio transmission before transiting the corridor 126.7 ?
  8. I had shimmy on my nose wheel ( vans rv12 ) eventually found one bearing to be notchy you couldnt feel any problem until the axle was removed and each bearing rotated separately
  9. RAA info is private and not published you have to rely on forums etc to try and track down owners
  10. I used Icom Australia | Everything in Radio: Service and Repair Information in melbourne
  11. no I would not consider using a different engine to the rotax just because you may need to use avgas occasionally rotax engines can and do run on avgas lots of people only use avgas in their rotax and have no problems whatsoever
  12. 100 hp rotax I run on mogas (98) when available and avgas when I cant get mogas Rotax recommends earlier oil changes if running on avgas 25 hours instead of 50 and you cant run synthetic oil with avgas
  13. HI I have also used a laser pointer fixed to the blade to scribe an arc on the floor which I mark with a texta then I rotate it to the other blade and mark that arc if the lines are on top of each other the blades are at the same angle but that only works if there is zero run out on the blades if there is any run out it will give large errors I also remove 4 plugs and check it several times to ensure that the whole lot hasnt moved
  14. If the ground is hard the screwits wont even start to go in if the ground is soft they will pull out the same as pegs yes the star pickets weigh 2 kg and nearly 3 kg with a hammer but we have found they work in all types of conditions